Editorials Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend/Wife is Cheating On You

Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend/Wife is Cheating On You

Top 10 Signs Your Girlfriend/Wife is Cheating On YouCheating. It happens. Does it happen often? Not really. Will someone cheat on you? Hopefully not. But if Robert Pattinson.
This generation’s teen heartthrob — can get cheated on, then what chance do you have that your partner will remain faithful?
3 years ago, over 30% of women indicated that they would be tempted to cheat if their partner could never find out.


She detaches herself from your family
The fact that she no longer wants to attend your family’s functions or hang with your friends is one of our signs she’s cheating on you.

This sign may be indicative of cheater’s remorse on her part, which means that she likely feels guilty about cheating.

The less she immerses herself in your circles (which contain people who are painful reminders of her sins), the less mental anguish she’ll have to endure.

  1. not all men r liars n cheaters there r a few who r trusted and faithful to their partners so don’t give up guys.

  2. Hi editor, cheating is granted where one is far away from the partner. You find that a wife is in south sudan and the husband is in uganda and this mean that one of them is going to impetient leading to cheating.

  3. I love my wive becous she is in love wit me and wit my family,she knws hw to cook since she came into my llve am fart nt that she cares 4me o i dnt fill she can do witout me {my best mylove,joy, and my strnt hw

  4. Cheating is always the product of distance,,,,when u allow too much of distance in ur relationship or tou eventually get into relations with someone u don’t really like ( you can never be satisfy with wat he / she offers)

  5. Men don’t cheat until dey are forced too,I went into a relationship which almost cost me my life,I feel in love with d wrong girl,after a year in a relationship she started changing only for me too find out she was dating my twin which she already knows dat I have a twin,my GOD I was betrayed by two people I loved so much.such is life

  6. Lack of trust n false accusation lead to cheating jus bcos u r nt close to each oda u say wat eva comes to ur mind dat alone will make your partner do wat he or she never intend doing

  7. Yh is true cheating is now incharge cos distance relationship leading it hmmmm god help oooh

  8. Hi editor am so glad abut all ths ma wfe is uganda and am is in s sudan hw wil i no tht she is cheating on me.

    • Waah! if a woman is not able to appreciate you and whatever you do,without a solid reason,she has no reason to be part of you,ruuuuuun,coz the next thing she will do is to feel someone else with a better job.

  9. true lovers don’t cheat on each other,dey will always fight and give all what it takes to be together forever

  10. Cheating is due to impatience not being far 4rm da patner coz u can be staying wiz yo patner and again she/he cheats you some reach at an extent of loving maids not b’coz their patners are far.thanx

  11. That is why you should chose a God fearing partner bcos if one have d fear of God dere are many tins he or she will not do to hurt d other. Pray for d Holy spirit to direct u on d choice of partner simple.

  12. some women r born cheater n they can either complain their h'sband r weak on bed or doesn't take care of them

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  13. I dnt think distance inbetween lovers is d major causes of sme couples 2 cheat,what of couples that stays 2geda & one of them is cheating… Majority of Guys cant control their sexual libido and this leads 2 cheating. Married Men cheat most but pretends 2b saints. For example; Most Male married &unmarried Lecturers cheats and engage in rappn Female students. It will be very difficult 2c a married Female Lecturer that engage in sexual relationship with any student or co workers coz they care much about their marriage vow and home.

  14. I recently met a guy from a bar and started going out. after he met my friend and started tellin her that he loves her when I asked the guy he denied,do u think he loves me or her?

  15. There are so many reasons why people cheat!! Som galz are too lazy dat they cnt do any exercise and u see them shapeless wit pot belly. Bt if i have my SHEKIRA then why shuld i go 4 BEYOUNCE?? Lol

  16. who on earth discovered cheatx?the mind not so?who are those who practice it?the soul,where does the soul live?actually and eventually inside the human body which is characterised by all its mentality and compositivity wh is been sorrounded by all evil deeds of nature,does it mean the idea of cheatx comes from nature or the sorroundx?no but from us humans.it is inborn so if we have dat xil or desire 4 cheatx u wil obviously do dat.but women push men to cheat and they are very liable to it.

