News Why I Can’t Continue To Trek For Jonathan- Gloria Speaks

Why I Can’t Continue To Trek For Jonathan- Gloria Speaks


Why I Can't Continue To Trek For Jonathan- Gloria Speaks

The lady named Gloria joined Oladele Nihi to trek for Jonathan from Abuja to Otuoke.

According to new reports, Gloria have decided to make a U-turn. She said her mama has been crying and worried about her safety so she had to stop trekking for Jonathan.

Gloria took to Twitter to share the news with GEJites on her latest decision.

“I’ve decided to stop my mission here in Lokoja. My parents are very worried n mumsy been crying.I wish to honour her wit dis even tho it hurts.

Also want to use dis medium to tank @OladeleNihi for giving me the opportunity for carryout this mission with him. Will be praying for him.‎

I also want to tank u all who believed in me n supported me on this journey. I love u all real hard! Plus all my nw frnd in Lokoja today.‎

Will be returning to Abuja first tin tomorrow morning! Hope y’all will come n receive me.

‎I love Nigeria! I love GEJ #trek4GEJ hope I will find another way to honour him.‎

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