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Terrifying Moment as Beach Surfers Face a 4-Meter SharkWhat do you do when faced with the king of the waters inside its own territory. Pray to God? Swim with your last breath? what do you do really?

The shocking images, which was captured by a surf photographer in Perth, Australia, shows a four-metre long shark cutting through the water as a group of terrified surfers desperately try to paddle to safety after they realized what they were sharing the surf with.

Terrifying Moment as Beach Surfers Face a 4-Meter SharkAccording to Rick Knoppert, the photographer who captured the shots at popular surfing spot Mettams pool, he was there to snap big waves and never thought he would capture such a close-call on camera.

Rick said to WA Today:

“There was no surf around. Then I saw the guys making a beeline for the beach. I thought that was strange so I started photographing and lo and behold, this is what I got.

“It was all over in five minutes. It was exciting for the guys surfing , they got really buzzed.”

Terrifying Moment as Beach Surfers Face a 4-Meter SharkRick sent the scary snaps to the Department of Fisheries which estimated the beast to be up to four metres long. And while the shark’s breed could not be determined, the photographer believes it could be a bronze whaler following a number of sightings in the area in recent weeks.

5Thankfully, the surfers returned to shore unscathed and elated from the experience while beach goers continued with trying to get series of shots of the shark.