Viral News Photos: World’s First Ever Surviving Septuplets Turn 18 Years!

Photos: World’s First Ever Surviving Septuplets Turn 18 Years!


Born into the spotlight 17 years ago by Mr. and Mrs. McCaughey, the Septuplets are ready to go their separate ways to pursue their dreams and career, after graduating, all at once, from high school.

For believers, it was a most amazing miracle since they were born nine weeks premature in November 1997 weighing between two and four pounds, with doctors fearing they would not survive. Their birth fueled a lot of national debate about fertility treatment — and inspired awe.

Report from The New York Time in 1997 said their mother Bobbi McCaughey took a fertility drug after she and her husband had difficulty conceiving their first child. It was disclosed that Bobbi had a malfunctioning pituitary gland and could not produce enough of the hormones to stimulate ovulation.

So she and her husband Kenny opted for a fertility drug, Metrodin, which proved more than successful. The couple declined selective reduction (that is, aborting some of the babies, which would increase the odds of survival for the others) after they learned they were carrying seven children, saying it was ‘in God’s hands.’ Mr. McCaughey (then 27 yrs) said,

”God gave us those kids, and he wants us to raise them.”

The Septuplets with Ex- American President George Bush
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The septuplets were delivered by 40 doctors within 6 minutes through C. section and the doctors were amazed at how well-grown and developed they were, making it the first time all seven babies survives. Although two of the siblings Alexis and Nathaniel suffered from cerebral palsy, they still lived normally.

Their birth brought in tonnes of donations, orchestrated by (then) Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad, including a new house big enough for them, a car and a lifetime supply of Pampers diapers and many other items. They also met with (then) U.S President, George Bush who congratulated the McCaughey couple.

And now, 17 years later, those children; Alexis May, Brandon James, Joel Steven, Kelsey Ann, Kenny Robert, Natalie Sue and Nathanial Roy – have graduated from Carlisle High School in Iowa, U.S on Sunday May 22.

All seven siblings (septuplets) have been offered free admission in a University in Missouri which two of them plan to attend. The others choose to belong with the military while some decided to go straight into the labour market.
Alexis, who suffers from cerebral palsy, finished high school at the top of her class, and both she and sister Natalie earned a place in the National Honor Society. They also have an elder sister Mikayla who is getting married.
Their father Kenny have big hopes for them, saying he has taught them the importance of hard work.

    ‘My fear has always been that they see our jobs and think that’s all they need for nice stuff,’ he told the newspaper. ‘I’ve given them the cold, hard truth slowly. No way could I afford this home on my salary. If you want something, you have to work for it.’

Their mother Bobby also expressed her emotions and gratitude about how far their family have come together through those years. She told TODAY:

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“The [years] have flown by. There’s been so many things that have happened.”




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