Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex-Boyfriend, Seun Egbeegbe Caught Stealing iPhones, Gets Beaten By Mob

Toyin Aimakhu’s Ex-Boyfriend, Seun Egbeegbe Caught Stealing iPhones, Gets Beaten By Mob


egbegbe-arrested-tileAccording to reports from Ikeja, Lagos State, ex-boyfriend of Nollywood actress, egbegbe-arrested-tile was arrested, earlier this morning, at Computer village, for allegedly stealing iPhones.

He has since been handed over to the police, after being beating to pulp.

An eyewitnesses claimed that Egbeegbe went to a certain Keelcech Innovations Store in computer village, took two iPhone 7 and some iPhone 6+ and told the sales girl he was coming, and then crossed to enter a taxicab.

Mercy Aigbe Pictured at Moji Olaiya's Service of Songs Tribute (Photos)

It was after he left that it dawned on one of the sales rep that someone packed phones, so they rushed and caught up with Egbegbe. He had, however, allegedly already given one of his staff, the iPhone 7 and that staff escaped, but Seun was caught.

More photos below:


  1. Does he not have a name y adding someone’s name saying ex if he is ex then his name should be mentioned not adding the lady’s name in the issue.

  2. He is a big thief…he has done it bf to my kid brother in emab plaza…wuse abuja..last 3wks

  3. He has been doing it for long, years back he did it in Ibadan for of our sisters shop, Juju is included ( End of road for him) He deserved to set ablaze

  4. The last time I checked, everyone has a name at least 7 days after birth. Why saying he’s someone’s ex without mentioning his name? This is junk journalism and it’s totally uncalled for. This and many others are reasons why some players bite each other on the pitch of play! Arant nonsense…..

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  7. May be he wanted to get her back that’s y he choose to give her iPhone and he cant afford. Eyyah sorry Mr lover. Come does he been ablaze abi mob no dey ni.

  8. Shoplifting? Is this real or in a movie set? Wow! Can’t believe my eyes and ears. Recession wahala! But why must they attach toyins name to it? its a pity!!

  9. Eeyaah Ebony, pls oh is not ordinary eye check this man achievement you ll see that something behind his misfortune

  10. Nigeria always spoiling their women’s name what’s the meaning of xboy friend this is rubbish

  11. I can’t believe dis , if it is true we didn’t see alot of person behind him look at dat pix, its a movie

  12. This is a lie stop spoil another person name n takecare of ur self your pun dey for your body ooo