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Top 5 Controversial Actresses In Nollywood



In the Nigeria movie industry, there are some Actresses who are usually entangled in one controversy or the other. If they ain’t snatching someone else husband, they are caught in the middle of some social media mishap. These issues are mostly escalated by fans, making it harder for the controversies to be resolved.

In no particular order, below are the Top Nollywood Actresses known for controversies :

  1. Halima Abubakar


This Actress has to be one of the most popular actresses when it come to controversies. One of Halima Abubakar’s hobbies is posting pictures or tweeting to create or stir controversy.


Some times back, Halima posted a picture flaunting her boobs to fans. This was followed by a troll. As if this was not enough, she went ahead on another posting to inform the world of her virginity, saying it was still intact. Trust Nigerians, they lashed her even more than her other posts. These are just a few of her many controversies.

2. Anita Joseph

halimaandaRemember what they say about birds of a feather flock together? Actress Anita Joseph and Halima Abubakar are ‘besties’ in Nollywood who have the same characteristics.


Often time they show-off their huge bums together, arousing some ungodly thoughts in the minds of fans. Anita sometimes takes her time to responds to her followers, but she is still followed by troll as much as possible.

3. Cossy Ojiakor


If you don’t know Cossy Ojiakor, then you obviously not are not aware of the most endowed actress in Nollywood. Years back, she was rumored to have had sex with a dog in a movie which was banned.


This actress will blow your mind with the kind of sexual controversial she stirs up. Although, she’s been away from movie screen for quite sometime now, chasing businesses best known to her, she is still remembered

4. Chioma Akpotha


Chioma Akpotha, formerly Chioma Chukwuka is well-known for her ‘holy holy’ roles in movies and many people fell in love with her for this. However, this love disappeared or rather reduced immediately after the Nigerian reality show, Guilder Ultimate Search which featured celebrities including Chioma Akpotha. People became disappointed by her attitude at the show.


Though, she later cleared the air that she only acted everything that went down, but the world have come to tag her for controversies, owing the fact that she has continue to maintain that pace, lashing anyone that trespasses.

5. Toyin Aimakhu


Wow! Where can we start from? From her marriage crash with Adeniyi Johnson, to her affair and crashed relationship with Seun Egbegbe, then with #savemayowa and so on Toyin Aimakhu is usually tagged with one controversy or the other. Toyin never comes out of these issues.


Just yesterday, fans trolled her for showing off her fallen boobs on Instagram just after her account was hacked. Toyin definitely needs to calm down with controversies.



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