GistReel TV VIDEO :- Ladies whom would you date? A rich & ugly guy...

VIDEO :- Ladies whom would you date? A rich & ugly guy or a poor & handsome guy?



On this week’s episode of GistReel TV street trivia, we went out there to seek people’s opinion on the topic of the week.

For the Ladies, we asked whom they would pick to date? A rich and ugly guy or a poor and rich guy?

For the guys, whom would they prefer, a lady who is good in bed or someone who can cook?

You can imagine the responses we got.





  1. I prefer both but if any one is lacked, it can be corrected. If my wife is not good on bed, but she can cook well, I will teach her the type of bedmatics I want and I believe that she will enjoy it cos I’m good on bed. And also if my wife is good on bed but can’t cook well I will still teach her how to cook cos I can cook well. These two things can’t stop me from marring a lady cos it can be corrected or ammend if at all she has other qaulities.

  2. To me…. I prefer a girl that is good in cooking. Sex is not food. And if you don’t eat good food, your sex life span will be reducing.

    • To not woman have work to do on bed. It’s a man’s priority to carry your woman along. Let her feel arousal and teach her what u like if she didn’t get u right.

  3. Of course someone dat can cook very well… for being good in bed…dats y you men are there to teach ur partners and believe me she will definitely learn…. Lets take for example….u came bck home from work so tired n hungry….waiting to freshn up n eat….but discovered dat d meal is total rubbish….it can’t be managed….so were will u gather energy for sex gymnastic or will i call it accrobatics…..u see… beta to feed well b4 sex cos dat one can be learnt easily

    • Vivian I can get good food from any vedor out there, but can not look for good sex from any girl but mine…..the question of teaching did not come in so no assumptions please…

    • My dear were u born to be a sex gymnastic ??? I guess no….bcos u learnt dem … y cant u teach ur wife to be an accrobat too….. Remember dat one day it wont be only u she wld cook for oh… wise up pls

    • Dear Vivian let’s not assume because the question did not give us that choice, it’s not about teaching nor gymnastics, like I said, food and sex have different vibes, I can get one anywhere but one not….

    • Vivian dear I dnt support u. House gal can cook for d house but well sex done by d wife or u see ur man outside.

    • Queen u are very wrong ok…..even u dat like sex won’t be satisfied by your man….so dat is to say u can even cheat on your hubby too…..bcos if u know every style and your hubby don’t know all….Am pretty sure u will go out to get satisfied making u to be a cheat…. So better go and learn how to cook cos it man won’t eat sex ok

  4. I prefer a lady who is gud in cookin…kos ur health is ur wealth…atleast u v to feed well so as to end up acquirn energy fr wrteva u want in life…rememba a non healthy guy or person knt perform well in terms of sex activities…xo das y i prefer a lady who kn kuk dan d oda way round…

  5. Come off it, how can you be asking uni undergraduates this type of ? What do they know about marriage? You could as well asked secondary sch pupil now

    • Pretender must do the worst…what are u now saying that those Boyz and girls are not up to 18 years that they are too young to be asked such questions…na people like una dey even spoil una children pass

  6. Guys why do we marry? To me I believe we marry to have families produce children bra bra but we don’t marry housemaids. I am not married myself but I eat good food cooked by my housemaid

  7. You guys are all clueless. Sex and food which one is more important in a rship. Sex is the ultimate!!! As woman, what hurts u the most? A man that doesn’t eat ur food or a man that doesn’t touch you?? Couples that have repeated sex never give room for malice, don’t let ur ego deceive you. Sex is number 1. Women in their mid 30s hardly do the cooking by themselves, good sex and ur partner will remain playful and overlook everything, men act like kids when they need sex not when they need good food. If u loose ur bed u loose ur partner.

    • That is a very big lie and fallacy, u are d one who is actually clueless, have seen cases where d lady is a pro on bed, and husband still cheats, but cook ur nigga a good meal, and he will always run back home, after all DAT vagina u have someone has it and even a tighter one, biko don’t make noise, u are piteous and mistaken when u think all u can offer a man is sex and he still stays faithful

    • Well spoken Andrea garcia and don’t mind perpetua she’s only biased probably she’s bad in bed.the truth is always bitter to whom it concerns.

