Editorials Top 5's Tests a lady must pass to be considered wife material- Joro Olumofiin

Tests a lady must pass to be considered wife material- Joro Olumofiin


Relationship blogger and consultant, Joro Olumofin has listed tests for Nigerian bachelors to give their future wives.

According to him, if a lady doesn’t pass at least 15, she is not wife material.

Dear Eligible Bachelors in Nigeria, any lady who doesn’t pass at least 15 out of these tests is not a wife material by LOVE DOCTOR @joroolumofin .This article is inspired by a conversation I had with a couple of friends at a resort over the weekend. We realized that unlike our parents times it’s very hard to identify the ONE because of social media, wedding pressures, most girls looking like barbies. Are there still loving traditional supportive women out there ?

Here are a few tests you can run on a prospective wife or lover

1️⃣ Ask her on a date using Keke Marwa, BRT or danfo Bus even if you have a car
2️⃣Tell her to go Natural. No makeup, weave-on or attachments
3️⃣Say you forgot your wallet on a date and see how she reacts
4️⃣Tell her you lost your job or you want to pursue your dreams OR you’re quitting your job to be a DJ or barber
5️⃣Wake her up 3am in the morning to make you Eba and Okro soup
6️⃣Tell her you’re celibate and you don’t want sex till marriage
7️⃣Tell her you want to resign your job to be a worker in the house of God with little income.
8️⃣Get her all dressed up and take her to a fast food joint.
9️⃣If you have a beard, shave it all up. 10. Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food
1️⃣1️⃣ Propose without a ring
1️⃣2️⃣ Tell her your mother and 2 siblings are moving in with you after marriage
1️⃣3️⃣Tell her she must attend mid week service and join the choir mistress gild
1️⃣4️⃣ Tell her you’re going country, leaving the city and moving to Iyana Iba or mowe ibafo
1️⃣5️⃣ Tell her to add your mom , dad and all siblings on social media and bbm
1️⃣6️⃣ Only on April fools tell her you got a University girl pregnant. Only on Aprils Fool Day.
1️⃣7️⃣ Tell her you’re going for a course and she should wait for you. be it ( Msc , MBA, Phd )
1️⃣8️⃣ Tell her your mother will be cooking for you
1️⃣9️⃣ Tell her she can’t watch Zee world or Telemundo anymore.
2️⃣0️⃣ Tell her no makeup artist, professional photographer for your wedding that you’re saving up.

Relationship Expert Joro Olumofin Reveals Why 'Runs Girls' End up With Good Guys And The Decent Girls Don't

Fellas, trust me. try this. You will thank me later.

Watch her facial Expressions and body language you will get the true “ID” persona / archetypes of your partner.



    • U wan try wetin? Young man,calm down. U might end up spoiling that relationship u have built over the years because of this test . Check urself,can u pass her test? ? ?

  1. Exam malpractice This is just leaking the questions before exams commencement Odiegwu Shebi na us una wan test?? We haff already read am and waiting for u guys to come and test us,,,, after the test we go back to normal

  2. Lol… No one is perfect but we can work on our imperfections.. So if u dey find a girl who’s perfect, you never wan marry be that.

  3. The exam question has been leaked, the girls will come out with A’s after the test. They will just pretend and after that you will see their real self.

  4. That’s why you can never get a wife. I’m very down to earth and thank God I’m blessed with a white guy who knows women are queens and not slaves or ‘something’ you just have fun of. I don’t have to pass a test to get someone, love has a role to play and not a test to pass

  5. I like no. 6….. When he gets an excited expression n said he was joking… I’ll tell him I just got admitted into d convent … But guyz give me a break this is a relationship not a job interview.

  6. Bros wif all dis thangs u stated, there wont be a her to tell only after the first two lines

  7. Even to read the article finish sef na stress for me,…If u wanna get married first thing u should know is no one is perfect not even u,,so why go tru all this like u wanna interview someone for a job…

  8. if you think a girl will pass all these, you are an alien. even your sister wont pass all, imperfection they say is perfection in the beholders eyes. 3am to cook food- is he coming back from night meeting? i wish!

