General Ukraine Trained Doctor Dies After Brief Illness, Shortly After Returning to Nigeria

Ukraine Trained Doctor Dies After Brief Illness, Shortly After Returning to Nigeria


Ukraine Trained Doctor Dies After Brief Illness, Shortly After Returning to NigeriaIn a sad news, a brilliant gem has recently lost her life following a brief illness.

Dr. Nancy Oghenetega Appih, the 24-year-old first child of Chief Efe Appih, the chairman of Delta state branch of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers ( NIESV), was laid to rest on Monday, February 6, 2017 in her hometown in Warri, Delta State.

Ukraine Trained Doctor Dies After Brief Illness, Shortly After Returning to NigeriaAccording to reports, the late Nancy graduated about six months ago on the 24th of June 2016 from the Ivana-Frankivsk National Medical University in Ukraine and returned to the country to practice.

"Today marks exactly 4 years since I won Big Brother Africa the chase" - Dilish Mathews

However, after a brief battle with an unnamed illness, she passed on on January 31, 2017.



  1. This kind of news scares the sh*t out of me whenever I hear it!,Person travel leave country for long years of medical training only to die?.Abeg dis is not an ordinary matter oh!!

  2. Briefly after returning to Nigeria???.Oh my God!No wonder ‘somebody’ does not want to return to Nigeria.If that someone should see this one now..oh boy na to extend him vacation by another 4 months oo

    • stop exaggerating.she came nto naija with illness nt long she died….so u, y u no run commot 4 naija, u tink say paradise dey earth.wen u go anoda country come bck u go no sing de whole hymns wey dey dis world say jesus na lord.

    • hw well do u no me??? if abt de error,its wat i call “typing error”,i really do type fast dats y i make alot of damn mistakes.i’ve corrected t so tanx bt no tanx..

  3. I think its high time we scrap village in our constitution, nobody go get village again so that all this sudden deaths go reduce. Oh too bad RIP

  4. This is such a painful event… May her soul rest in perfect peace. Now, people will start saying it was her stepping into Nigeria that caused her to get ill and die… May God help this nation

    • But sometimes its true. Someone came from USA into this country just that she ate potage yam from there she was rushed to the hospital and till date she is still in d hospital in USA since December

    • dear onyisi if u tink dat naija isn’t gud, try goin 2 anoda country 2 see wats goin on.she mite hve been carryin dat illness 4 so long without noticing t.its wen de foreign tings n her body cumulated and cumulated dat t cud no longer contain others dat de illness began 2 manifest nto action.dats y its advisable 2 go 4 checkup,even if one’s n a many hve cancer bt dey dont no dat de do hve t.its wen de disease spread 2 all parts of de body and starts givin signs dat dey no.even de prominents ones makes dis mistake,even doctors as well.dnt wait until u’re sick b4 u visit de hospital.go 4 checkup.incase u hve one t will tackled easily.

  5. Mmmh, I hope it’s not the forces in Nigeria that killed her. Whatever it is, she has died, though it’s painful. Rest in Peace dear

  6. It’s not propaganda @Uchegbue Roland, i know her and it’s such a painful death. Rest in peace babe.

  7. That is life for u. We need to thank God for a gift of life. U can nt save urself been u anything.

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