Editorials Top 5's Top 10 Most Powerful African Celebrities

Top 10 Most Powerful African Celebrities


MONEY, power, fame, and respect are what many crave for. From the most lavish suburbs in Washington to the lowest of shanties in Soweto, human beings are usually driven by success. Others are able to reach their goals while some supersede it, ending up achieving more than they could ever dream of. For many of such renowned figures in the Dark Continent, passion to serve their people and uplift their status has definitely seen them rewarded by the international community.

Musicians, playwrights, and even Human Rights Activists have been able to leave marks, not only in their birth places, but worldwide. In a bid to combat corruption, poverty, and other social ills, they have caught the attention of Big Brother, who’s constantly watching from a distance the effects of their efforts. Here is a list of the Top ten most powerful celebrities from Africa:

10. Femi Kuti, Nigeria

Femi is the eldest son of the legendary Fela Kuti who was labeled as the ‘King of Rock n’ Roll in Africa’. At 49 years of age, this Nigerian musician has been able to keep his father’s spirit alive through his energetic Afrobeat music. He has toured the world performing his music and has done numerous collaborations with other international artists like Common and Mos def (both from the US). His album, Fight to WIN, sold gold.



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