Viral News This Woman With Her tattoos is More Christ-like than Your ‘Daddy GOs’...

This Woman With Her tattoos is More Christ-like than Your ‘Daddy GOs’ _ Freeze Slams RCCG


This Woman With Her tattoos is More Christ-like than Your 'Daddy GOs' _ Freeze Slams RCCGUyo based Danish humanitarian, Anja Ringgren Lovén rescued, rehabilitated and adopted Hope, a small boy who was tagged a ‘witch’ and  abandoned by his family in Akwa Ibom State.

A year after the rescue, Anja shared a before and after post with Hope as he starts his school journey.

OAP Freeze, who has no love for pastors, reacted to the post by calling out RCCG and pastors who ‘extort’ your hard earned money all in the name of tithe.

This Woman With Her tattoos is More Christ-like than Your 'Daddy GOs' _ Freeze Slams RCCGIn a lengthy post, Freeze wrote,

“Redeemed was busy setting up churches on every street, yet they missed this boy….. I bet with you, that there was a Redeemed church within walking distance from this starving child, branded a witch by the same doltish belief system that extorts your first salary every January, having you willingly give your hard earned money in a recession, to a church where the G.O has a private jet and leads a life of sheer opulence!

The Nigerian Pentecostal church brands people wearing tattoos as bad and ‘unchristian’ whereas this woman with all her tattoos is more Christ like than all your ‘Daddy GOs’ can ever be. What she is doing is all Jesus requires of us, Jesus NEVER COLLECTED TITHE or first fruit and his disciples didn’t collect it either!
As a matter of fact, no Christian church collected tithe for 600 years after Christ died and resurrected.

History claims that Mungo Park discovered the Niger and we wonder “what were the Nigerians living around the Niger doing, that it had to take a foreigner to discover a river we were bathing in and washing from?” My answer was simple “The same thing we were doing when hope was found” ~FRZ

P.S. Anyone that demands your entire January salary from you, in this recession, is a thief! Anyone who gives it is a fool!

"Stop misinterpreting the word of God, child of satan" - Lady blasts Daddy Freeze and he replies



  1. @Freeze_Coolfm wetin dey worry you( talk talk)what’ve you done to change any life you overate yourself .who made you judge?

  2. @Freeze_Coolfm you say too many trash, just wanna talk even if doesn’t make any sense who you help ??? I dey vex for you

  3. Of course she has helped a rejected child to an extent that you can’t even recognize he is the one. Yes, tatoo is bad but it doesn’t define a person. God bless you

  4. This Daddy freeze sef,im mouth no dey stop to run like tap water!!..Must you talk or comment on matter wey no concern you

  5. Daddy freeze I thinks its time God take advantage of your name n use it against your mouth…. freeze your mouth… You just trying to gain popularity.. And that can’t help you

  6. Freeze don’t mind some idiots,they have turn to G.O’s and pastors worshipers instead of worshipping the true living GOD. I don’t know why people read bible and yet they couldn’t understand it. Jesus Christ sent merchants away from the temple,he discarded businesses in the holy place of the living GOD, he said help the needy,feed the poor,cloth those who are naked and provide shelter for the homeless, once you do this with your heart, that is a true worship,holy and acceptable unto GOD.

    • I can c u r a Christian n very conversant with ur Bible. It is written in the Bible not to av a tattoo on ur body. N it’s also in d Bible to honor to d anointed. Miriam was Moses sister yet she was cursed cos she spoke ill of Moses. Look I’m not bin judgemental here. Do you cut down a tree cos of a bad fruit?.

    • d same bible also say’s seek ye first the kingdom of God and holiness without which no man or woman or boy or girl shall see God

  7. Let’s us reason together, why did Jesus walks on foot when ministering when he can command any form of transportation he may wish,why the Philip walks by the chariot of a rich man and continue preaching and explaining the scriptures to him.why the Christ not living in a mansion, why is Christ born in a house of sheeps and goats,all these lesson is for humility and humbleness. The bible said it is easy for a camel to pass through the hole of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of GOD. Let me ask this question, how many family in sufferness and agony of hunger do you think the cost of buying a jet can rescue. Hmmmmmmmmm,the judgement will surely starts from the pulpit.

  8. LIFE or DEATH which ever comes your way is a consequence of your choice. It is inevitable. Why not think wise and choose wisely. I rest my Case.

  9. Hmm… Just passing by oh..But the only thing I will advise freeze is that he should be careful of how he talks abt men of God oh… It’s not all men of God u should be joking with oh

  10. Some Christians will see dis woman and condemn her cos of tattoo. One tin is for sure is not all about how u look outside what matters is ur inner part.

  11. Freeze this is so true,I’m very sure the parents of that boy will say they are Christians, it’s funny these days how Christians are so judgemental ,and people covered with tattoo could be the nicest.

  12. Freeze is looking for attention and he is really getting it from people like him. Arrant nonsense.

  13. Who has the so called foolish freeze helped why did he disgraced that lady that was owing him money. On social media bastard why didn’t u leave it for her. Dis guy is just insane

  14. May God bless you ma in Jesus name (Amen)and you Daddy freeze stop taking judgement about pastors,who are you to judge.

  15. In a way he is ryt, if he is a witch y not cast the demon out, y let a child suffer. Secondly we are not to judge smtin might have warranted the insult

  16. I’m sure her heart is pure than the hearts of so many called Christians today…this lady actually helped dis poor little boy….im sure there were born again christians nd even pastors arnd…but wat cld dey do…just lyk d story of d Good samaritan…Ride on sis nd let whosoever wanna tlk say wats in their f****n mouth….The grace of our lord Jesus Christ be with u

  17. One thing many do not understand In the workings of God is that except he place your help in the hand of an individual, you would not be noticed and attracted to be help. This type of help cut across religious lines. On tattoo the bible says “You shall not make any cuttings on your flesh for the dead or tattoo any marks on you. I am the Lord” . Leviticus 19:28 Good work is not equal relationship with God but part of it. God demands total obedience both within and without.

  18. I wonder if y’all expect the churches or their leaders to come to you each time they give or help the needy. Even the Bible says when you give with one hand, you shouldn’t let the other know.

  19. What has this got to do with the GO of RCCG? she helped the child very good of her and God will reward her greatly for that,cause you don’t like pastors doesn’t mean you should criticise them.And @olalekun God said in his word touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm,Leave all judgment to God.

  20. Malachi 3:10 talks about Tithing. It’s the Good HEART ❤ that Matters and she’ll surely receive her Reward. Let No 1 condemn nor Judge from Ethics.. No matter the appearance or the Outward look, what God sees is the Heart, doing your best with a Good Heart!


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