General Top 20 Most Beautiful Ghanaian Female Celebrities

Top 20 Most Beautiful Ghanaian Female Celebrities


We bring you another rather controversial list of top 20 most beautiful ghanaian female celebrity. Whom do you think should have made the list?

20. Martha Ankomah


Beautiful Ghanaian Actress, Martha Ankomah is starting off the List at Spot Number 20!

The Actress recently Listed all what she wants in a husband. She said:

“I’m looking for the right person. I want someone who loves God and is a good Christian. He should be Hardworking, responsible, respects me. So far as you have a decent job, I’m okay. You can’t tell me you have business, I ask you why, you say general goods.

Love doesn’t really matter. If you expect someone to love you before you’re happy, you will never be happy. You must love yourself before you can love another person. Love is fine but before you give love, do you love yourself?”




  1. They ul stars… B4 any judgement, tk a movie lyk (Princes tyra) nd a movie lyk (Beyouncy) dn u compare hu’s bdy dy bright…

  2. All de [email protected]


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