General Top 10 Rich Nigerian Celebrities Who Rarely Flaunt Their Wealth On Social...

Top 10 Rich Nigerian Celebrities Who Rarely Flaunt Their Wealth On Social Media


The entertainment industry in Nigeria has come a long way and one of the prominent features of Nigerian celebrities is showing off their wealth to their fans who cant get enough of the lavish lifestyle of these a-list celebrities.

Entertainment basically involves showing off, but some celebrities don’t even flaunt their wealth like the bulk of the rest do.

Today, we take a look at some a-list celebrities whom we know are wealthy and have what it takes to show off on social media but would rather stay subtle and let their music or art be the only thing that fascinates their fans

Here’s our list of celebrities who rarely show off on social media.

1. ASA


Bukola Elemide popularly known by her stage name, Asa is that one celebrity singer who loves to keep it low.

While she does great music and one of the few Nigerian celebrities signed to a foreign owned label yet have relevance both on the local and international scene.

Asa has performed at several sold out tours around the globe and has every right to flaunt wealth but she doesn’t.

The singer is so lowkey that we barely knew a lot about her until this year when she started sharing photos of herself.


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