Editorials Things Never To Do When You End A Relationship.

Things Never To Do When You End A Relationship.


Many end their relationship and believe that they are both done with each other.
It shouldn’t be that way. Check below for things not to do after break up.

* Never end any relationship with the believe that you can never come back together. A couple in Australia who married in 1964 and got divorced in 1980 and remarried in 2006. Time they say heals all wounds.

* Keeping Malice or totally ignoring a former partner is totally uncalled for. If you both agreed to part ways, it should also be okay to exchange greetings whenever your path crosses. If all broken relationships ended in wars, there will never be peace in the land.

* You shouldn’t always remember the sad moments after your relationships. There were wonderful memories you had while it lasted so don’t fill your thoughts with only the unhappy events. A heart occupied with sad memories can hardly be happy.

* Every Secret shared in the relationship should remain secret. Remember that if you expose secrets of your previous relationship to others due to anger, people will be wary on sharing their secrets with you for the fear of revealing it one day.

* Sending a text at least to wish your EX a happy birthday, New year or any festive season isn’t a bad idea. It neither shows any sign of you wanting to come back or you trying to be remembered it but only shares sign of Maturity.

* Never demand back any gift or favor you gave to a partner. If you were nice enough to give or render such while the going was good, be matured enough to forget such favors after it ended. Don’t also go about campaigning to others the help you did it only makes you appear immature and petty.

* Don’t go condemning and criticizing the mistakes and flaws of your previous partner to the present one, it will make them careful and wary of you because they know you are likely to do same to them.

* When leaving a relationship, never SLAM the door behind you because you might one day need to pass through that same door. Remember that every successful person today was at one point or the other someone’s EX. Afterall you won’t want to go back to someone who you have cursed, insulted and maligned to ask for favors. Or don’t you know Obasanjo, IBB, Jonathan, Barak Obama, Michiel Obama, bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Lionel Messei, Mikel Obi and every other successful people are one person or another’s ex.


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