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Tension in Brazil cities over Germany’s 7-1 humiliation



There has been an unease in Sao Paulo and indeed some Brazilian cities since the national team’s 1-7 humiliation by Germany.

The hosts’ fans openly wailed ceaselessly after the match, and the Germans did not celebrate the victory.

While some Brazil-based Nigerians hinted that the fans merely suppressed the anger in order not to be seen as bad hosts, yet a few believe the fans could still stage protests.

It was gathered that there were isolated cases of burning of buses in anger in certain parts of the cities, which were reported by just a few television stations.

The News Agency of Nigeria in Brazil reports that many of those who had stockpiled firecrackers for celebrations after the match failed to set them off.

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However, a few die-hards, apparently to give vent to welled-up anger, set off a few shots.

Of course, the streets were quiet, as noise of pin drops could be heard far off, unlike when the team scraped through till their eventual elimination.

The yellow and blue jerseys – the national colours of Brazil which were donned by fans — soon petered out.

Some, in an apparent pretence to cover up against cold, used their pullovers, sweaters and jackets to cover the jersies.

Many had donned the national colours to the viewing centres, particularly one at the popular Sao Bento area of Sao Paulo.

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