Entertainment News Toyin Aimakhu and Hubby Celebrates 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Toyin Aimakhu and Hubby Celebrates 2nd Wedding Anniversary!


Toyin Aimakhu and Hubby Celebrates 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Niyi and Toyin Aimakhu Johnson are celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. The couple took to their Instagram pages with the most heartwarming words for each other. Read below;

Toyin wrote

“It has been two spectacular years with my Rib and I bless the Lord everyday for sending me such a good, patient, loving and good hearted man. Marriage is a lot of work and commitment, it isn’t easy but you are doing your best to continue to make it work and I pray that the good Lord give us grace to celebrate many more years together. I love you my husband, God knew exactly what He was doing when He sent you to me and may God continue to give you all that makes a man a real man.. Thanks to you all for your support,love and prayers during the good times and the time of challenges. God bless us. Happy wedding Anniversary Okomi @adeniyijohnson “

Adeniyi wrote

Seconds turns to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months and months to year and year turning to years…Your love, ur uniqueness, ur strength and weaknesses makes me love u as the day unfolds. U became not just a friend bust my best friend… not just a wife but my mum, not just my woman but my eternal companion… God bless the day I met u.. through the thick and rough, through the rain and shine u stood and still standing (melo melo in @baddo_ybnl voice) even (when they fire catapult of envy in @reekadobanks voice)…. God’s love and grace prevailed….. Thank u for bringing sunshine to my world… I love u now and forever…… pls help me celebrate my WIFE!!!!! @aimakhutoyin …… All Glory to GOD”

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  1. God bless ur union wit good fruits (children). Mr Niyi i commend ur understanding nd Patient cos Aunty Toyin is sumhw naught……………………….smile. Aunty Toyin i trowey my salute ooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. glory 2 den lord 4 make u 2 see ur day,i pray 4 u dat God w give u d grace dat ur great granddaughter w celebrate wt u.hpy anniversary

  3. Happy marriage anivesary sis… Both of you will celebrate 50 years aniversary together and more if Jesus tarry. I love u so much sis, keep working it out with wisdom and knowledge backed with understanding like the virtuous woman in Proverb 31. Cheers!!!

  4. U shall grow frm strenght to strenght n d lord shall grant u outstandin knowledge to celebrate more years.u shall live together in hapiness joy n peace till u grow toothless in jesus name

  5. Am realy apy 4 u, bcos u re such a person pple nver expect 2 av a responsible nd understandin crown(ade ori), well i wish u many years 2gder. den sis toyin kip on b a carin nd lovin wife bcos oko won lode oooo(…….)

  6. Happy married life,wat God as join 2geder no man/one can put asunder,may God bless u&ur husband(AMEN) HAPPY MARRIED LIFE !!!!

  7. Am so happy for u my sake, please keep it up, God will help u bcoz sometin like dis hv nt bn happening among actresses. love you plenty. cheers……

  8. may d joy & hapiness of our celebration continue to mutiply in ur marriage life without spot of sorrow

  9. Toyin 4m d 1st day l had u wed wit dat handsome hussy of urs ve been hapi 4 both of u,l wish u hapi married life wat d Lord has joined 2get her no man can put asuder hapi annivesary

  10. Toyin 4m d 1st day l had u wed wit dat handsome hussy of urs ve been hapi 4 both of u,l wish u hapi married life wat d Lord has joined 2gether no man can put asuder hapi annivesary

  11. Api married life wish u a blessed union . Anty toyin try to hold him tyt cos gud husband no dey town again nd mr niyi pls always bear wit anty toyin mistakes cos no one is perfect. I pray 4 God protection over ur family . Am api 4 u

  12. TOYIN am so happy 4u oo jowo mofekoni iteriba fun oko e magberaga igbeyawo yin onidi igbe yeye miofeki igbeyawo yin dabi awon kan jowo mobee tori olorun olorun maran e lowo latile fori tiii,I really like u

  13. Congratulations dearie, I pray for you today that God of Apostle Ayodele Babalola, God of prophet Akande Samson(baba abiye) and God of prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji will open your womb and plant in there his seed.By the time you will be celebrating d 3rd year, it will be you and your twins in Jesus name.

  14. Happy married life.am so happy for both of u. U will celebrate more yrs in jesus name.may god b with u

  15. Happy married life mrs Toyin aimakun, i pray D lord we continue to uphold ur marriage, and D joy of D lord we never cease from ur home, pls keep being sum missive to ur husband, happy married life once again

  16. Toyin am so happy for you o. keep doing the Gud work. I live wen u act like a baby. You are on point dearie. U are my role model. I wish I act like you one day. hmmm I wish. pls try all u cud to keep Ur marriage. Bros, u too shud try ooo the responsibility is not meant for Toyin alone. E Maa she 60yrs anniversary . love youyuuuuuuu.

  17. Orimi wu o,pple luv tee baby so much like dis,morilo ma mewa loo..May Allah grant u d fruit of d marriage soonest amin, HWA darling..pls n pls be patient..Love u both like morire

  18. Dis i never imagine it could happen btw 2 actresses bcos never last 4 a year 2 talk of 2 years, but still i wish dem happy aniversary may d good God bless dem wonderful nd mavelous children.

  19. Hapi marriage life wish u best of luck may d almighty Allah grant u good children.am so happy 4 u oooo ll&pp in advance


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