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Toyin Aimakhu Begs Fans To Help Her Heal From A Broken Marriage- ‘I Have Been Hurt’


Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu finally opens up about her failed marriage with her estranged husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

Toyin, who’s been dealing with marital issues with husband Adeniyi Johnson for several months, is insinuating that she’s ready to move on from the marriage and start a new chapter in her life.

She pleaded with her fans to make the transition easy for her by focusing on her professional work not her personal life.

Via her Instagram page she wrote:

    “I have loved, I have trusted. I have been hurt, severally, still, I have been faithful, to love. There comes a time however when one needs to be faithful to SELF. My peeps it will be totally insensitive of me not clear the air on some issues concerning my relationship. I know you all love me and want the best for me but I need you to trust me on this. Trust me I want the best for myself too. If you truly love me and wish me well, please help me focus on my professional career. I want to be the best I can be and bring joy to as many as I can. I have taken a decision I know is best for my well being for now and all I need from all and sundry, are your prayers and unwavering support.

    “Please do not let me dwell on the past. It’s hurting. I want to heal. Please help me in my healing process. I need to heal first. The simple thing I need you all to do for me is stop the pressure on me over my personal issues. Help me grow professionally. Criticized my work. I have many of them. I love you all.”



  1. My friend go back to your husband and stop blabbing on social media thought you said you’re super super happy,you’re the only one that will heal your marriage. And please keep your marriage off social media

  2. Pls oo u pple shuld learn 2 4give each other so dat peace nd luv wil take over, no one shuld blame anyone 4 wot happen, is all abt understanding patience nd luv, dnt mk it hard wen it is easy ok, pls.

  3. Toyin my dear u r my favorite actress and honestly speaking I will not like u to break adeniyi Johnson heart cos u guys r perfect for eachoda ,dont allow ur friends to decieve u immediately u move out of d relationship they will move in ni o pls finest go back to u husband

    • Do you really know what cause their marital problems? The husband was caught cheating on the wife. The man evn admitted the fact. Now that wasn’t the first time and that is the reason she said she has been hurt many times, yet she loved and trusted still. I don’t wish them divorce, but I think it is better we all address the main issue if not, even if she goes back, they will have another problem in 4-6 months time. Unless the guy is ready to do away with cheating. The guy is the one breaking her heart again and again.

  4. I knw it not easy but the best thing u could ever do for urself nd hubby is to forgive nd forget wot soever dat happened nd dat will make God happy too cuz is a bad thing for people to start counting husband on ur head pls Toyin fink over it nd forgive him it shall be well wif u in Jesus name

  5. pls ma ,is good to go back to ur husband d dog u no today is better than d hen u just meet ,pls lean 4m Mercy Johnson just look at her she is happy pls i want u too to bi happy GOD BLESS U


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