Editorials Top 5's Wives Of Nigerian Comedians; Who Is The Cutest?

Wives Of Nigerian Comedians; Who Is The Cutest? [Pictures]


Even with their funny faces and acts, no one will believe a gorgeous woman would say yes to them. Comedians are special acts in the entertainment industry; they make people laugh in different ways apart from saying jokes on stage.

Nigerian comedians sure have a great taste for women as among all the entertainers in Nigeria, they tend to have the most beautiful wives. No matter how they look, they have less of scandals. At any event, they show off their wives on the red carpet. Comedians and their wives are very quiet about their martial affairs in the news.

Here are few top comedians and their wives. Who do you think has the cutest wife of them all?

boviBovi is a top comedian in Nigeria who has done well for himself since moving from acting in soaps to full comedy. He is married to a beautiful wife called Christabel. Both of them got married some years ago and now have two kids together and from the look of things, they are both enjoying their union as husband and wife. The comedian’s wife is regarded as one of the prettiest wives of Nigerian comedians.Bovi & wife  Bovi_that1960chickdotcom_zps8e987128 Bovi-and-wife-stargist Bovi-Omawumi-in-Concert-The-Lasso-of-Truth-BellaNaija-402x600 jj3 kk1



  1. Teju’s Wife,julious agwu,ali baba,I go die’s wife z not nigerian so I exclude er…. But Ay’s wife z not beautiful,she’s just there… Thanks to make-up,hair,nd camera effects that’s y she looks good! Seen r physically.

  2. I don’t wat pple see in teju’s wife,for me is Mrs Ali baba,then Mrs Agwu can follow.D remaining ones is just deir husband’s money.

  3. To be very very honest the finest wife among them all is klint D drunk wife, very sweet girl with nice shape… And cute face!

  4. be4 i can say any words dey shuld snap dere self witout appielin any make up stuffs den i wil say who is most beautiful wife but it all dis makeup stuffs abeg na artifice u guys dey see

  5. Well Painted faces nd Surgical bodies ,Buh for not being shapeless at her age nd age in marriage,she can have it#Ali baba mrs

  6. Julius argue wife na fationistar I love u ma the money is there why not do u have a slyler? Ur Dressing has a finishing touch,I go dey your wife fine too,

  7. Julius argue wife na fationistar I love u ma the money is there why not do u have a slyler? Ur Dressing has a finishing touch,I go dey your wife fine too,

  8. tho they are all pretty nd good to go…, but for a woman to be as pretty nd nix at dat age in marriage nd numbers of children. …, then no doubt she’s d cutest, prettiest and sexiest.nix one Mr Ali baba

  9. Those pple wey dey comment, may dem show their wives. Pple wey no send una; weda dey fine or not dem don make am

  10. Ay’s wife is too much. Her hot legs is something else . But those comedians has fine wives o o o what!!!

  11. all this guys DAT will Neva see any good…will a girl get married to u becos of poverty. and I still see some posts like make up….while will a woman go out with her husband without making herself look good….don’t know y Nigerians are so poor in reasoning and will always look for something bad to say and I know d girls commenting Rubbish dose ugly ones DAT HV given up hopes of geting beautiful someday………#d women I just saw are more Dan being preety

  12. Ay waiting happen to your wife ???.anyway na money she wont no be you….All of them are beautiful

  13. I disagree with ppl that say AYz wife went for money. Mabel is the least girl dat will date u for money.Mabel is a decent lady.very decent n reserved.its not like her parents aint ok also.so pls stop the speculations dat she is afta money abeg

  14. I sure bet u all, na basketmouth wife fine pass. I don’t know why d admin dint post her photo. Check it out for affirmative.

  15. I cant say they are pretty, but pls tell them 2 snap there pic without appielin any make up then will i pick d most beautiful wife appart from ali baba wife .

  16. Look at the stupid one choosing. They both went into the ocean fishing and they both caught good fishes “women” and they are both happy with their catches and have put a ring on it. So how dare you guys say one is cuter than the other. Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  17. For me I prefer basket mouth wife, she is beautiful, natural, black is beautiful, beauty is not only prity face it also no wats up, and fashion and also no how to put things correct, like clothes. All woman are beautiful it depend the way u carry ur self

  18. But she doesn’t dress like a responsible house wife, her husband might like it though.but I think she should dress like dat at home not in public because of their children


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