Weird and Strange WEIRD :- Strange Rainbow Spotted In Ibadan

WEIRD :- Strange Rainbow Spotted In Ibadan


shot_000029(1)According to a user on,  a strange rainbow, photo above was spotted in ibadan last week.

As reported by some people who saw it, the odd scene was seen last week. Some religious group claim it is a symbol that a church is divinely recognised.

Did you see this in your area also? Or is this just the work of rumour peddlers?


  1. Sharrap men….dat rainbow was doubled… come there is a telecommunication mask on top of the rainbow??? :-/ explain

  2. Yes it’s true, Cos last 2 weeks when i was in my school campus me and my 2 friends at about 10pm we saw exactly such surrounding the moon at night but the one i saw wasn’t in rainbow form!


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