Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Toyin Aimakhu Caught Me Flirting- Hubby Reveals

Toyin Aimakhu Caught Me Flirting- Hubby Reveals


Toyin Aimakhu Caught Me Flirting- Hubby RevealsNollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu took to Instagram on August 24, 2015 to change her relationship status.

Toyin changed her status from Mrs to Miss Aimakhu. And she deleted her hubby Adeniyi Johnson‘s photos from her Instagram account.

Adeniyi took to Instagram today to let the cat out of the bag. Johnson said his wife caught him playing sweet love with another woman.

Read what he wrote below.

“To clear the air of the recent happenings… I ADENIYI JOHNSON is at fault and not my wife… she reacted according to her pains and we all have different ways of reactions… I beg everyone to pls stop throwing banters and insults… u can channel all anger and grievances towards me and not her…. instead of abuses I would rather BEG u to join me in apologising to my darling, lovely and adorable wife… OLUTOYIN I’M DEEPLY SORRY PLEASE….. I promise to make things right…. I Don’t want a broken home….. #shecaughtmeflirting #dirtychat.”

"Simi Is Such An Amazing, Caring Girl"- Adekunle's Mother



  1. The guy is not a Pastor o! or is he a born-again christian? Then why are we surprised? Even some so-called pastors are struggling talkless of celebrities. If he doesn’t flirt to enjoy life and cool-off/relax his muscles, then what will he be doing? Doing evangelism or what spiritual exercise? “The boy is in Toyin’s court ‘jare’, let her ‘free and acquit’ him or else she will just become “iya n dagbe” or “ashewo 2k”. That is just men’s life, they inherit that trait from satan except the ones that want to follow God.

  2. Toyin i ve just dis questions 4 u.hw sure re u dat d nxt guy wouldnt do d same n hw many times do u wish to change husbands or divorce dem?

  3. The guy regretted the act and confess to the whole world . What again do the wife want ?;. All the beautiful marriages u see have they challenges .

  4. Nd so! Y cnt u guys b matured for once….? Toyin Marriage s nt a bed of rosses cus niyi cheated on meaning? Dat Mkes u to tell d own world? U better grow up bfor dem sand for ur garri. Nd u niyi must u let ur wife to kno dat ure cheatn ? Cheatn s for matured minded pple, u better stick wit ur wife nd stp rubbish.

  5. They should just settle it amicably. Sweet home is the best, divorce is not the solution. God will help them.

  6. is dat y u wanna divorce ur husband? my dear toyin,pls don’t divorce him cos it doesn’t worth it.marriage is all abt ups and down.Pls 4give ur husband

  7. Toyin forgive ur hubby &accept him back for noting but for saying d truth 2 who cares 2 know

  8. Niyi Johnson is a rare gem to have admitted to this crime, madam toyin u sef forgiv am its dia nature, thumbs up bro. u re a real man but pls desist from such acts.

  9. Dis advice only go 2 toyin, I don’t think u divorcing ur husband will be d right things,it always normal der should be a problem in a relationship and u sort it out amicable between urself without inviting d third party, but it is called foolishness wen d whole wide knw about ur family problem. Get dis right if u divorce him 2day people will help u 2 count, am sorry 2 disappiont u I will surely be among dem 2 count d number of husband u av gotten married 2. The ball is in ur court, pls make a wise decision

  10. Toyin is even lucky hes admitting nd begging for forgiveness. Its dir stupid men’s world. Wot can we do?????????. Focus on ur work nd try to av ur kids which ll be a distractions

  11. Sis Toyin pls don’t divorce your husband, don’t u know wat it takes for a man to accept his fault. Don’t allow any useless woman to destroyed your marraige. Plsssssss make a wise decision

  12. Toyin dnt divorce ur husbby becos of dis reason,all men r d same….forgive him and move on.it is well

  13. Sis toyin Divorce is nt d next step 2 take plx “WISDOMS IS D PRINCIPLE THING, AND IN ALL YHUR GETTING, GET UNDERSTADING. plx sis toyin yhu’r a role model. Pls 4gv yhur husband, kip yhur family, fight 4 love & fight 4 yhur family against any asunder dnt allow any useless being 2 add sadness 2 yhur happiness. B strong & face any challenges coming yhur way. PROVE YOURSELF 2 B A ROLE MODEL 4 PPLE 2 EMULATE. put yourself up 2 endure/conquer any obstacle coming into yhur family dnt allow anytin 2 take away yhur happiness so dat yhu wouldn’t av 2 regret in future. Had I knw wouldn’t b yhur portion. Plx 4gv yhur husband & move on wit yhur family.

  14. Use wisdom in all d step yhu take so dat yhu wouldn’t live 2 regret it once again “wisdom is d principle thing and in all yhur getting, GET UNDERSTANDING”

  15. Use wisdom in all d step yhu take so dat yhu wouldn’t live 2 regret it once again “wisdom is d principle thing and in all yhur getting, GET UNDERSTANDING” use your UNDERSTANDING divorce is nt d solution render it will add petrol 2 yhur enemies fire. sis plx, 4gv yhur husband knw matter wat. Even if yhu re-marry yhu Don knw wat d person will do again. Plx decide wisely.

  16. d guy has apologised. and I think that settles it. Dat is Wat marriage is all about. I dnt think d world must always know about ur marital challenges. u are a role model to d world. so pls keep acting and behave as one.

  17. Toyin dnt allow devil to success in turning ur marriage to laughing stalk. U hv acted this in one of ur movies n u succeded in upholding home. Now reality of it hs come, pls do what u preach. I beg of u stay with him. u guyz are gud combination. To u Adeniyi be faithful with d covenant u made. Dnt allow strange women to destroy ur home, be a good role model.

  18. They are both stars,so wot do we expect?I don’t see any big deal in it,I hope they have grown pass all these,dis is a trivial matter,ladies always fall 4 stars likewise men over female artise, cheatn is d bane of every relationship n it gat d way it’s being settled,separation is not d answer.

  19. Toyin, Men are polygamous in nature. They are Babies, Babies mess up, then you clean up the mess and move on. No Saint in them. Except by the grace of God.


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