GistReel TV VIDEO DOWNLOAD :- Can you marry the opposite sex who is above...

VIDEO DOWNLOAD :- Can you marry the opposite sex who is above 70 yrs old and pays you $5,000,000 yearly?


Welcome to another interesting episode of GistReel TV street trivia.

We went to the street and sought out people’s opinion on something very simple and yet hard.

Well, if you see a young guy or lady marrying a woman or man of 70yrs old, people seems to believe the reason for such marriages must be money. So we decided to ask to twist the question; would you would do agree to marry a sexually dead 70 yrs old man/woman for 5million $$$?





  1. Very sincere I love you gal she has said it all is better to be married to a old man who ‘ll respect and value you than to marry a young guy who is never faithful nor respect you for once

    • D problem is DAT u ladies can’t imagine ur G sharing DAT thing you enjoy with anoda Lady. Ha dats wickedness

    • Makinde Fiyinfoluwa Bunmi love you for been a reasonable woman, so many beautiful ladies are suffering in the hands of young dudes

    • It is easier said than done. I bet no lady will ever live with that man.!! They will surely cheat.!! You can’t cheat nature

    • What is the respect here, she talk of the money and not respect, so say your mind and stop hiding behind others person, she is only concern about the money

    • Definitely only the poor,hungry and cheater would do that cause there is no way you can stay long in such marriage stopped fooling yourself,you can hardly meet a lady who is faithful and don’t cheat..

    • She is concern abt the money and if she can do any thing to kill that man she will. Some women are evil.

    • that’s just over 400k in a month… there are ladies that make more than that amount and are happy in their marriages to the man of their choice… if you work hard and can even make one quarter of that amount (100k), it will serve you better… the lady there is just lazy and dumb

    • Madam who is talking abt being faithful….I wonder how some ladies think atimes getting married to som1 bcos of money not only that u won’t b able to get pregnant not to talk of having kids..word

  2. You people love nonsense too much! The same way y’all love Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner.

  3. Some ladies are just something else ..make your money and don’t let your money make you

  4. Look at Wat u are u can marry ur father bcos of u av misplace ur dignity to money.

    • Hey d man in question is not my father and besides men need companionship most at old age not for the sex purpose but to just see who to express there feeling with, one day you ‘ll grow old and understand this I just write

    • Money is not everything in relationship ones happiness should be d ones priority. Not all lady dat married old people did dat cos of money get dat well

  5. You will see that money n suddenly forget where they sell vibrators. Then the small boys in the hood would not rest .

  6. Unfortunately for you “honest” lady (as many here have subscribed you), you have not met or stayed with those that really do have MONEY; try and meet one or come to me and I will make you understand how ALSO money is not all that matters in getting happiness. What you just agree in doing is the same thing OCCULT men agrees doing before their cult lord. But when the money starts coming, they then start understanding the real meaning of freedom. Can vibrator touch your hairs, can it feel your body, can it look deep down into your eyes and talk to you about it findings etc. Wake up pretty lady.

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  8. Disgraceful and for all those who think she nailed it, she never but rather disgraced her self making it look like young girls don’t have a bright future. We have very respectful and humble girls/Ladies who possesses all those ideal qualities a real and well trained female should have..this one needs a bit of faith

  9. Girls always want to get married to old men just bcs the are thinking that the man will die at any moment so that take everything that is belong to him, and the also want a man that only them can control him in the house the can go anywhere and do what ever the like without anybody disturbing them.

  10. Like just 5million a whole year.. “NO” If I get serious I can work 5m a year.. Please.. Its not even about the “sex” u gonna be so lonely for the next 30year if he has to die a natural death without u killing him…lol…

    • No, she won’t gals lik DAT wen they see free money dey want to continue cus dier lazy ass can’t work. And their so dumb that dey can’t invest the 5m, all the wona do is look good, wear good clothes, get the latest gadget.. And attract the richest man in town ready to spend. And the old man will not permit a divorce. So she will go around cheating.. Trust me she most cheat. A gal DAT has this kind of mind is never faithful, “5million”. Ke?

  11. This lady has no goal, no future nothing what a shame what is five million a year money cannot give happiness

  12. Is there any thing prostitute can not do for money? They can even an old man corps if you offer them money. Stupid girl may God have mercy on her and those girls who are taking side with her too.

    • Am only pleading God’s mercy on her not judging babe. Cos i can’t immagine a decent woman to open up her mouth in public to say such thing no matter how real she want to be.

  13. No hate guys, everyone is entitled to there own opinion. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Shes straight n blunt, some other gals will pretend not to take that offer speaking publicly. But will definitely go below 5m is secret.

  14. OMG! This means 98% of ladies marry guys cause of their money not love. My dad once told me that if a girl said she loves me that mean she want to get something from me not that she really loves me. And I believed him cause is true confirming it with this video

    • Guy you have a wrong foundation about women. Take your time to think things thru properly and not just believe everything you hear. Life is about us, how we respond to it. Even if they become that way.. The ones u meet. Look inwards you cause you can only attract same.

    • dunno about the rest of the world… but for Nigerian girls, it’s true… the other 2%, I pray my wife will be in that league

  15. Is that why we can’t date a good girl outside again? Chia!!! They have been taken by old ………..

  16. This lady is one kind of dependent, lazy and hopeless woman who doesn’t believe in herself and doesn’t understand the concept of marriage… You will be sick of using vibrator and want the real thing within very few years or months…

    • Then she gets a divorce. In the meanwhile she would have earned some lazy millions, harming no one in the process. Beats a lot of things we find acceptable these days.

  17. I just jejeli dey shake my head for here wit som pple comment o….some said d lady is blunt some said she makes sense ba….Na d devil wey wan punish dis girl dey warm up…..Mind you its just a cash oriented lady that ‘ll speak in that manner ,in this 21st century there are babes that earn far more than that figure yearly n they also have good homes so u ll deprive urself d joy of motherhood and ultimate satisfaction becos of money..y get a vibrator put d money instead inside na.yeye dey smell. See her mouth as e b sef #Wordofahustler

  18. I can’t, I really want to enjoy my life with my soulmate. What if I die before the old man? All because of 5million naira, that is not possible

  19. She is real, not fake but original, 99% of woman will jump for the offer, but ask them in the public they will deny. And that is why I know she is real

  20. that is how Homosexuality starts gay/lesbo & you should know it is mental sickness love of Money


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