Editorials What Every Woman Should Know About Men

What Every Woman Should Know About Men


Men don’t like women that are free wit all men, that all men can touch her all over, if you are going to attract a husband, u have to have the qualities of a wife, one thing i do know is that most men do not like aggressive & domineering women.

For some women, every man that shows a little interest, they see as a potential husband, that will scare any man away, if u treat every man like a friend & brother, u will win d heart of some man. If u just talk to men anyhow & u have no respect for everyman around, no man will be attracted to you, some women are just talkative, they talk a mile a minute, u can’t get it right if u talk too much, u ask her one question, she volunteers d story of her entire life. Any man loves challenges, it is that lovely, well behaved woman that everyone says is hard to get,that most men would want to marry.

Most men hate it when a woman is stalking on them(trying to find out if he’s cheating or lying).
A man can love you forever if you can prove to him that you are different from the average girl he meets daily. Winning a man’s heart is the easiest thing to do,all the lady needs is to keep an arms-length and study his behaviours.

Men don’t appreciate ladies that are desperate, especially when it comes to getting married…Ladies,do nt let frustration lead u to desperation so as to avoid self-destruction


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