Weird and Strange UNBELIEVABLE: Snail Egg Grew & Hatched Inside Boy’s Knee

UNBELIEVABLE: Snail Egg Grew & Hatched Inside Boy’s Knee [PHOTO]


snail_knee_923876508347-600x339A 4-year-old boy became a live incubator for egg of a snail. It started when Paul Franklin fell and cut his knee on a rock during a family vacation to the beach last month, the Orange County Register reports.

When the knee became swollen, Paul’s mom, Rachael, took her son to urgent care, where the doctor said Paul had a staph infection.

But after a course of antibiotics, the wound had not healed; in fact, Rachael noticed her son’s knee was turning black, CBS reports. Against a doctor’s recommendation, she squeezed the wound to drain it.

A black snail shot out of her son’s knee. “He moved!” Rachael screamed, she recalled to the Register. “There’s a freakin’ little guy in there! Bubbles were coming up.”

Paul’s father, Ken, believes his son must have fallen on a nest on that rock, forcing an egg into his knee, where it began gestating.

Paul, whose knee is almost completely healed, has named the snail Turbo.


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