    • Kio Amachree Jnr, it is so bad, that as matured as u looked wat comes from ur mind sounds like d words of a two year old, so bad that in that big head of urs, d brain is not as big as d head, plz b very very very very careful, and Ragnar Lothbrock, I do not want to answer u because ur own case is even worse cus it is only psychiatric patient that will say wat did not happen, I didn’t find that funny, in case u want to put it as a joke

    • Honey Phoenix Evarist my dear when my wife turns 37 with 3 kids and a full time job, wouldn’t it be right for us to get a cook and take away the task of cooking from the ever hardworking lady even if she is the best cook? But at 37 a woman needs every bit of romance and sexual adventures just to keep the youthfulness and not to think of aging. Ask a female banker how long she can maintain cook for a family of 9. Can someone explain to me exactly what a good food is? Eat whatever your wife cook and make love to her. Eg. Do I quit on a Yoruba girl that have sacrificed her body to me simply because I dislike yourba dishes?

    • Samuel Kwapong Feilds I agree with you, categorically we can’t say that a woman is bad in sex, though some women’s attitude towards sex is very negative and you can’t call a woman a horrible cook too because we give credit to the efforts so The correct question is “home made food and home made sex, which is more important to a man and a woman in a relationship” pls expand.

    • Abdi Karim you own a bed before you think of a woman. You own a kitchen before you think of good food.

    • Thank u for ur post, women need respect as well as men. We all know that godliness and self control tops the chart but The topic here is the comparison between food and sex in a relationship. Once again thank you.

    • Sex is a major food. It can destroy a home than food. So I believe sex. Terrific sex without complains and murmuring ofcourse. Good deal.

  8. Hun, you better date who you are highly compatible with n be a hardworker n a prayerful person. Killers are everywhere now o!

  9. Dis two are very much important in a girls life, knowing how to cook a good meal and making ur man go crazy in bed… Trust me the guy will always think twice before cheating on you

  10. God forbid a wife could be more than an object for consumption… This is the most indulging debate I’ve read in a while

  11. I like a girl that is very good in bed because if she is not good I will start looking for another that will be good on bed.i do the cooking my self even if she knows how to cook.

  12. Its childish to take food over sex! You can always hire a good maid to make good food for u but u can not hire a whore just to satisfy the marital dues! For the peeps that believe u can always teach ur wife to be good in bed, my simple question is who tells u u cannot teach her to be a good cook too?

    • Alaye u can always hire olosho dat will wow your mind, every body get wetin dey prefer, u can’t turn an olosho to a wife material but u can turn your wife to a nymph just by hearing your voice, it’s all about mind hypnosis

    • Mindz Brainz Shilay really? Mind hypnosis indeed! Well, everyone with his preferences, and an olosho can later be a good wife but one thing is very certain out of 10 Oloshos that u convert to a wife material 8 will always behave life a dog…always going back to its vomit! Bro this is real life not Hinolly or African magic!

    • Na him I yarn Bros, u can’t turn an olosho to a good wife but u can turn a good wife to a nympho dat just by hearing your voice makes her quake in her knees and mind hypnosis is unfair advantage Bros, I don’t use it most times..

  13. Let not ladies comment on this…..a man will always like a good cook,a maid servings a man doesn’t create a sweet connection…. If a woman cooks absolutely well a man can tolerate her in bet but vice versa its not the case I mean I had a woman good in bed but poor in cooking,I had to leave her coz I never got the connection…..

  14. How to make heaven,what about Godly marriage,what about service to humanity,care for the poor,love irrespective of you religion

  15. The one good in bed will make your blood pressure rise due to how she manipulate you on bed, you be suspecting her anytime she is standing with men.

  16. The question is so simple if u have brain to understand the question without pretence. …Sex is marriage. …Female do not be fool by those telling u that food is important. ..bear in mind that if u fail to be bedmastic u will end up sharing ur man with ur follow woman who can do it better. … Advice::Learn to cook and know how to give him the best in d bedroom. ..Two of them is important to hold ur man

  17. I’ve taken DE pains to go thru each and every comments here, and trust me some men re not being real, how can yu choose food over sex? Frankly speaking, people wif dier different opinions sha… Buh to me, Na sex sure pass oooo.. Who food don epp

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    • Na wahooo pretender every were…If the topic is useless why did u even click the watch bottom talkless of commenting in the video???

