Weird and Strange Few Week to Their Wedding, Nigerian man Allegedly Dumps his Fiancée because...

Few Week to Their Wedding, Nigerian man Allegedly Dumps his Fiancée because of her Vaginal Shape


Few Week to Their Wedding, Nigerian man Allegedly Dumps his Fiancée because of her Vaginal ShapeA US. based Nigerian man dumps his fiancée for the strangest reason of all, her vaginal shape.

A lady simply known as Aderayo put out the story of what happened to her friend.

According to Derayo, her friend and a man started a relationship after so many years of acquaintance.

Three months into the relationship, the lady traveled to America for her brother’s wedding where the man proposed to her in the presence of friends and family.’

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After accepting his proposal, the then couple started had their introduction and started planning their wedding.

Only for the lady to get a call from her man, stating that he wants to call off the engagement’

His reasons are: she is not good in bed and he doesn’t like the shape of her vaginal.

Aderayo ended the long story on how she should console her friend.

See screenshot of the story below:

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Few Week to Their Wedding, Nigerian man Allegedly Dumps his Fiancée because of her Vaginal Shape



  1. Lol… Like seriously? Bcos of what? That means this man doesnt love her for of who she is. He only loved her bcos of sex and to have his children from her….. Why now? Maybe her private part shape is too strange to see or what…

  2. Wow! This is strange oh. Since the man didnt dump her. It’s just few weeks to her wedding that this thing happened. Hmm.

  3. hahahah i can’t laugh pls ,,,,,,click this link below for easy way to make legit money online

  4. There was no love, ever since, he never noticed all those rubbish he’s vomiting nw. Only God will reward that man. Your own man is coming.

  5. The woman was even stupid to show him her private part before wedding. i dnt blame the man they just werent meant to be 2geda

  6. People here saying nonsense. Yes the pain is much now but it’s nothing compared to been married and after the marriage he still divorce her or starts cheating. The only thing making this story sad is because of the timing and to me it’s better you end a relationship than a marriage. Nobody and I mean no fucking person on earth would come and say that sex means nothing in a relationship or a marriage. Sexual intercourse makes couple fall in love more and bond more better. If he does not like the shape or whatever and decides to leave then he’s free. His choice.. Never blame someone when your not the one in the exact position..

  7. Now let me tell u ladies.. The reason why that particular guy in ur life is being so nice to u is because he has not slept with you.

  8. Na wa o!Nigerians did not see their president for more than 3 months now & nobody seems to care,meanwhile if they don’t see Ife Fatokun and Oyedeji on GistReel.Com or Malachy Evalistus and Bobby Desmond on Yabaleft they will be bothered.God is washing all of u ooo

  9. What was he doing there before the wedding ? Again the lady is to blame for allowing such to happen .

  10. How did he get to see her vagina, she caused it, maybe someone disfigured it, some girls are sex addict

  11. Na wa o? Vagina dey get another shape again? I pity for the girl. But some of all these things are what they should’ve known during courtship na?

  12. dis is na now u no say d vagina shape no dey well afta all dose years?dis bulshit ar u tryin 2 say u ve not seen it b4 now,u don see anoda 1 na wey fyn pass am y e no go urgly.

  13. This is way out of line, hasn’t he been havin sex with her? To see the kind of her virginal shape and how it looks like. So the day of the weddin was when his eyes where open. Thats foolishness and an act of immaturity, with waste of time and resources.


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