News This Lady Has Been Arrested For Dumping Her 1 Day Old Baby...

This Lady Has Been Arrested For Dumping Her 1 Day Old Baby By The Roadside



The Ajangbadi Police Division of the Lagos State Command on Thursday, September 15th, arrested Ifunanya Eme for dumping her newborn baby by the road side around 3am on Tuesday, two hours after delivering the baby by herself.

The 31-year-old single mother claimed she dumped the baby because she couldn’t afford to feed her as the father had abandoned her when she became pregnant.

It was gathered that a passerby alerted the police after hearing the pitiful cries of the baby. The police arrived the scene and took the baby to a nearby hospital for check up, before they initiated an investigation to discover the mother.

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Their first clue came when some neighbours alerted the Divisional Police Officer, Alim Musa, a Chief Superintendent of Police, about the pool of blood trickling out of a neighbour’s house. When the police got to the residence, the suspect was seen recuperating, while the baby was nowhere to be seen.

The police questioned her once they confirmed from the neighbours that she was indeed pregnant. Ms Eme, who works as a sales person in a tricycles shop, admitted to the offence.

The suspect, who was paraded at the police command headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, said the fut she claimed she had just gotten the job and that the pay wasn’t much.

“I gave up my daughter because I had no help and my mother is dead. I don’t even know the whereabouts of her father. The only thing I know is that he told me he was traveling. Since that day till now, the number he gave me can’t be reached.”

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  1. The baby should b rescue and she be dump in jail for her to know how dumping feels like., not her fault tho she felt no pain while giving birth

  2. God have mercy. what a world. blessed is the womb that never born, the breast that never suckle……………….. is meaningless if those that are having children are dumping, sacrificing, aborting etc. this lady is a descendant of Jezebel

  3. you sure say dis lady no dey smoke weed!!!! mayb wen she did dat shit…she wasn’t in her ryt senses!!! ppl. are out there lookin for kid,u v a womb DAT keeps children h ur throwin

  4. Tho I Haven’t Read The Story Buh The Way Everyone Is Abusing Her, I Haven’t Seen Any Comment Concerning The Father 0f The Child Cos I Don’t Think She Can Dump 1 Day 0ld Child Without Any Reason????? So I Ask Where Is The Father 0f The Child?????

    • Ann I Know The Baby Has The Right To Live, But Let’s Come To Think 0f It “What If She Dump The Baby Cos She Can’t Care For The Baby? What If The Father 0f The Baby Is 0ut There Abounding His 0wn Sperm? Let’s Think Abouh That Cos We Don’t Know Wah She’s Facing, We Just Saw Stories 0n Social Media & Began Laying Cause 0n Wah We Know Nothing Abouh.

    • & I’m Sure She’s Not The 1st Nor 2nd Doing Such, They Are More 0ut There, Maybe Cos They Aren’t Caught Yet That’s Why We Hear Nothing

    • My dear evn if it was a ghost dt owns dt baby sh has no right to dump a child dt has already bn born. Ok sh shld hv aborted it na. Dan lukn at dt babys cry nd sh had d mind to stil leave d baby nd walk away. Chai ds babe is wicked. A mad woman can neva joke wt her child upon d dirty fud nd water dey drink tlk more of a normal human being. D man dumping her is nt an excuse. Wht if sh was maried to d man nd he died bfor d baby came cnt sh take care of d baby. I can imagine myslf afta al d pains I went tru dt God saved me frm I wl dump my baby. Nna eh ple get mind o. Ds kind one fit use all her family members includn children do rituals one hand wtout luking back. Nomata wht ds lady was facing evn if sh was living under d bridge sh was vry wicked by doin dt to dt little angel. Chai I feel for ds baby

  5. Wicked mother…pity you…if you got the heart to do dis to a child you carried for 9 months like this…….you wnt see a break light of a child in your life……you are nt outstand to be called a mother….. There are couple looking for just 1…nd u that God bless ..have the mind to that….MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU…


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