Entertainment News Tonto Dikeh’s Fans Blast Rosaline Meurer over IG Post

Tonto Dikeh’s Fans Blast Rosaline Meurer over IG Post


Tonto Dike fans are all in Rosaline Meurer’s business following a post she made on her Instagram page. The Nollywood actress and a model who works with Big Church Group LTD and has been accused of being in an illicit affair with Olakunle Oladunni Churchill, Tonto Dikeh’s husband.

See her post “He awaits his Queen 👑 🙈 #rosykisses #everythingrosy #QueenOfAllQueens 👑” bringinging hell in her comment section.

He awaits his Queen 👑 🙈 #rosykisses #everythingrosy #QueenOfAllQueens 👑

A post shared by 💋rosaline meurer💋 (@rosymeurer) on

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  1. But my question which kind of job is he doing that make her employ a grown up lady like dat as secretary?

  2. I don tire to dey see this ladies face because it keeps reminding me of one witnch for my side who its ultimate purpose is to destroy peoples happiness , the lady nah white witch so all mother’s should pray for their hubby not to come in counter with her

  3. She tie Churchill rope? The 3 parties here are full grown adult n should take responsibility for their actions.

  4. Dt husband snatcher of a girl is a she devil. She will soon reap the fruit of her evil deeds I swear it is only for a little while

  5. Nawa oh, why are they blasting her, she is not the one who is married it’s Churchill and Tonto, people always name people home breakers, but the truth is the home breaker is never an outsider. So because Tonto is married, Rose should not dress beautiful or be attractive?…. If Tonto held her man he wouldn’t notice how beautiful rose is.

    • If she held her man? Na bag or cloth… If he honoured his marriage he’s business won’t be everywhere, if it’s the woman she’s a whore, if it’s the man, the woman didn’t hold him well,… Well if you like glue a man or woman that wants to cheat, they’ll still cheat

    • If a man doesn’t hold his wife, she would see other men that can take care of her, it’s the truth and it goes both ways, am just using this as an example.

    • If you like hold, sew, plaster anyhow you want to, if the person wants to Misbehave they will, that’s my point…

    • Tonto Dikeh is no Saint, she was also accused of the same some few years ago, me I no hear say him impregnate oh, naija and news.

    • Men are not just satisfied with d wife they have at home. If u want, do whatever type of surgery to make u look younger, they will still look out for another babe. Dem no like to d eat one particular soup all d time, not every guy though.

    • U ar d one 2 decide wat u want ur marriage 2 b lyk, d way dis pple potray marriage is jst lyk smtin horrific, while in d real sense marriage is heaven on earth. No mind dem

  6. I use to tell people what goes round turns around, do u know if Tonto did the same thing to another person husband before she got married. Mind u am not saying she did it am only authenticate.

  7. We’ve had enough of the repetition of this same story and it’s high time we left this Rosaline be. If Indeed she got frisky with Mr Kunle, then Karma awaits her and it would strike when she least expects it. I got many things to worry about than see this same news everyday… Its boring!

  8. Gistreel u guys are jobless.. Pls quit dis job look for anoda cos it’s seems uv got no news again… Mtchewww..


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