  9. On a more serious note , all these things are very simple for somebody like me I swear. Coincidentally eba nd okro soup is my best food . Nd I wake @dat time to eat it so wats d issh? Pple who know me well can testify to ds. D only thing I see here is , a guy who really wanna do dis must do it softly with an understanding not with too much pride….. Gud manner of approach cos some guys re so terrible, no small courtesy @alll. Den Mr love doctor, wat abt d ladies? Cos it beats my heart wen pple kips criticising d Ladies as if dere are no gud ones @all. @least u av married one. Just as we av bad girls is just d way we have d baddest guys too? Don’t be partial………..On d Oda hand women are supposed to be treated well nd pampered, if you wanna love/marry, put God first nd u won’t nid this. Couples who have gud homes didn’t do dis

  10. Young men ! Calm down!!! Dont tell me u are going to try all that on my sisters (Ladies). I bet u,u are going to miss ur OTHER-HALF when u try that… that’s not a Biblical standard 4 choosing a spouse….Wisdom is profitable to direct and in all thy getting please get wisdom. I didn’t go through all of those TEST all through my relationship with my Husband (ThenBoyfriend). He never proposed with a ring and i wasn’t concerned about the RING but the Marriage and spending the rest of my life with him So if u guys are looking for a wife and u feel following these test is the best ,u may end up ruining ur life and settle for less cos not every woman can pass it YET they are PURE IN HEART and MEAN WELL for you and your family. U may end up marrying a Jezebel who has read these test and pretends she’s okay with ur terms. #Marriage is a covenant and not a contract#It is for a lifetime#Be wise#

    • Marriage is a covenant… That’s why u need to be careful.. Ur boyfriend won’t marry u if u planted doubts in his mind…am sure u have proven that u are a wife material to him while dating… Not all test comes like a job interview…. But they are always test!

    • You are right but not through those test na. There are better ways to know if a woman truly loves a man and also if she’s a wife material. May God bless us with more wisdom my brother Chukwuma Ezzy. Enjoy the rest of ur week.

    • I will always support you everywhere you go.(MTN).If a man considers that list, he should forget anything called marriage. That list is coming from the evil one.

  11. Abeg where is d 20 test a man needs to pass tru b4 considering him a husband material. Funny people.

  12. Mi dear that’s not how to choose but how to lose..nobody is ur slave…I believe in equality if u try it oyo

  13. Akshually, you can only try 2 or maybe 3, out of this or else you will end up losing your bae to a damfo driver

  14. Naive,unexposed and typical village girl will pass it all….guys congrats in advance

  15. Please who has read all the 15 points because it will not be #fair if the data of everybody finish at the same time

  16. I have tried some before….especially when I discovered a sudden change in behaviour… Marriage isnt boyfriend and girlfriend… Divorce isn’t an option for me….so I need to be careful… There is a difference between marrying an imperfect being with a willingness to change to suit any situation u come cross when in marriage than someone who is imperfect and ain’t flexible to change!… The test is about testing her flexibility to change…Divorce happens quicker with people who aren’t flexible…

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  18. its a lie no woman is perfect in terms of character but I know that men makes women to act the way they do men are wicked to lady’s

  19. Am very sure the person that wrote this rubbish is a man and if that is the case there will not be anything like marriage between a man and a woman

  20. Hmm l cant believe dat someone who claims 2 b sensible actually wrote down these tests. Testing any human with the measures enumerated by these tests is absolute stupidity.

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  22. As you are testing her, she’s testing you and devil is testing you both…continue

  23. If u r to be the one written jamb questions am very much sure no one will pass it, even our mother that was born in 80’century can’t pass this, not to talk of nowadays girls. U try

  24. Abeg, this is trash. Its nt a taste of love unless u wanna loose her. Oga, ur woman don pass the test?

  25. No one is perfect..it is understanding and love between d two DAT matters..not everybody will go to heaven and not everyone will go to hell…chase well, look well and pick wisely…love matters too

  26. Judging from all these test, did God said any woman that didn’t marry will not enter into the kingdom of heaven????


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