General Top 10 Most Beautiful Daughters of African Presidents

Top 10 Most Beautiful Daughters of African Presidents


Top 10 Most Beautiful Daughters of African PresidentsHere are the top ten Most Beautiful First Daughters in Africa of 2015.

10. Bona Mugabete (Zimbabwe):


Who could have known Mugabe would ever have a daughter as cute as her considering his own look. Bona Mugabe 24-year-old daughter of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe clearly took the 10th spot of our list. The Zimbabwean beauty is the first child of Zimbabwe President Mugabe and Grace Mugabe, who also have two sons. Bona received her undergraduate university studies in accounting and finance at the City University of Hong Kong. Afterwards, she received her postgraduate studies in banking and finance at Singapore Institute of Management. Apart from being a beautiful lady and also the daughter of the president of Zimbabwean, Bona works very hard to make a living. Doubting? You can make further inquiry at Alpha & Omega Dairy in Mazowe, Zimbabwe where she works.

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  1. This Rwandan president daughter (Ange)is the most beautiful among the 10!! She should hava won the first place!!

  2. Kagame Ange is undoubtedly the first. Plz remove ua mirror and observe, The first u’ve nited doesn’t deserve to stand before this Angel, Ange Kagame.

  3. What did they consider Swaziland is not best. My observation Rwanda n Kenya were supposed to come first n second respectively”

  4. These girls are cuties,,, but hey go check kagu Museveni’s girls,,, you will fall for those natural beauties

  5. I thank the Lord GOD for giving us a hardworking first daughter of our hardworking President; furthermore they look alike look at their upper lips n foreheads.

  6. Ngina she is…dat some favour to dat mugabe queen….she is no after ngina the rwanda 3,swazilland no.4.

  7. plz note that being poor promotes crime cases&robbers,bt iam not ready for that,so ineed ur help

  8. dey are truely beautiful,i’w luv to fall in luv wf deir frnd” contack me on dis nmba {+233542553510)


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