Entertainment News “The Word ‘God’ is Beeped the Same Way as F*ck _ Freeze...

“The Word ‘God’ is Beeped the Same Way as F*ck _ Freeze States that Efe’s BBN Win is not Based on Prayers


"The Word 'God' is Beeped the Same Way as F*ck _ Freeze States that Efe's BBN Win is not Based on PrayersMedia personality Freeze has written an epistle in which he reacted to Efe winning the Big Brother Naija show and says Nigerians should not be attribute Efe’s win to prayers.

Read below and let’s read if you agree with him:

A spectacular win attributed to Efe‘s charisma, great personality and popularity. This should not be attributed to prayers. Why call Gods name in prayer for a show where his name is considered a swear word? Or don’t you know that the word ‘God’ is beeped just the same way ‘f..ck’ is beeped?

God is almighty and all sovereign, but when the Bible said let’s give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s this was what JESUS was talking about.

Let’s take time out to ponder upon what is genuine human effort, and what is from God so we won’t be slaves to nations like China, the U.K., Canada, France and Italy which are the least religious countries in the world, yet are far more developed than we are.

A clear biblical example is the case of Pharaoh who worshiped the sun god, yet God revealed himself through a dream to him because Jacob, who was both alive and well while this was going on, blessed and strong in the prayer department, was yet found wanting in physical works, allowing God to give the glory of his revelation to a pagan Pharaoh.

Genesis 41:28 KJV

[28] This is the thing which I have spoken unto Pharaoh: What God is about to do he sheweth unto Pharaoh.

Notice that despite this revelation from God, Pharaoh still worshiped the sun God and gave Joseph the daughter of the sun god as a wife.

Genesis 41:45 KJV
[45] And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name Zaphnath-paaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Poti-pherah priest of On. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.

The problem of seeking only prayers and blessings, is that we become slaves to those who choose to act just like the case of the Israelites in Egypt clearly illustrates. ~FRZ

Let’s remember that prayer is in the revelation equation not in the success equation. ~Bishop Tudor Bismark.



  1. Who OAP don epp? Go Sidon for inside soakaway water ezi… Based on logistics we no need your talk here,… Go tell that to tboss and bobrisky… We no need am, me and my family member EFe no need am,…

  2. freeze be warn bcoz the day you start eating bush and you called it vegetables just know that u are paying for ur sins. baby freeze all glory goes to God.

  3. wu dz 1 think say im be sf, if nt fr law nd human ryt I fr kidnap u fr yrs lock u insyd sambisa forest till u gt sense

  4. it high time we deport you back to your motherland “Romania” cos we won’t be training senseless people like you in this country

  5. What is it with guy Freeze do u have a problem we all saw Efe pray every night, we all saw him with his bible, God go get a life shame on u man

  6. This freeze abi na cooler should take a chill pill abeg. Must he talk abt everything, soon wen bad things begins happen to him bcos of d trash he speaks frm his gutter mouth dem go say na witches.

  7. Freezer u must be the fool people call u,,shey u neva know who God be….just chill ur day of judgement on earth is coming …yellow crayfish

  8. Haba! Why on earth, we bring God into dis immoral BB of a thing. Lets not take the mercy of God for granted. God can never n will never b part of immorality n BB naija is one. Lord show us mercy for we have missed the way to truth.

    • Foluke, God is God and He is holy beyond measures. Mind u, not all blessing is from God. There are fake blessing form satan. Do u mean to tell me dat the looted money of Nigerian treasury by greedy and selfish politicians is a blessing from God to those politicians. Abi? Haba, we know what is right and we always pretend.

    • Immoral act indeed, Michael, if not fr His Mercy,9ja would hv bn history, so God is so Merciful on us.

    • But mind U, the same God said I will be merciful on whom I choose to be merciful on. LETS BE CAREFUL IN OUR WAYS. GOD’s MERCY HAS LIMIT, Pls read Romans 9:15 and Exodus 33:19

    • efe never engaged himself in any immoral act in that house his always himself after all u re not bettet than grace is at work

    • Mercy Ben. In the name of Jesus I cast out that Jezebelic spirit out from u. Mercy u are possessed go for further deliverance in a believing Church. Thanks for ur contributions anyway. I just notice u.

