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US Based Man Offers Anita Joseph N1.5Million Every 2 Weeks To Feature In X-Rated Movie


Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph known for displaying her boobs in most of her photos has decided that 2017 is the year to ‘cover-up’.

Recently, a US based man offered her a N1.4 million to feature in an X rated movie. This infuriated the role interpreter who is determined to keep her nudes away from public eye.

According to Vanguard;

“Like every other day, the actress opened her Instagram account on Monday, alas, a message was waiting for her. An offer from a man in US, who calls himself Lonestarboy1, offering her 3,000 dollars fortnightly for a role in a porn film but this got on the wrong side of the actress who resorted to cursing him in both English and her Igbo language. Here is an excerpt of their chat. 
Man: It’s two weeks adult film. If you are interested, we plan your visa to come here and you gonna do an audition and if we see you got what it takes, then you got yourself a job. It’s all up to you.

Anita: So, you are into production?

Man: Something like that but it’s adult film only… Only if you are interested.

Anita: And you don’t know a movie storyline when you see one. You are very stupid.
Man: Am sorry, what?

Anita: Don’t ever in your entire…..if some actresses in my country do it, well, I don’t.
Man: Yeah, I truly understand

Anita: Am cursing you in my dialect. Aramasguogiri.

Man: I was just offering something

Anita: Gerrof my page. Ka Jehovah bara ghi mba. Take your offer somewhere else or miss.

At this point, the man turned it into a joke and sent his nude photo, from torso down, telling her he just wants to have sex with her. Praising her figure, saying she has a very sexy backside that would suit his six-inch down-below (manhood). But all these entreaties were met with more curses from the actress. Then, he returned to negotiating again:

Man: Seriously, $3000 is in it. Who turns $3000 down?

Anita: I will block you. And this your message and d**k will be all over social media. Don’t mess with me no more. Give your mum mask and sisters to work for you.

Man: I act adult film, no one knows it’s me.. And I’m proud to have six inches manhood. Just think about this offer. You gonna be able to live in the US but honestly you don’t need to block me. The acting ain’t full time, it’s just part time.

To be honest, the job is real. Why I said it was a joke is because I ain’t wanna see you get pissed off. But seriously, you gonna turn down $3000 every two weeks? No one In Africa is gonna know it’s you. My team gonna give you a mask. You wear the mask, do your scene, you get paid. Seriously, who turns down $3000

Anita: Don’t ever in your miserable life send sh*t into my Dm again. I interpreted a movie role well and to you it means I can do adult film. Chineke kpikwa gi oku.
Man: Some actresses in your country industry do it. 
Anita: Some actresses in my country can do it, well, I don’t.

Man: We just watched a movie you acted named ‘Open and Close’ and we thought about offering you a job in US where you could be making about $3000 every two weeks. If you are interested email us at [email protected] or we could discuss more here. My boss is Victoriahascakes. You could search her here on Instagram.
Anita : What kind of job is that? This job you make $3000 every two weeks must be a sinful job.”

"Thank you for putting up with me, thank you for being there for me through everything, thank you for always loving me" -Iyabo Ojo's Writes Letter to Her



  1. She didn’t accept but she asked for it nah, the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. Didn’t he see other actresses?

    • I wish I can,but m sorry is not possible that’s y it is called Facebook, so next time if u v nofin to say just shhhh!!!

    • Jesus Christ!!! I see that’s what you are good at. Keep it up Am not cut out for your ignorance. Keep ranting over one’s opinion

  2. shout out to those idiot!!!_who is gona crucify #anita Joseph without opening the link,they just abuse and comment rubbish. I know some of u will say the way she dresses,that’s y the guy had to tell her that, is she d only celebrity who dresses like that, let me even change that phrase, “_#don’t _judge_people_with_the_way_they are dressed, come close to them,you will know they are far more better than secret pretenders!!!! now back to u Anita Joseph if all acting celebrity could be like u,the world would v been a beta place nice reply dear!!!! do not judge a book by it cover!!!

    • Cynthiamagret Unaegbu Have you forgotten the saying, dress the way you should be addressed, have you? Though am not judging any one

    • “I haven’t forgotten dear,but on the other hand, if u get close to people who dresses like that u will find out that they are far more better than ppl who cover up,and still do it in the dark I don’t c anything bad in what she is wearing!!!

    • Nothing is wrong with what she is wearing, we don’t judge a book by it’s cover…. But most people dressed half naked bcos that’s what they really are, I have seen most of them

    • don’t judge a book by it cover at least her reply has made u guys believe, that not everyone are same

    • Yeah I get your point but why publicise the chat. She could have ended it between them alone and block the guy easily. Why all this hype because of porn or the money. Also looking at it critically I would say a person is judged the way they dress dear no matter how much they try to deny it. You don’t come out wear skin tight cloths then say your just going dressing to impress yourself. The first thing people see bout anyone is the style at which you dress and like it or not it says so much bout an individual. The guy saw her shape and attempted to try his chances with her..