  19. Kaycee Emma Ekejiuba Ojekwu Bernard Somtoochukwu Uwakwe Chima Ebubedike Olivia Chigbo Cynthia Oranekwu Austine Usibe Ede Jr. which one would u chose

  20. I can’t marry a guy who’s sexually weak. Because it will definitely lead to something, food can be managed. Lol

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  22. Friends for me i will take a good cook, good food makes me happy & strong so i can tune the lady as i wish & she will catch up.

  23. Ladies make sure u r good at both nd u will enjoy ur man..nd as for d men work hard to take care of ur woman..

  24. If I catch any girl who can do those two things properly eh…Am locking her up and not gonna loose her

  25. As a calabar guy…I don’t joke with bed oh…I can cook and will teach her gradually

  26. It is easier to teach a girl how to be good in bed than teaching a girl how to cook, na food sure pass… What if she is good in bed and you invite your friends over for lunch or even your parents and she cooks nonsense?

  27. let me believe that probable ur father preferred ur mother bcos she is better in bed than in the kitchen .

  28. Where a person’s heart is, there is where his treasure will be. We prefer what we value the most. Sex + food is food for some and sex for others.

  29. All these small boys that are still being nursed their mother’s breast milk are talking. Rubbish!

  30. I prefer good cook because sex is just to make only your husband happy. but good food makes the entire family happy and also the Man will be proud of your cooking and share your food with his friends and family with at being ashamed

  31. Sex is winning steady, example d girl take time cook for d guy aiit eat so dat more strength go full in him.den 10 pm come reach u touch she say hmmm am not strong today ooooo.den dat food don waste be dat na.den man tin go stand slp till 6 PM LOL

  32. Some men don’t even come home till midnight eg bankers almost all men cos after business or work the take their bottle of beer before coming home so the only eat weekends so when do the get to eat the good meals without contacting any STD let’s be real.. If you are good in bed it’s a big yes cause when your hubby goes outside for sex when he is drunk the rest is story but knowing how to cook is a big’s easy to learn how to cook but love making how do u even start or do u also jot that down incase of tomorrow…. LolI will stop here..

  33. To my own understanding as a single lady sex is more important in a rlsp or marriage.bucs a woman can easily learn hw to cook if u teach her more dan sex.bucs a man might nt hv much time to teach u hw to sex wen he is in d mood of doing,but can bring out time to teach u hw to cook.bucs if u are married it wont be oky dat ur man is going outside to sactisfy his man hood .so sex is more important dan food to me as a lady ..bucs food hv a solution but sex didnt hv.tnkx

  34. Abeg joor who handsome guy without money done help’ I prefer a guy that is rich and ugly.

  35. Food first if u av a wife DAT cooks well u will always b proud of her anytime anywhere,BT werby she z good in bed and poor in the kitchen its not something to be proud of anywer and it begin to seem like she was a whore b4 u met her ….if she z not gud in bed I partially blame it on d spouse and within a period of time she would cope BT a bad cook remains confused in the kitchen even while using a cookery book….I prefer a good cook ooo at least u r certain of tasty meals till u die BT sex has limit to age … Men have a rethink

    • No matter what u think men prefer sex above anything in relationship, u gals are totally biased u know d truth bt u still pretend. If u r into relationship u know what i AM saying

    • Rabiu.relationship is different from marriage. If u re in a relationship nd u not gud in cooking u nd ur guy can eat out nd he will keep u bcos u re gud in bed.but in marriage u can’t be eat out u ve to mk gud meal 4 ur husband den at nite he can position u d way he

  36. Ok! Ok! Wow! I was passing by and “heard” your post…quite an interesting subject! Now, let me “see” what those guys said like you instructed. And;

  37. To win the hrt of a man two tins involved…. Food & sex. My wife shd gets mi gud food first & @the right tym……… So follow up by gud sex.

  38. Although am not yet in the system, but I will prefer my husband to have good food outside than to have goodsex outside

  39. A woman dat can cook very well is better for marriage. Cuz u can teach her any bedmastic nd she will learn am talking because of me cuz I can cook but in case of bed am not perfect but I believe my hubby will teach me any style nd I will learn it fast cuz of sharp brain lolz

  40. One can hire a cook but not a sex worker into the house where one’s wife is, so sex is the ultimate. A woman that lacks it or a man, na sorry be him name

  41. Surely I’ll go for a woman who’s good in bed. Cooking is an act which can be learnt, besides I am chef myself so wouldn’t need a woman who’s too good in cooking.