    • I used to have hatred for the show too because of how people describe it but some how I was able to sit down and watched this season, I most tell you I learnt a lot from the show and whatever immorality that happened in there is just personal problem of each housemate and not the fault of the organizers of the show. They were all adults that has ability to resist the temptation. But God has used most of these reality shows to change the lives of many less privileged Nigerians. I am not in support of morality but what I am saying is that, the show never forced anyone to do anything. To me the show, actually show us the real person of individuals. I support BBN 100%. Most of us do holy than thou but what we do in our closet are more terrible than what most of the housemates did.

    • OK. Micheal you too should keep your thoughts to yourself and don’t come on social medial to do holy than thou. Mchwweee.

    • @michel joseph#ar u dat holy?abi wu call u to cum nd preach for us here?either u like it or not its GOD dat mk Efe won dat money.so go nd hug transformer nd go sraight to hell


    • This is no how a person that claims to have the fear of God address ppl pls try not to watch or pay attention to things like this on TV, keep doing the work of God

    • This is no how a person that claims to have the fear of God address ppl pls try not to watch or pay attention to things like this on TV, keep doing the work of God

    • This is no how a person that claims to have the fear of God address ppl pls try not to watch or pay attention to things like this on TV, keep doing the work of God moreover you just said God chose to have mercy on who he wants to so now God chose Efe case closed.

  9. Freezer go and hit ur head in the wall or hug the nearest transformer close to you. U ar too small for me to handle not to talk of THE ALMIGHTY GOD

  10. Now that BBN is over Then Nollywood will come with their own, thus… Based on logistics 1&2 based on logistics 1&2, chai! Come and see how this talented poor boy✌ suffered and suffered untill he got the opportunity to take home 25million naira but will this fair lady allow him??? Ewoooo! Even every street dey shout him name.. chai! Based on Logistics 1$2 featuring Tonto Dike, junior Pope, Genevieve Nnaji, Mike EZuronye.. Based on Logistics 1$2 marketed and distributed all over the nation by ossy affason ltd.. 1/2 pound road Aba, 22 Iweka road Onitcha or 22 Alaba int’l market Lagos… Based on logistic 1$2 grab ur copy now!!!

  11. If Na Tboss way win, u go get time 4 all dis rubish talk? Is bc Efe don win na u come remember God,mtchwwwww.

    • Ask am wia him naked baby tboss dey,afta she show us breast finish dem carry 25mil, give logistic baba …all the way EFE

  12. See one of d bastards that caused d fall of d so called bossnation.. u and dat mumu bobrisky abi na wetin be him name…. failure…. teamLosers… abeg big upss my super Efenation….

    • Please,if opinions differ counter opinions are required,must you use curse words or abuse anyone who sees things from his own point of view.We Nigerians accuse our leaders of intolerance of other views yet we’re the biggest culprits here.What if we had the power they have?Try to share views,knowledge and counter opinions rather than enthusiastic shades.No offence but your comment holds no water.

    • Holarbhanji Holaryeankah Ojo,God bless you for your observation, people are quick to speak derogatoryly on people who’s opinion differs from their own, instead of them to pray to be given the opportunity and platform to become something, tboss we know but you we don’t even know.

    • Godwin Igbinoba af come out of his shells oooo,chai!!! Av been looking 4 u every where Ooo.sorry 4 ur loss.Bossnation campaign manager.lolzzzzzzz

  13. Anyhow una told am d dead line here is dat he letter won Prayers or not he is now with d molla So y don’t u all take a chill pill

  14. In the days of ignorance the bible say God over look, Yellow pepper mind de way u talk, God is nt mocked wht so ever a man sow that’s what he shall reap……

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  16. Freeze or what did they call you, I thought you clearly quoted DT God will not answer the prayer held on behalf of Efe. What’s you stress sef?

  17. Lol D So called “freeze or freezer is Hurt deep inside His just sayinq that to cool himself and pretend ur Badbelle no qet Use…

  18. When a man runs alone it is called race, but when U run with God, it is called Grace… The different between Efe and the rest of other housemates is Grace..

  19. Mr Freeze just because you are yellow doesn’t mean you are the sun. Prayer is the key to all success even the bible said it. Jesus himself started with prayer and ended with it. So please, chill.

