Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Will you buy this undies meant for two???

Will you buy this undies meant for two???


This is for all those who want to get into the partner’s panties, the undies above have been specially made for you and your lover.

Do you like it?



  1. Wen u wanna praticaliz d sayin dat goes “if u try me,me nd u go put leg 2 one trouser”. Trendin 4 2idiots who av not job, how can u nd somone put leg in one pant biko nu? Ihe nka agbaro kwa aka

  2. foolishness of the highest order,pls if u dnt have better products and materials to produce pls give the money to the orphange home or use it to bless those who are in need…

  3. Ayam not understanding, i hv seen enough heading bck to church, pastor comma re-anoint me biko

  4. What if my partner is a fat person like lepaciou Bose and I’m tin like I go dye so what now happen

  5. Dis wil only be essential during cuddling…wen u get down to mean business,how wil u be pressing up n down with dat pant?…Its not fun at all…#myopiniontho

  6. Lols…. Nothing wisdom no go read. But I will love to see if possible buy one

  7. stupidity! nothing wey un no go put online. I no knw say things don bad reach like dis for life o.

  8. With this kind pants some men no go they go work again oh, na enjoyment go kill people oh

  9. Wetin ña? 4 wia we go dey where d pant go self, shey 4 sitting room, bathroom, or d ‘the other room’?

  10. hahahaha i been think say April go better but since yesterday de kind news wey i dey see tire me.

  11. Lmao Notin Wey Person no go see 4 Social media E remain to brinq super glue join una nyansh 2geda…

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  13. I don’t understand the meaning. Will both wear the pant and walk side by side on the road?please somebody explain

  14. Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Jenny u don see something for this facebook, what’s the meaning of this laff wan kill me

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  16. Lolxx!! Buy it??……for what reason if I may ask?? Lemme not even waste much comment on this trash

  17. You people like to complain, are you guys not the same persons that keep saying you and someone will enter the same pant when you have issues? Now you’ve seen the actual pant for two you are still complaining…


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