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  18. yes women cheat and you can’t kno it unless you take time no man is a cheater but they are fored to cheat by their partners so women wake up!!!!!!

  19. That is what has come to stay in our society where the wrong and the bad is accepted as the right thing only God can help us all

  20. Cheats are just animals. They don’t mind what their spouses feel after finding out. Then they say, am sori then they go again. I hate them. They actually don’t deserve forgiveness.

  21. Distance in a relationship is 1 of d major reasons why pple cheat on deir partner….but dere re sum pple who are living in dsame place with deir partner nd still cheat….d cheating thing is 1 big problem dat no 1 can solve except God…*smiling*

  22. All men cheat,as a matter of fact all men are liars,my husband is cheating on me presently and it hurts so bad,now I think cheating on him also is the only way out…Though I dispice women that cheat,but I just want to get back at him. Pls am I making the wrong or right move.

      • I like ur advice, let her calm down, there must be something wrong with her to make him go out, handle him well, deal with his penis anytime you are together, he is ur man, don’t allow any hallot to be more than you.

  23. i doubt weather men dont hav cheating in their DNA coz wat ever u do for a man he can never appreciate it and also had for most of them to say am sorry thnx

    • Not all men cheat as someon say but wen u make reasch 99% cheating bt women they have 2 ask them salves that wat should i do 2 protect ma man.we men 1st we need more care,more love and more respect thts all wen women do that thy wil see some changes 2 men God bless u all

    • i dnt think [email protected]

  24. My husband is in Nigeria and I’m in SA. Some women always force their way 2 hurt the wife, u will neva find out who is 2 b blame

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  26. well… so true, cheating is as a result of long distance among partners… u find that a man leaves ha wife home more so wen the man is a long distance trader. this gives a chance to the woman to commit adultery and with time she loses feelingz for her husband.

  27. Women can do everything in order to cheat. ie. Sh wil trade on phone if u get in contact she says `this is jst afriend’ dea she starts doing it on fb. She wil tell that she z at wak wen actually she went out.

  28. ppl fall in lv only once bt if ua patner seems 2b so far frm u its a sign of ‘its abt tu b over’ n wen u find uaslf in2 a 2nd rlsh dat means u cn stl go 2 th 3rd, 4th ….. n dats not cheatn oltho ppl du hurt th wans hu love em most so its pat of lyf hence thea is no cheatn

  29. Lets tlk da facted i don blame mens or women ,the facted s all w r human being w hav feelings n nobody s perfect

  30. W hav 2admit the mistake,even a cow sliydes n it havs 4legz,kama daudi alieye kua mfuasi wa yesu alimchungulia mke wa nabii akioga bafuni basi xali ni sisi ndio nani?

  31. if u really love ur partner u shd nt cheat on himor her cos love is d master key dat open d hrt of happiness

  32. if u really love ur partner u shd nt cheat on him or her cos love is d master key dat open d hrt of happiness

  33. if u really love ur partner u shd nt cheat on him or her cos love is d master key dat open d hrt of happiness

  34. To me cheating is normal for as long as your partner tends to foolishly act wise not until she gets herself back to normal.

  35. aperson is born acheater though the partner stays with him or her or not it is asprit cc needs prayer

  36. yooo its very panful to be cheated on no matter you try hard to myk him happy bt stl he WL cheat most of the tym they ar sorry cz they got caught he did it twice to me nothing else u WL hear the word sorry everydy it’s so borinug

  37. Instead Of U 2 Face Ur ProblemS ,fish Out D Burnin Part Nd Wrk Tinx Out, U Run 4rm Ur Problems 2 Cheat On Ur Future Mother,giving One Excuse Or D Oda,REAL MEN/WOMEN DONT CHEAT!!! DER MANY ODA WAYS 2 MAKE UR PATNER KNW HIS WRONGS ASIDE 4RM CHEATING…..I Hate Cheaters Cos Cheaters Neva Last.

