Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Tonto Dikeh Undergoes Drug Tests For Cannabis & More, Shows Off Test...

Tonto Dikeh Undergoes Drug Tests For Cannabis & More, Shows Off Test Result


Rumours have it that Tonto Dikeh was caught breastfeeding her baby while smoking, and this was one of the major reasons her marriage crashed.

The actress who went for a drug test has shared the result to debunk the report. She captioned the below photos with,

“I do this for MY GOD
I do this for MY SON
I do this for the millions of People who draw strengt from my story/Journey!!!

"The worst kind of pain for a child is to be raised in a violent environment" - Actress Tonto Dikeh



  1. Did she want to satisfy human being? Hmmm! If u truly knw, that u don’t smoke anymore, allow them to say anything they wish.

  2. Tonto dike i wonder when you will start living your life for yourself. stop living your life for others. You must not have to prove everything to them, just know that whatever you do, people must talk. So do things that will please you, coming online to show your drug free result shows you are scared of the rumor, pls keep your ears deaf to rumours.

  3. Well, if truly she has stopped smoking, then she should try avoiding any smoking scene in movies…

  4. Heeeeeeee which one concern me Tonto take weed nd shisha jor it will make ur baby grow healthy

  5. Who and Where are the people asking for this things self?? Some Fans can provoke someone for this Nigeria oo.

  6. Good to know… But try to do the right thing that will pls u, not the audience. Becos whether Gud or bad, they must talk abt u d way they like to

  7. My dear don’t do anything to please others OK,always be yourself and no wat you want? This life you can’t please people you can only do your best and live the rest for God.

  8. Hmmmm…negative side of being a celeb??ma how long will you continue like this in trying to prove people wrong? ?you will end up wearing out yourself and heart. To maintain your sanity in your marriage and life. .take your marriage off social media except your job/work..but you no gree hear!!!

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  11. Stop being childish. Ur life is ur life & not for d world. Why do u even feel u owe anyone any xplanation? Pls manage ur home by god’s grace & stop all of this

  12. Alas my dear sister Tonto, if truly u no more smoke prove it, show it to whole world and don’t take advice from wrong people. Forget about who is cheating who, don’t leave ur marriage for any Bamboo to come and take over ur home. Humble yourself, involve God in this case, reconcile with him and forgive everyone concerned. Don’t show rascality, your marriage is most important to children. There is honor in being with your husband. God bless you.

  13. Celeb tonto come hire me as ur P. A because ur P. A need a sack letter for allowing u post dat stuff.

  14. Lekwa stupidity of the highest order ooo. Wetin join agbero with overload na? I’m off to bed abeg.

  15. If one pays attention to every dog that barks at one on the way to destiny, one will ended up being distracted. Some fight are useless so learn to ignore some situations and forge ahead in life. Wish you all the best in life.

  16. Is that what you would always do? Will you continue to please human? Your husband has moved on, I advice you do so

  17. Nothing on earth will destroy ur home,u work hard to get it n God in his infinite mercy will keep ur home for u.. dnt listen to people.. dey r not ur God.. it’s not of him dat wills or runs but of God dat shows mercy.. u r a daughter captured for grace..so nothing will stop ur happiness.. cheers

  18. That’s cool. Well she decided to show the world to debunk rumors. It’s Really intimidating when people start talking wrong about you. PS: she’s now looking fat

  19. Stop pleasing people my dear tonto knowing fully well dat whatever U do on earth people must talk be it good or bad, so do wat U knw it’s good to U and ur family and wat U knw it’s good before God nd leave d rest. U can never please everyone.

  20. Hmmmmmm so u r Charity by name, good to know. May God teach u more of him, we all have our past….


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