News Woman uses her little son to scam an unsuspecting motorist

Woman uses her little son to scam an unsuspecting motorist

A lady shares her experience with a woman who used her little son to scam her. Due to the fast deterioration of the economy, people are coming up with even more creative ways of taking money away from people who have worked hard for it.
Scammers are springing up in every corner of the country, defrauding unsuspecting people, or in this case ‘forcing’ someone to take care of their bills.

According to recent victim Nkiruka, a woman made her pay her son’s school fees even though she hadn’t planned to. She said she can’t explain how it happened, and suspects she was ‘jazzed’.

Some of you might see it as untrue but Nkiru claims every bit of her story is true. Read below:

“Thankful. I was driving to work this morning, blasting my gospel music, my phone began to ring so as I tried to reach for it, the next thing I saw was a little boy ran into my car and laid down on the road.
Next one woman jumped out from nowhere and started shouting, I was still in shock because I was sure my car did not touch that boy. People gathered and asked I take him to the hospital.
There was no blood but may be the boy fainted. That same woman entered the car with me, claiming she wants to follow me so I don’t dump the boy on the road, I agreed. My heart was beating, my body shaking, I felt I had killed someone Jesus.
As I was driving my hands were shaking, not until the woman said ‘Aunty stop!!’ Just give us the money wey u wan spend for hospital and my pikin go wake up. I looked at her from my mirror and parked.
She said ‘madam I fit wake this boy up’. As if she used juju on me, I started the car and drove off again, I just stopped by at the closest ATM, withdrew some cash and gave her. She called the boy by his name, “Sunday, Sunday wake up, she don pay your school fees”.
As the boy jumped up, they opened my car and left and guess what? I was just looking, I could not talk, as if they pulled out my tongue till they left my car. I was still in shock till I got to the office. The country is really hard. African magic everywhere.”
What do you think?

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