General Top 10 Football’s Hottest Couples of 2015.

Top 10 Football’s Hottest Couples of 2015.


This list looks at the ten most attractive couples in world football. Some of these footballer’s wives have become famous through their other halves, whilst others achieved fame before they met their football partners.

Let’s see Football’s Hottest Couples of 2015.

#10. Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-Jones

Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-JonesEvidence that fame cannot get between true love, Bale and Rhys-Jones have been together since childhood.

They have moved across Britain and now to Spain due to Gareth’s career but always ensure they put their relationship and children before anything else.

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They both prefer a night in to a night sampling the infamous Madrid nightlife and often return to their Welsh hometown when their schedules allow.



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