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What women want


Hmmmm, what do women want? That question has been on every man’s mind since the beginning of civilization. But, here’s the deal – no two women are alike. For every Chi chi, there’s a Bola and for every Rachael, there’ll always be an Amaka. However, beneath the myriad shades of moods, temperaments, whims and fancies that set them apart, there runs a common strand that joins the whole lot of women. At the end of the day, all women crave more or less the same qualities in men.

So what is it that the Venus dwellers (we women) seek in a man, really? Here’s the baffled guy’s guide to finding out what makes women tick!

1. Honesty

It’s not a surprise that women value trust and understanding in a relationship. When you lie, you run the risk of breaking that trust. Much as she would like to hear that she looks great in that dress, in her heart of hearts, she knows the answer and wants you to spell it out for her, loud and clear. Don’t fool around with her feelings under the pretext of “not wanting to hurt her”. Be honest with her, she can handle it. Tell her the truth, and as long as you take care not to hurt her feelings, she’ll be happy, even grateful for it.

2. Sense of humour

Blame it on our hormones, but we women tend to sweat the small stuff and be upset at the drop of a hat. Cue for you to work that boyish charm, make her laugh and drive her blues away! When you have a good sense of humour she’ll always want to be around you, she’ll feel relaxed with you. A word of caution – avoid juvenile pranks and raw jokes. Be your natural, genial self and you’ll definitely win her heart!

3. The ability to protect

Women can stand up for themselves very well, but deep down, all of them want to be protected. Nothing pleases them more than the “you’re safe with me” assurance. Offer to walk her home; if it’s late at night, put an arm around her protectively if you sense other men making advances and inspire confidence that she is safe with you. Do not hesitate if you have to take a stand for her. The safer a woman feels with you, the more she’ll respect you.

4. Intelligence

Women are attracted to men who are smart and can hold an intelligent conversation(I personally can’t stand boring or dull guys,they get on my last nerve). Women appreciate men who can speak proper english and use proper punctuation while emailing or texting. Bad or poor use of language is a major turn off for most women,so guys before you send that text or speak that thought,try to think it over and make some corrections if necessary . When it comes to making important decisions, women expect men to be in charge and to make the right moves. Being with an intelligent partner affords them a certain reassurance that their needs and demands will be well satisfied with better communication and understanding. Try to understand her needs and appreciate her point of view.

5. Loyalty

So you are commitment-phobic? That’s no big deal, and unless you are in a serious, long-term relationship, you are not bound to make the ‘till death do us part’ promise. However, a casual relationship doesn’t mean you can have a harem mentality. Be loyal to the woman you are dating. It’s insulting for her if the man she’s with hits on other women or let’s his eyes wander. When out on a date with her, give her your all ,pay attention to what she’s saying and make her feel like she’s the only one you care about, right there, right then.

To be continued…….


  1. That’s all extremely true. Also guys feel its embarrassing to get a beat down while trying to protect your woman so they avoid it all together. Unfortunately what they don’t understand is that girls don’t want you to be stronger than every guy out there (but some atleast) what they want is to know that you’ll fight to protect their dignity and respect if it comes down to it and if u get a beat down, there’s an up side to it. She gets to nurture you back to health 😀


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