  20. An OutCast like u dey talk to pure Naija pikin! Can u imagine this unfortunate Abino dey open e creamcolour teeth dey use God name dey play. Freeze u no no ur papa,u don Com Nigeria come chop Aduro”u still dey open ur smelling stinking mout dey talk to Efe Original Naija pikin. Fire u there (BornTroway)

  21. Mr freeze abeg shutup I don dy observe u since u ar a talkative… Shutup u mustn’t always tok.

  22. A lot of articles have been trending online after Efe Ejeba from warri delta state was crowned the winner of bbnaija2017. The lesson I learnt from his victory are :- 1) Be careful of what you say,cos whatever you say can be use against you. Case study is Tboss who told viewers that she can lavish 25million naira in a week. A statement that also have pride in it, whereas the bible say in proverb 16:18 that pride goes before destruction, Nebuchadnezzer is a good example. 2) Who I be is one word Efe never stop saying, which mean he was humble and acknowledged God all through the 77 days in the big brother’s house and the bible in 2 chronicles 7:14 says *if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven. Though someone is going to tell me now that show portrayed some immoral acts, i’m not ready to explain. 3) It’s not all about how good and talented you are to be what you are right now, Case study is ThinTallTony who said he did make research before going into the big brother house and one which led him to deny his family in the process but yet he couldn’t get into the top 5 and that’s why the bible says in 1 corinthians 3:6-7 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. Also deuteronomy 8:18 says*But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth*. 4)Tboss who never go along with Efe all through their stay in the house had no choice but to hug Efe and congratulate him which also remind of a bible verse that says*When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. Who God has blessed no man can cause, once again Congratulations Efe Ejeba bbnaija2017 winner……so tel me if not God then who or do I need to quote more scriptures 4 u

    • My dear if you like quote all the quotable, God is too holy to behold iniquity, I am a lover of bbn, does not mean I wouldn’t say the truth, eating uncooked meat and live maggots was the height of it.

    • Nnaka minty I wish I could share this your write up as a post on my wall u are indeed a teacher kip it up u are going some where the Gos who did Efe own will do ur own am impress at d lesson u analyze

    • Godwin Igbinoba those things aren’t maggots… If actually u watched BBN u’d hear when biggie called it’s name n said its high in protein n its a delicacy in other parts of Africa, just dat Nigerians don’t know it

    • Am so impressed You really analyze it, what more can i say you have said it all my dear . God bless you and give you more wisdom to educate nation

  23. My advice for efe make him just carry dat 25milon play naija bet tonight arlsena vs Cristal palace goal goal and become 75milon richer

  24. U are just speaking big drama, it won’t change d fact he won, so congratulate him like others did.

  25. have always said that nothing good always cone out of this freeze mouth,, no wonder his radio station, I mean were he’s working is nt progressing

  26. Go and hide ur face in shame Always wanting 2make ur voice heard Even wn it makes no sense God is above all & evrytin

  27. And God has nothing to do with u not having sense… If itz not God then itz who or what?? No be God create am for a purpose ?? Efe get sense reach Bisola? Abi he fine reach Bailly? Abi he rich pass Tboss ?? Abi he get talent pass Debbie ?? Buh what he has that none of dem possess is God favour,God Grace,God mercy and God testimony

  28. papa Breeze or freeze wchever one they call u we his fans don’t care abt ur opinion bcos the cash nd car is in his position now nd dont forget this wen God decide to favour he doesn’t look at ur past or background God has spoken nd his fans has spoken also so chill.

  29. Freeze You get two mouths Anyway taken do digest dis When The Lord Turned Again The Captivity Of Zion,we Were Like Them That Dream. Then Was Our Mouth Filled With Laughter,and Our Tongue With Singing:then Said They Among The Heathen,the Lord Hath Done Great Things For Them. The Lord Hath Done Great Things For Us;wherefore We Are Glad. Turn Again Our Captivity,O LORD,as The Streams In The South. They That Sow In Tears Shall Reap In Joy. He That Goeth Forth And Weepeth,bearing Precious Seed,shall Doubtless Come Again With Rejoicing,bringing His Sheaves With Him. PSALM 126. THE WORD OF GOD IS SETTLED IN HEAVEN.

  30. Bros freeze I know it all.get lost who don’t need ur opinion.Gods grace was with him, find ur own grace

  31. Some people are agnostic, not knowing that waking up every day and seeing the close of any day is exclusively the prerogative of a Supreme Loving Super Being!!! Read the Bible and get enlightened, after all you work in the media!!

  32. OAP freeze first of all, you need to apologize to God for making a mockery of him in your former update. You made it seem like those who prayed for Efe’s victory were children of Baal and they were making fool of themselves… And you used words that was demeaning to every Nigerian there is… I hope you know now that prayer does move mountain and the voice of the masses is the voice of God.

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  35. This guy call Freeze doesn’t make any sense at all. Efe is just a good example of what is call grace, people just love him, if you talk about talent, he is not anywhere near Bisola, or handsome is can’t stand beside Bally, so if it is not God who can do it? And the the Bible says the fervent prayer of the righteous make power available. He may not be the one but I believe someone somewhere is praying for that guy and it is his own appointed time.

