Viral News Three girls fight over teenage boy in Lagos, breasts slashed with razor

Three girls fight over teenage boy in Lagos, breasts slashed with razor


Three girls fight over teenage boy in Lagos, breasts slashed with razorThree teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17 engaged in a messy public fight over a lover and in the process one of them was marked and injured with razor blade in Iju area of Lagos where they reside.

The police have arrested two of the teenagers namely, Sonia Ahiwe, 16 and Nita Alele, 17 and charged them to court for conspiracy and assault on the victim simply known as Olayinka.

It was gathered the victim allegedly dislodged them from an undisclosed teenage boy they had dated in the past after the victim met the boy. That caused serious quarrel and later degenerated to them fighting publicly on the street.

During the messy fight, two of the teenagers joined hands, attacked and used razor blade to slice the victim on her breasts and other parts of her body. She was said to have bled profusely and was rushed to an undisclosed hospital for treatment.

The assault was reported at the Iju Police Division; the two suspects were arrested and detained at the police station for interrogation.

It was gathered that during interrogation, the DPO was very angry with the suspects for engaging in such fight and using weapon like razor blade at their tender ages.

Thus, the DPO directed the IPO to charge the matter to court and they were arraigned before the Ogba Magistrates court for the alleged assault.

The defendants were taken to Court Four where they were arraigned and remanded in custody after they were granted bail.

They will face trial for the offence they had committed despite their age and may be jailed accordingly if they were tried and found guilty.


  1. Comment:you are a bastard for posting this trash you know nothing that happened and you cook up some useless stories just to get views right…may god punish you and your generation you will never see no peace untill you find out the root of the matter thse two gals did not fight because of a boy they fought beacause the girl that was beaten in question her and her mom and elder sister molested the girl named sonia and threatened to beat her by calling boys for her the next day sonia bought a cane to defend her self n oyin interuppted and sonia used the cane on her benita saw the fight and tried to help her cousin…. u fool for you to cook up lies about a girl may your children recieve such disgrace i was a witness to every thing that happened and for that fake picture u put there make u a worthless human beign bastard

  2. Comment:what a huge lie you are bastard for posting this lie am a witness to what happened may god forgive you


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