  38. cheating is’nt gud both fo a man or woman…nd wen there’s tru luv no one can cheat on the atha….despite of been away frm each atha fo a lng tym…. but instead the 2 will always strive to remain faithful to eachatha….fo the rest of there lyf…..lets nt fall in luv bt lets grow in luv nd happiness shall b on our way….God bless u all

  39. Most of dar tinz dat cost cheating sometime is insatifaction of some female. Some Girls are ready to hot guyz anytime they want, I’m talking from my experience I dated a girl for almost two year but she started misbehaving last month I tried all my best to make her happy but she failed to listing to my feeling, so I later left her alone. But God be dar glory I later found someone dat is more batter dAn Her

  40. some men cheat on thea wives nomata how close they are even if you satisfy them in bed they still go out myb its thea nature and some women too do the same so it’s hard to understand human nature

  41. It depends on how two parties relate and roles and responsibilities play by both parties. If you don’t play ur role as man sexually then ur woman will cheat definitely and if a woman doesn’t play her role in taking care of her husband definitely he will be attracted to another woman who is caring for him.

  42. Well cheating is not gud oo God is watching ooo mostly women..cos they will always hv story to tell that ma man is not taking gud care of me or he did not hv the kind of money they need and they misbaved carelessly..too Bad make una change oooooo

  43. We all got cheating here, and we will leave it here also… Once you find that your chick or wife is fucken cheating of you, just dump that bitch since even you could forgive her, she won’t stop cheating on you… In fact all cheaters deserve to be die

  44. no mattar wot, human being are meant 2 control demselves even if ur partner is far away, it is part of life 2 endure 4 each oda. lov u all …

  45. The further the distance, the weaker the love. the weaker partner will quickly give in to the numerous temptations.

  46. It hapen when their is misandarstanding or one reliased you have sameone out there just why cheating is common between us.

  47. I rili. wonder y would u rili cheat on yo partner wen ur in da true relationship I don’t see any thing to avail at at all piz be pleasant to ur partner en don’t have dat ethics

  48. oh my men always cheat whether loved or not. its their nature. for ladies they are pushed to the walls to do it

  49. No matter wht u do to please men,they will stil cheat on der girl.So u guys shuld stop blaming girls,no woman lik to cheat on d man she love.

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  51. 99% of cheating is cos by ladies knowingly dey are married, wen this gals do not accept will dey cheat? This days ladies prefers married men to an unmarried guys ignorantly saying that they know how to treat a lady. hopefully that someday their future husband will also cheat on the bcos did it to someone else husband. Please let all know that cheating is a sin, it’s more sinful wen parties involved are married.

  52. Cheating is normal. When you get him or her cheating on you get the root cause and dialogue bout it and would agree so long as she protected.

  53. Dont accuse some cheaters b’se much of the girls pretends to be in love with u but when their unserious,so how can cheating be eliminated!!

  54. Dont accuse some cheaters b’se much of the girls pretends to be in love with u but when their unserious,so how can cheating be eliminated!

  55. Men r moo ov greedy en babes moo ov sexrast to the guyz respectively. So its better u take a zero distance with yo partner fo faithfulness.

  56. It Depends On Da Love, Care, Respect, Distance En Devortion Of Da 2 In Da Relationship

  57. i think cheating nowdayz has become an easy task letz look for alternative way like being faithful

  58. Am not going to lie! I cheat a lot, I cheat whenever am opportuned to buh still I love my girlfriend to death. The thing is dat we both school in two distant states. I cheat buh I don’t build relationships with any of them sideChics, strictly on SEx alone. (God forgive me I know I’ve been sinning)

  59. One thing i can say about cheating is that… Its an ‘in thing’ i.e you cannot prevent a snake from slithering through the grass if it chooses to… So cheating incooperates the mind,will and desire…. Meaning its someone’s CHOICE….

