Viral News Woman exposes man who was caressing her thighs inside a commercial vehicle...

Woman exposes man who was caressing her thighs inside a commercial vehicle while pretending to be asleep (Photo)


A man has been exposed on Facebook by a Kenyan woman, Mishy Shawn Nimo who said he was pretending to be asleep while he rested his hands on her thighs and caressed them.

According to popular Kenyan site, Mpasho news, the woman who shared the photos and captioned them in a Kenyan local language, explained that she wanted to wait until she disembarked from the bus but instead she decided to wake him up and pushed his hands away.

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  1. Heeeeey, Chisos. This world Don spoil o. She funny o. He was caressing and she was snapping. #mtchewww

  2. Lol. If hot slap landed in his face na then we go know if sleeping he’s trying doing. Mitchew

  3. He was caressing u and all u could do was to take selfie… Women and selfie..u for wait till u carry belle before u know wat to do…

  4. so whats the point now posting it online, sister u mean say all dos while, u just de snap am, oga talk true u enjoy am jor

  5. hahhahahaha i don dai oo, e be like say na for inside bus or bank de sweet men to masturbate nowadays

  6. Lol…. He wanted to do research on ur thigh… But his reaction depended on what u wore and entered the commercial bus…

  7. senseless woman, u have done yur self more harm than good by posting it online.Am just waiting for the day u and that your famale neighbour will lock horns and she will be like Stupid woman nor be u that man dey Cares for inside motor

  8. Hmmm… Some men nowadays eh, u can’t even xplain what is wrong with them. Maybe it’s too much watching of pornography that used to cause this…

  9. Juz pretending u have not been deflowered…. Women sabi pretend eehhn even when they love sex most

  10. U where enjoying it naa that why u had time to snap. Madam if u don’t have any thing to do keep quite and keep enjoying. Wat u don’t want u rebuk.

  11. So instead of her to slap him and give him a strict warning, never to do such rubbish with or close to her again. She took that time and snapped pictures… Mtchew… Some women are just useless and foolish

  12. But d woman should have gave him serious warning,,she relax and snap him and post it on Facebook ,,,rubbish


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