Editorials Top 14 Signs You’re That Guy’s Side Chick!!!

Top 14 Signs You’re That Guy’s Side Chick!!!


sidechickThere you have it, all top 14 signs that you are a side chick,Whether we like it or not, the “Side Chick” phenomenon is very real all around the world. Have you ever heard any lady say, “I just found out my boyfriend is getting married”?

And there are also young ladies who know they are side chicks but do not mind being that.

Here are some ways to know if you are a side chick!

  • He doesn’t answer your calls
  • He is MIA during weekends and public holidays
  • He doesn’t want to label your relationship / He hesitates to introduce you to people as his “girlfriend”
  • He is not worried when you cancel set date plans
  • He only pays you physical compliments
  • The only time you can call is late at night. If you call anytime before that ur call is rejected.
  • YOu’re out with Dimarco and he says, “sometimes people call me Keith.”
  • He makes you duck down in the car at every stoplight.
  • You only know his nickname cuz he claim he don’t give out his government.
  • It’s not that I don’t want people to know about us, I just don’t like my personal business in the streets is all.
  • U only know his nickname. “Yea, girl, me & KNUCKLES s’posed to hang later..aint heard from him yet.”
  • You can’t come over, my ex still live here. I sleep on the couch though.
  • If all of your “good” jewelry is from Forever21.
  • He stays with a fresh line up and clothes & your toes look burnt breakfast sausages.

True or False?

Do you know any other sign? Add it in the comment box.


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