  60. in most cases cheating comes in wen you dont trust each other or wen you dont have astrong heart for someone whom you love

  61. Cheating is voluntary action but it becomes involuntary when u use your teen age in moving from one man to another

  62. my girl cheated on me,this is not all about diatance , we are very close to each other, she cheated on me with a close neighbour…100days is like 1 day what ever u do to others good or bad get ready for yours…

  63. cheating is common to every human kind mostly when the couples are far frm each other,its like agoat sharing one room with ahyna,what would u think will happen?

  64. cheat is occurs in men nd woman wen u nd ur partner ar nt in d xame place y cheat he no go dey even wen u still 2geda dere most cheat .

  65. Mostly gals cheat mor dan guyz…n i alwaz bliv dat galz av d 80% of d fault in cheatin in a relatnship…wen guyz aproch u n u kno u av som1 u really luv…y dnt u reject dat proposal…n if dat guy insist u den tel ur bf or husband…to prov ur faithfulness…bt i cnt undstd u galz mayb u r born 2 b unsatisfy…n covertious…

  66. i dnt undstand untl whn we h/being ll kick off frm cheatng.ths has ben da subject of drly basis en nt unlss otherwic,awa reltions ll kp on brkng….so galz en guyz plz otcth out on tht!

  67. I have failed to understand what women want for sure i lived with mine under hardship but time came when i got a job which needed to first go for one year training i left her with all that i had for upkeed with a daughter of 3months old. By the time a came out from training she was six months prignant of another man. I had nothing to say but to quit the relationship upto now i have no trust in a woman. I feel i should marry but this time a mature woman.

  68. If one cheats, that means that he/she is not contented with whom he/she having. In otherwords, cheating is evil.

  69. Brian Ryan, you are a real and authentic liar b’cos you made mention that” cheating was first started by Eve on Adam”. My question over to you here is that ” In which verse and in which version of the christian bible do you get this false information ? I’m sure you must be a false christian b’cos a good christian can not create this and relate it to our first mother.

  70. I love ma guy nd he loves me too,we both agree there wil b no sex b4 marriad bt any time he feel d urge he run 2 other girls who give him sex. I’v caught him several tym. Nox, who is 2 b blame?

  71. I love ma guy nd he loves me too,we both agree there wil b no sex b4 marriad bt any time he feel d urge he run 2 other girls who give him sex. I’v caught him several tym al i hear is sorry. Now, who is 2 b blame?

  72. Once you find that special someone that understands you,trusts you just as much as you understand love and trust her.Then you wil always find a way of being the best even when far.It takes heart to be true to your partner and we all can do it.Your just afraid.

  73. Please im really in need of a wife who wil lov me 4reva.im 22yrs and physically strong.im frm Ghana cal me or txt me on whatsap +2330544234004 in lov wit u.

  74. It is best to take time and patience before choosing a lover rather than indulging in what will end up forming messes!

  75. Yh cheating happened due 2 actual distance in but yet samz happened d’pending on partnerz choice all partner cud agree on their choice made & trust one anotha.

  76. Girls are wicked, they cheaters, it is not good to trust a girl, i dont think i could trust a girl again, my only treasure cheated on me, i will never accept her back

  77. I just hate to hear this truth,I am experiencing and living with it but I will never lie to say I caught her red-handed. But All the signs mentioned here are there,Shes always defensive even on simplest questions and shed never answer any question without taking her time. I hate to hear what I know that I am the fool because she always make me feel like Im not doing enough for our relationship,

