Technology Two Major Security Flaws Discovered In Apple’s iOS7 Barely 24hrs After Launch

Two Major Security Flaws Discovered In Apple’s iOS7 Barely 24hrs After Launch


gistreel-300x180Two security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Apple’s new mobile operating system, less than 24 hours after its launch.

One flaw concerns a user’s ability to recover their data if a device has been stolen. The much-vaunted “Find my iPhone” feature can be disabled be a thief simply by putting the iPhone or iPad into airplane mode, preventing the device from communicating.

In iOS7 this can be done even when the phone is locked with a passcode, as the voice-activated assistant Siri can be instructed to carry out the task.

The other flaw is potentially even more serious – allowing users’ email and social networking accounts to be hijacked even when the user has locked and password-protected their phone,

In this video the BBC’s North America technology correspondent Richard Taylor explains the security glitch and a way to prevent it.

Apple has said it takes security “very seriously” and will issue a fix in a future software update.

Also, this one lets people bypass the phone’s passcode lockscreen via the phone’s new control center feature.
Many users have since confirmed the bug. To make use of the exploit, you swipe up from the lockscreen to access the new control center and open the alarm clock. You hold the power/lock button for while, which brings up the option to power it off. You cancel that but at this point you can double-tap the home button and open up the phone’s multitasking screen, which gives you access to the camera and stored photos, as well any logged-in email and social networking accounts.


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