Editorials Top 5 Reasons Why Yoruba Men Marry Igbo Ladies

Top 5 Reasons Why Yoruba Men Marry Igbo Ladies


Although, there are usually arguments and fights when couples marry out of their tribes; they are bound to face and experience enmity from their partners’ families.

Despite all these, couples still find a way of sealing the gap between the torn families with their love. Yoruba and Igbo are two major tribes in Nigeria.

Both are powerful and represent a large portion of the population. There is an interaction between them just like with any other tribe in Nigeria, However, when the issue of marriage comes into play they handle it with sentiments. There are certain qualities possessed by ladies who are Igbo.

Just like each tribe has its own peculiarities, there are some things that are synonymous to Igbo women. They are basically important things one has to know before marrying an Igbo woman. This would help the relationship to thrive well and would help them reduce the chances of getting divorced.

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Yoruba men who fall in love with Igbo ladies must have seen some of these traits and qualities in the women before deciding to marry them.

They know the battle they have to fight with that desire of theirs yet they are not discouraged. As liberal as a family could be, the members would always express their desire for their sons and daughters to marry within the clan or tribe.

They would only accept the proposal in order not to ruin the happiness of their children. Find below some of the reasons why Yoruba men marry Igbo ladies:

1. Igbo women are home builders

It would be nice for us not to be sentimental when considering this issue. Igbo women are extremely dedicated in marriage.

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Now there would always be a few stray ones like we have in other tribes too; but when it comes to the effort they put into marriages, those ladies are quite commendable. Marriage means a great deal to them and divorce is a word they do not really entertain. Yoruba men go for them because they see the prospects in them.

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  1. Igbo ladies are accomodating, home builders and excellent cook. It is not because am igbo, but all these things are true. If there is anything like reincarnation, i would like become an igbo girl. Igbo kwenu

  2. Because Igbo Women are the real home builders,and if u come in Aspect of cooking,they are Number 1.. A man might love his wife very much, but what will bring doubt in him is #Bad_Cooking from his wife.. Igbo ladies are the best… They know how to care,manage, and very Wise to Advise their Husband. And there are many more of them why igbo ladies are the best.

  3. forget all this Igbo women are home builders of a comment, na greed de carry dem go dia, as far as u get the money they no mind weda u be boko self, me i be Igbo

  4. Igbo ladies are accomodating to be sincere… Dnt lemme talk too much b4 our Yoruba ladies start raging•••


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