  42. Guy u all no that sex first before food because I have not see a guy that hate sex but a man can eat once a day make love 5 time a only at 9th so guy shop saying food food we no ok

  43. I we go 4 rice because there is nothing money can’t do .u no when there is money there love money can make u love some one like 4 example in the morning u ask ur so call husband to give u morning 4 food and he start given u excises and he have be doing it ,not because he don’t wat to give u but because he don’t have not and u ar house wife .don’t tell that u we still love that man because that man we change u 4m good looking to bad looking on 3 year of marriage and me and u no that u we be saying had I no

  44. what a simple questions my choice for me, my choice should be poor guy with handsome its doesn’t matter what he has but if he could give me a really love and he can be honest with me than he is rich no matter what, us we know money can end one day and he could be poor man but really love never end

  45. Y the girls are answering mens questions why the question s is two path,for me I go for good cooker ,if my woman always give me good sex different styles hmmm, I will ask where did lean it frm if she did not difend ha self I send ha packing

  46. Johnnnn…mehn i like u….i love good food o but great sex i love better…we can chop anywhere na….or i can hire a world class chef my woman can learn from…where i go go hire great sex from? Mbanu…good in bed wins for me!

  47. Both are paramount,take one out,the lady is not wife material!She must have both to be a wife!

  48. For me I prefer a good cook coz she must cooks for u so that u can have enough energy and play a hard game

  49. A lady who is good for sex is good for just a freind and also d one who can cook is also same as friendship. But the one with good behavior is sweetable for married.

  50. To me…. I prefer a girl that is good in cooking. Sex is not food. And if you don’t eat good food, your sex life span will be reducing.

  51. I prefer the lady that can cook bcz marriage is not complete if food is not there n if she can’t do crazy sex, that makes her my dream wife.(view)

  52. A lady that cooks well is better,the husband can teach her in d area of sex…a lot of men dont know how to cook,not just one or two particular food. There are difrnt kinds of good foods which men dont or some men can’t prepare,but in the area of sex our Men of about 95% or more kns they can teach their women and mind u every machured lady now can make love all u can say is to the man’s satisfaction No/yes cos some men also are not that strong while some r .lol

  53. Mohammed Shaakir I can’t be poor Hehehehe funny wala every girl like rich man they don’t care about handsome and anther side all guys like girl can Cooke like your wife hhhhh ❤️❤️

  54. All the guys are lyk…I’ll teach her to be good and all that,forgetting dat a girl who’s not good in bed is prolly not a sex freak or not really into sex,now how can u teach ur girl to give u bj….when she finds it disgusting,it’s not easy lyk dat

  55. 1…. All d@t don’t matter if d woman don’t love u, you can get food everywhere bt you can’t go around fucking everywere.

  56. 2…. Women look4love not fyn n rich just look4ur real man2tek u2ur destiny as plan by d creator

  57. I swear… Nigeria is finished , nothing like marriage again but manage. No money, No wife chaii… This is just the beginning of blood money in Nigeria

  58. Sex is far better than food, any man that prefer food is sick down below, man shall not live by bread alone. Haba. If the woman is good in bed, she can equally learn cooking in catering school but if she’s a good cook but bad in bed, teach am till tomorrow, na f9 she go score. Have I made myself clear?

  59. Tomorrow dey go blame man. All of una choose money over handsome. Just know say no be only u go chop d money cos as u take need am na so so Many other girls take dey find am. So he didn’t make all the money for just one girl cos as the proverb says no man dey build six pack for just one girl. Lol

  60. What shall it profit a woman if she can cook d whole African dish n has no flavour on d bed? My dear if u like kuk diamond soup,if u don’t knw how to dance d dance of demi gods,he will use dat diamond energy gotten from d diamond soup,to get satisfaction from a golden girl. #justpassing

  61. Guys y cook, and bed woman, what about fine guys no money, and ugly wit plenty money,every body is saying good in bed, listen if every woman is good in bed men problem dey ooo, reason every man has sexual strength limit, if Ur woman is more than you in bed na wahala oo equilibrium matter a lot hr


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