  78. Yes! Women are the founder of cheat. They’ll continuing cheating since their first mother was a cheater. Eve was unfaithful to adam and she was decieved by the serpent, then bare a bad son of which is a reflection of the serpent. That was how sin came into the world. As a woman you ought to be submissive to your husband regarding to the bible, and don’t try to do things your way so you don’t opt to fall a victim of cheating on your man. Tell the one you truly love about all that you’ve experienced on your daily basics so you won’t be decieved by anyone who wants to destroy your matrimonial home. Please, if you’re reading this, don’t misquote me. I’m not saying that there are no men cheaters as well. Bothsides cheats but this is common on women than men. Even the so called faithful partner can cheat on you. Women are taking men kindness as a sign of weakness. I’m asking myself, will i find a true love in a woman, or do i want to get hurt again??? You can reach me on this contact: 08101619929…Stay tuned and remain bless!

  79. Am a lady bt dont like the way women cheat to their partners.Women need to trust in God en to respect their partners.

  80. i am really in need of a serious women to be inlove with…i am a namibian!!!!my number 0812172811

  81. cheating,, sometyms wat men do force gals to cheat well ts called tit for tat…. I hope my boyfriend ain’t cheatn on me, Caz it hurts just like some one piercing a sharp blade thru the heart…..

  82. alwayz cheating iz da result of not being faithful but most of da girls are stuped they think they know love more than but its just stippidness i take an example of some ladies i have ever met one of them iz ANNA i told her not to betroy me but she betroyed me and ended up getting pregnancy and now she iz expered from da xkul and the other iz MARTHA very stupid lady she thought she could separate me from ma best friend but she failed ooooooh my God girlz try to be a little bit faithfull

  83. Cheating,to me, is an #inborn habit that one can not get rid of even tho that person may attain daily counselling against that habit .

  84. Having personal interest in any relationship brings in cheating. you always consider and think about yourself alone without the feelings of your partner. NOTE : Any woman or man that can not stay without sex for six months are likely to cheat

  85. What i know about cheating is that i.e man/woman cheats. Some reasons could be, distance, jealousy, monitoring, lack of trust, loveless, addiction to sex, and finally when u sex ur partner constantly every day, that may likely cause what we call FEDUP. and u wil want to check a new partner.

  86. Permit Me 2say Sin Has Dominated D World Nd Som Girls,ladies Nd Women Has Turn Themsf In2 Devil Incantns Nd Lkwise Men.I Hav Seen A Pastor Frm D So Called Real Blivng Churhes Introduce Themsf In2 Extral Marital Affairs,theres No Faithfulness Again Even In D House Ov God,may God Help Us Nd Help Our Marriages Of Now Adays.

  87. cheating is an act which destroyed many relationship.it normally come from the female part.how can u cheat and say is not your fault.trust would be my last gift to women.

  88. Yes, Indeed Cheatin Haz Goten Into An Ailmdt Whre Pple Thnk Z Da Soln Wen They’re Far Apat 4rm Their Partnas Bat It’s All About God. What Z Ur Can Be Urs And Wat Z Not Meant 4 U Can Surely Go Off Track. Jst Pray To God That You Land On The Right Partner At The Right Time, Trust Me, U Wont B Cheated Or Bcome A Victim Of Cheating. GOD BLESS U ALL

  89. All Stop keeping porn movies in phones n @ home. Every quiet time of lazy women @ noon n night is porn watching, and women can get a fucker fast than men do. I welcome a ‘sharing ‘ girl frnd with big ass bt nt a married woman if u r in nigeria. +2348038942069

  90. my lover is a so beautifull girl, my lover is a not false my love story is a true love story, i believe you my girl friend she is a my life, i can’t forget you my sweet girl friend, i love love love love love You you you

  91. with Luv am not sure if am sure I can trust people,,, now I get his kols after a month without communications, isn’t that cheating?????

  92. i believe in god n liv my partnr so i hop tht see also believe me n we both will be togethr forevr so i m hapi to be wth her….

  93. I m doing sex with five frends becouse my bf. Was force me do sex with his frnds. This time they all are my frnds. And every night doing sex with me……