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Tonto Dikeh’s Ex Malivelihood Drags Her: ‘My Girl’s Watch Can Buy Your Lexus Twice!’



For unknown reasons, Tonto Dikeh’s ex, luxury jeweler Michael Awolaja, owner of luxury company Malivelihood, took to Snapchat to shade the new mum.

Tonto Dikeh had shared the 2017 Lexus LX 570 valued at N45m which her husband gifted her days ago, and while fans showered the new mum with congratulatory messages, Michael mocked her on his social media.

Her wristwatch can easily buy your Lexus, twice!” the CEO of Malivelihood said, noting the price of the studded watch as $129,000.


After Tonto Dikeh and Michael called it quits last year, the actress kept her relationship low profile until she revealed her husband, Oladunni Churchill.

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Neither Tonto Dikeh nor Michael Awolaja spilled on why they called it quits. The duo kept on their own lane, until late yesterday when he chose to shade her.

And what do her fans think of Malivelihood’s mocking post? Check out the reactions:

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Seeing the criticism he was barraged with, the luxury jeweller denied shading Ms Dikeh.

Lol like really? U people need to chill. I AM NOT SHADING who you think or anyone. Was stating facts that the watch can buy 2 cars.


  1. No he didn’t drag her,he dragged hinself,showcasing how jealous and small minded he is on social media!

  2. His mates are bragging about their wives and he is still bragging about his girlfriend. Wat a shame

  3. u should be ashame of urself. no go marry u hear dey dere dey do boyfriend and girlfriend parol. she is nt in any competition wit u so pls let her be.

  4. What about that? Really men re talking about wife he is talking about girl friend as old as old as he is shame!!!!!

  5. even if na 50m naira watch who knws how sure are we d watch can even buy her child’s dipper

  6. When you are busy thinking that she may not make a good wife some one came and brush her up your are now jealous .

  7. As old as u are u are still talking about girlfriend stuff,the worst is that u don’t know the different between wife and girlfriend, olodo mugu money spender

  8. Stop being petty my man,grow up and forget abt her OK,if u like buy ur babe moon or skyscraper, Tonto is happier.

  9. Hahaha Nigerians drinking pain killer for another man Pallava, anyway I know this dude despite he’s big shot but broz forget tags level we don elevate Na Kai