Weird and Strange Touching Photos: This Lady Killed Herself after her Boyfriend Dumped Her….

Touching Photos: This Lady Killed Herself after her Boyfriend Dumped Her….


2e8acef8a20c11e3af8f0a64691e8e35_820 year old Jojo Tsai was distraught after her boyfriend dumped her. According to her, her boyfriend lied to her about his sincerity towards their relationship. He had always said he wanted to marry and have children with her. She put all her hope in him, built her world around him. Only for him to later say his mother would not approve their marriage.

After the breakup, Jojo attempted to move on with her life by dating other men, but was unable to do so cos she was very much in love with her exboyfriend. So to stop the pain, Jojo killed herself  by jumping off the roof of a building.

But before she did that, she posted a heartbreaking message to her former boyfriend in Chinese on her Instagram page with pictures of her burning stuff from their relationship, then a selfie of herself sitting at the
edge of the building before jumping off. She even posted a photo of the ex boyfriend that broke her heart. Her Instagram page is on fire right now, with people flooding it to sympathise with her family and wish her soul rests in peace.

Jojo’s translated messages read:

“It’s been 12 days since the break up. I’ve gone out, had meals and watched movies with all sorts of guys, some of whom were more handsome than you are. Others are richer than you. I say this only to prove that it isn’t that I can’t find guys better than you. It’s just that my heart is unable to accept anyone else. Every time I go out with them, I end up crying. I force myself to smile, I tell myself ‘the most important thing is to be happy.’ In the end I can’t change my heart.

“Life has been so miserable these past few days. I want to forget all of this, to control my mood and not be crying painfully late at night every night, but I can’t do it, there’s nothing I can do. All of this is too unfair to me, I can’t bear it. I don’t understand why did you give me so many promises? All of it was a lie. In my life, I haven’t done any [seriously] bad things, so why subject me to this kind of torment?

I cannot forget it, unless I die. I never thought that you would deceive me, but I still can’t stop loving you. After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night. I will never be apart from you again.2b6b76aca61a11e391dc121c6fde4f79_8 6bd4d15ca61a11e3ab73121a9076a734_8 8a6ad09ca61c11e395210e703bd8ecf6_8 8e8cae34a61c11e396b812737fb211bc_8 17fc8c2ea61911e3863812695239df89_8 144a217ea61c11e385020a5d4b2ab92e_8 7326e164a58611e387770ee5ed5ed4cf_8 a girl


  1. why would some1 kill her/himself coz of love. They weren’t married but lovers .then what will hsppen to mama who are jilted by their husband ad left with kids to feed!!!! marriage is for eternity thus why God ordained it. but love lfy grows to materialise to unity (marriages) so if 1 fells nothing could materialise fr relationship and requests to quits before marriage take heart and move on it doesn’t matter what he/she might av promised you. pliz don’t take ur sweet lfy coz of any1 .you’ll die alone and liv her/him rejoicing.


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