Editorials The Naked Nature of Man…

The Naked Nature of Man…


quote-we-had-seen-god-in-his-splendors-heard-the-text-that-nature-renders-we-had-reached-the-naked-soul-ernest-shackleton-167875The poor man is prone to search for Hope in his misery.

Hence, his hunt for the Creator, not for the sake of Love but for the consoling option that there is a higher being who can make his tomorrow better if he adheres to a particular set of rules.

His vulnerability subconsciously makes him tend towards the path of religion.

For religion pacifies and engages the mind of men in times of oppression, economic limitation or emotional distress.

But the one who cannot be dictated to, the only one who truly understands the anatomy of the human mind cannot be fooled.

For it is a natural phenomenon, that as men become more affluent, as their conditions of living begins to improve, the Creator descends the scale of responsibility in their minds.

Man tends to lose his sense of dependency on the Creator, and his heart begins to fill with pride.

Man tends to attach self skilled reasons for his glory and grows in confidence with every breath he takes, in his state of plenty.

This is why the rich nations of the world are less religious than the poor nations.

The ultimate test for a Man’s love and reverence for the creator is when he has been blessed  with the Gift of wealth; when he has been appointed to preside over the affairs of his fellow men.  

If he excels, he sits beside David in the Creator’s Heart.