    • Osakwe Victor That’s why I always go with the saying dress the way you should be addressed…. Looking good must not go with dressing naked ooii

    • Yes he did but my point is he tried it simply by how she portrayed herself dear and am sure you know that too, even if your desperately trying to defend your friend Anita..

    • I can understand jumping into conclusion without reading d link is wrong but wat I would not understand is trying to justify her dress sense. Hey…u may be pure in heart..Yea right…but d message u pass accross to people is whr the problem lies. Pple will tend to imitate and live immoral lives…wat is bad is bad. God remains a standard.

    • do not judge the book by its cover correct this is such a simple issue that she could easily trash by blocking d guy witout any one knowing about it but don’t be surprise she did dis just to fool d readers don’t forget d guy dropped his email who knows she cud probably change her mind later nd accept d offer without anyone knowing besides d way she dresses luks like one of dose porn stars she called for dis so she should not complain

    • You will never see a prostitude dressed decent and u will never see a decent person dressed seducive. Don’t judge a book by its cover, yes but is nt in this case, don’t give a quote that are nearly in meaning to a word that has the real meaning of itself. The way u dressed is the way u are always adressed. Who knws if she even accepted the offer, Will she ever tell us? No. We don’t want their lies. Or their so call stories. This reccesion is too much to waste Mb.

    • truth is dat term”donot judge a book by its cover” is wack…….people will alway judge a book by its cover and dat hw u trully knw d book dat ws done properly….first impression always last

    • Cynthiamagret Unaegbu no talk 2much when u have ur daughter please permit her to dress indecently u hear.??? Come here dey run ur mouth like tap…..U can never have a second chance to change a 1st impression how u dress is the way u will b addressed no two ways to it…..Dress like a whore they will make you offers to act porn or even worse…Dress nicely & they will say oboy that gurl na no go area o she doesn’t take crap….We are products of the choices we make in life….Bye!

    • we ain’t quarelling,it a free world, so u don’t v to talk to me like that if u ain’t okay with what i said ,u just jump my comment and pass bye

  3. The way you dress prompted him to give you that kind of offer.It is very true that the way one dresses is the way one will be addressed….

  4. That’s the result when you dress that way. Even if you are very decent, and you dress like a harlot, people will not notice your decency because we are humans. That’s why the scripture said, the outward appearance is for humans while the inward is for God, so we judge with what we see.

    • How will you notice someone’s decency when they are dressed as harlots. I don’t really understand you..

    • Osakwe Victor if really, If at all, I mean if truly you didn’t understand what I said, no need of explaining to you because you also won’t understand my explanation.

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  6. The truth be say these days we no dey too too sure again. Na the same Identity good girls and bad girls get now-a-days o. The bad man may be like wow see this porn star, come take money do for me as she dress with that kind identity. I no even blame the bad man..

  7. She wouldn’t tell us, if she later takes the job…how much nollywood actresses dy make sef “change”? When dy sleep with politicians and people’s husby ere and der, and it’s confirmed by her that her colleagues re ashawo with a class, I bet you some won’t even contemplate on the offer..abeg sister go collect d job biko

    • God bless you bruh. You just nailed it man. She acting up here and later call him low-key. Why escalate all this rubbish on media when it was just the both of them talking. She looking for cheap publicity cuz how many Nigerians watch movies anymore of DVD.? Dating politicians is what most of them do to get money because in reality how much do they really earn just by making movies to afford them the houses and cars. She especially has no endorsement with any major companies so why act like she got it all. Porn is frowned at in this side of the world we know but why publicise her chat.. Attention seeker

  8. I am sure she wont tell us if they added sleeping with dogs….what a shame…ur body ur life.

  9. You don dey old oooo , go and marry, have kids and get good life, because money is not everything, money comes and go.

  10. Not trying to show case myself though, but wanna uses myself as an example I don’t put on trouser pple respect me for that and don’t pretend am always used as an example to others at time’s wen issue of such comes out, so always dress in a way u should be addressed.

  11. Hahahaha funny… the Man even promised to give her a mask, so people that are watching it Will not know her

  12. It doesn’t make her a lose girl..its says offer,not as if she has actualize it…pls lets think before commenting.

  13. Some of u that r criticising her, u act porn in secret, u masticate, fornicate wit gfrds n watch porn in private, n now u see someone else u just Open ur cavity to trow abuses, Anita dear pls forget haters n chase a beta live okay,. One love

  14. Thumbs up Anita, seriously d guy don’t really knw a movie storyline when he sees one

  15. these actressess are really funny ohhh why does she have 2 post it online mtchewww and besides she doesnt dress well so what du u xpect pple will surely come it just like saying someone shud shoot u in d head and d person shud xpect u not 2 die naija girls and social media every small thing nw goes 2 social media

  16. abi she just wants pple 2 tink she is a saint and afta she will contact d guy and they will nw discuss wella


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