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  37. Freeze don’t play wit Gods children, HV u seen wit ur eyes God answers Prayers so I will advice u to live by prayers


  39. Efe don win,na God do am,either u like it or not.nd if d victory dey pouch u,go nd drink rat poison nd go straight to hell

  40. daddy freezer I have come to the conclusion that something is bothering you for u to be convulsing like a boyscout. maybe u need to talk to a shrink or something

  41. Dis guy said Efe fans re jst stupid praying DAT God is too busy to answer such prayers.Daddy freezer how market 4 u n ur Romanian sister Tboring?

  42. My kidney is tell me That this man called freeze is not a Christian..,…, well I will not blame him, because he did not know that there is power in prayer…. God help you. ….. you will always hear my man Efa saying WHO I BE…. GOD CAN kill who he wants to kill just to favor you…….

  43. Freeze, first of all ur father for far distance so u no get respect God again abi? Freeze ur father for d second time wen u say Efe winning no be from d prayers wen we and Efe himself d pray, we Efe fans no believe any other thing like una but God u know wy? Because na only God na dey fit dey runner for us. Den freeze ur father for d last time no carry us take play again idiotic idiot like u…

  44. Is it bcos Tboss didn’t win, ehya so sorry better still go hug transformer handsome guy with no brain, jealous

  45. Y r u guys talking to this big fool looking for cheap publicity God is everything good in ones life forget about idiot.

  46. How can u say “it is not based on prayer” So u no kown say prayer answered all things.

  47. Now, what if at the end, you died and faceting judgement and then realized that you were wrong after all??? Listing carefully; you got a choice to make when you are alive about eternity and knowing that all man must die and face Gods judgement, that’s for us who believe their is God. Now for you who don’t believe, what if you realize you were wrong after all? This is not about knowledge quest , this is after death situation when you won’t be given a second chance to change your believe. Don’t forget that people who have done better research than you and those you quoted if are alive will also die, that’s why you believe the gospel of salvation which is free of charge. Jesus is not by gospel FORCING you to be saved and escape hell fire, rather providing you the opportunity to make a right choice : once in a life time choice. Its not compulsory, not by threat and it’s not by force, but whosoever believe not shall perish , because he believed not the gospel of salvation which is from God. Finally, every knowledge you have laboured so much to acquire on this earth will no longer be useful to you the moment you die. Ask those in the morgue , they will tell better. Hell fire and heaven is real, the place you spend eternity depends on the choice you made now, its that simple. Jesus is Lord.

  48. keep blubbering for all we care. The deal is done and sealed!!!!! Efe won because of his fans votes and God also saw him through his win. Stop judging too much simply because your fav housemate did not win!!!!!

  49. U pathetic fool stop talking and do something important with your life and stop saying bad about someone else I know that if you had gone for the show u would have been the first person to be evicted from it useless old fool like u always saying nasty things about other people meanwhile u are the true meaning of disgusting thing please take a chill pill or better still go and hug a transformer

  50. Freeze read ur bible see what God said that He(God) chooses to bless who He wants to bless. So is not about your talks or how many connection n people u know.this is Efe time in God’s list so please rejoice with him.

  51. Many Nigerians will never understand Freeze, he’s right, so right. He’s not against Efe winning the money but if you understand the bible, you’ll understand freeze.

  52. Please people we should learn to be matured in the use of abusive words to each other, we most not throw words of insult before we can air our views….Freeze has the right to air out his opinion so instead of insulting him why not just say your own mind in a nice way with that I know Naija go better!!! Besides I no sure say the Efe go like say wuna dey fight because of am so take a chill pill…. I like EFE but Bisola deserves the money cos she worked for it, she is an entertainer EFE is just a cool person and I think next time BB should go for ambitious people and well talented people that can promote the society instead of people that just need to change their status from getto boy to super star….

  53. Freeze go and eat gala..This market no sell!! Stop the jealousy he is now richer than you are. Go beg him some money to give your Romania debtor sis!

  54. Wetin dey worry this rat poison sef? Plz keep ya opinion to yaself and stop disturbing our timelines.

  55. Oga shut ur gutter mouth. At your age u no get sense now I see y your ex wife really design ur face. GOAT

  56. My broda na becos u fail to pray make u neva get money see efe wa pray Don get money pass u nd go still get contracts pass u if u no change ur messed up life


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