Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Tonto Dikeh Fuels Rumor of Her Marriage Break-Up

Tonto Dikeh Fuels Rumor of Her Marriage Break-Up


The latest rumor in town is that the marriage of nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has crashed due to infidelity on the part of the husband, Churchill.

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She seems to be adding fuel to the rumor by removing wife and her husband’s name from her Instagram bio.

  1. Mteeeeewww ,Rubbish…..Marriage always crashing…hmmm, and am sure they sprayed dollars at their wedding oooo

  2. Chimooo after all dis buying of latest motor nd ring… Even after telling Mercy Johnson shits abt her marriage… Well sorry hope God resolves d issue sha

  3. It’s natural for men to be unfaithful and infidel except He’s a true child of God. But when the guy was buying you all the expensive rings and cars, why do you think he’s doing all that? I pray God to give you the needed wisdom at this moment.

    • The are still faithful men out there but rare to find but a woman must accept her husband no matter his infidelity because you married him for better for worst till date do you part not for gift and show and speration keeps us apart

  4. Please stay in your marriage, and don’t put out your dirty laundry in the press. Men like Punani, and infidelity seems to be for most of them a second nature .

  5. Celebrities and their marriages,after all the noise making and elaborate weddings, it will still crash like MMM,!!!! God have mercy

  6. Yaa don’t tell me that after buying latest motor and ring you are wolking out of that relationship just like that.

  7. What do you expect?Can’t you see the name?…..CHURCHILL.When you break it down u’ll have CHURCH ILL(when church sick)

  8. It’s a pity that alot of men don’t value good girls that are wife material and are ready to stay in marriage and be humble the want wide girls that are after flashy things and money and doesn’t wanna be married or ready to stay in marriage it’s a pity if I may ask, how many wives does your ikwere father has and how many kids out both the ones you know and the ones you don’t know? How many men fix their meals and warm their beds before you finally said I do to your husband ? Please women should get understanding of men and know that men will always be men and that doesn’t give any woman that truly loves her husband or man the room to divorce or drop names it doesn’t make sense at all. I love my man for his imperfections and not because he is or was a perfect man before my eyes or in the eyes of God. Please stay with your husband till you guys grow older together.

  9. Nigeria with gossip and their believe. Instead of u all looking deep into a post before u start judging. What if the news is a lie and what if this is what the poster of this post wishes Tonto? Let search well next time before acting or speaking BC someone who does not love u can come to d public and tarnish ur image.

  10. I have always said this and will continue. My infinix battery lasts longer than celebrity marriages. But come to think of it, 2face had infidelity issues but look how far they’ve come with annie. I think most men are like that you just need to pray & support him

  11. Some old single girls will support men because they never ENTER yet. It is wrong to cheat on ur spouse even though he buys me heaven. I blame all those old ladies and busy bodies who parade themselves cheap to married men. I blame our society. If a polygamous man cheat he goes free. People begin to bad mouth the woman. Best thing is court wedding. Any nonsense sue the misbehaving party for damages. Odiegwu.

  12. Craze girl. No com start your craziness in this marriage o cos we’ve known you as werey pesin but repented shaa. Better stick to that young man else there are thousands of beautiful ladies out there who are willing to be 4th wives even.

  13. Dikeh if u r reasonable enof n love ur husband don’t try to creat a rift in ur marriage. Cheating for a man is very normal so swallow ur pride n take ur man as he is. He doesn’t have blue blood. If u try breakup ehhh u will then know e real difference btwn hot n cold water. Even sadness n loneliness will b an understatement for ur condition soonest.

  14. Men and their cheating haba. If you have a woman like Tonto what r u searching for outside again? Truth is nothing can keep a man, beauty, brains, back and front, no, the only thing that can keep a man is a man that wants to be kept

  15. This is the problem with us woman we are quick to post or write things on social media on how happy our marriage are I call it show off without thinking wisely and when things go wrong we do the same my advice is be neutral or private

    • Cindy Betty please don’t get me wrong all am saying is we should not be rushing on social media to expose ourselves coz not everyone is happy about our love but we should be more private

  16. In recent times infidelity is not enough reason for a marriage to crash, cos they is no marriage that is void of one…….my opinion anyway.

  17. I disagree with this rumors but in case it’s true that Tonto suspects her husband, it’s not enough for her to act in a way public will notice. She should find a way deal with it and keep her newly married, she hasn’t seen anything in marriage as long as Nigeria marriage is concerned. Bae only if you are just seeking for public attention ooo because I don’t trust you public figures.

  18. That is not enough reason to leave your marriage you will still find fault in all men just that real men are rare this days. They’s no big deal as a man having an affair outside or inside let me say some men are burn to cheat. Mercy johnny is married to married man right? And she is still living like the only wife if she can stand that fact. Tell me the reason why you T. C can’t stand for every misfortune in own M. L or you were created with Gold? Girl woke up from sand we belong and in sand we returned. Go and reconcern with your husband