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This is How Women Can Get Pregnant Without Even Knowing – Doctor Explains



Well, it may shock you but sometimes a woman can get pregnant even without having s*xual intercourse! Doctors want to draw attention to the fact that you don’t necessarily need penetration to conceive a baby.

– So-called “dry humping” (the process of two people grinding against each without penetration) is not a safe way out when it comes to having s*x without actually having it.

Family Planning experts exlains why: “If semen came into contact with your vagina then there is a risk of pregnancy. Semen can even soak through underwear and you can, although it is rare, get pregnant from that too.”

– Breastfeeding acts as a natural contraceptive and prevents pregnancy — false. Although there is some evidence that nursing up to six months after birth can decrease the chances of conceiving, it is still not 100% effective. – “Pull out” method is the best — as a man does not ejaculate, then it is not possible to get pregnant. Untrue again!

“Pregnancy can happen even if the penis is pulled out before ejaculation as the small amount of semen in pre-ejaculation fluid can come into contact with the vgina.”

– You may think that the rhythm or calendar method (couples abstaining from sex when the woman is in the ‘fertile’ part of her cycle) prevents pregnancy but, unfortunately, this method is also not a panacea.

Mind that women can get pregnant at any time during their monthly cycle, even during their period!

Recently a biological truth of impossibility to get pregnant through anal s*x was disproved by an American urologist, who claimed that he treated a woman with cloacal malformation who conceived through backdoor s*x.



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