Art & Humour This Guy Says All Girls Are Like ‘Recharge Cards’ You Should Use...

This Guy Says All Girls Are Like ‘Recharge Cards’ You Should Use And Throw Them Away



Epic one..

A guy on Facebook with the name Emmanuel came out boldly to say that All Girls are like recharge cards, you use them & throw them away.

Quite a very hurtful thing to say to the female folks.

Of course this has been received with serious bashing on his wall with many asking if his Mother and Sisters are included.



Very funny.. Seriously I want to ask the guy, the network of his mother or what do you think???



  1. including ur mother,sisters and ur daughters they wil use them like napkins and throw them away mumu guy

  2. U people should not be upset now dats how guys n papas are using his mom n sisters still going to use the daughter n throw away. Guy wish u good luck. Uwanka

  3. Think one day u will have a girl child and it will go back to them that is a promise u will live to remember this day u will cry are ask forgiveness but it will be too late.

  4. Just like your dad used your mum and drew her away,, unfortunately he forgot to use a condom..You are just a terrible mistake one condom would have prevented.

  5. Including ur mama,sisters,Aunty’s infact all the females in ur fore Father’s linage are included abi HE-GOAT

  6. Just as dy threw ur mother,ur grandmother in both father & mother side out like a wasted water.AIDS is 4 u.

  7. Many are victim of dis but still insulting the guy hmm I don’t know when girls will get sense

  8. Am really not in support of what the guy said but I think some ladies are making some guys disrespect ladies including the decent ones. If a lady can come on a social media and say all a man cn do is to take care of her or else she will cheat, den I think some guys who habour the mentality of using and dumping ladies.

  9. Yes just like is mum, sisters and daughters and is generation and ur grandmother ur father. Omo ale.

  10. Terina u re right he was a BiG mistake DAT is mum forgot to disposed long ago but I no go blame am shall bcx his own son will soon be a mistake

  11. Pls friends dnt render the insult to his mother.. because that woman is a good person…. jst bad luck to get him as a son

  12. Dis guy Don collect for d ladies hand. Pls make Una 4 give him for he doesn’t understand life itself.

  13. Just like his mother who was a paper voucher that doesn’t even needs scratching of the Silver coating to load. Mtcheeew bad egg

  14. Guy, do u knw d gal u will get married to is one of the gals a guy used nd throw away,, so wat re u sayin u stil get married to a dump gal..

  15. Obviously you lack manners,when you point one finger the rest points back to you,your mother is a woman,stupid boy, who wasted money sending you to school because you occupied someone’s space.

  16. No woman would want to keep you either especially your mom you’re just like a used sanitary pad.


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