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Craig still didn’t know his way around the school and since Peter was always giving Sophie D support lessons in maths after school, he decided to explore the school on his own.

The school was a unisex school and was a day and dorm school, the dorms were on the school campus but at different ends. The girls dorm was located on the South side while the boys dorm was located on the East side. The school had a grand hall were most of the main events took place. He saw a lot of things he enjoyed engaging himself in such has the basketball court, football court also the music department was fully loaded with musical instruments.

He went passed a few classes and could here voices in the class, “I wouldn’t say I hate him !” the voice explained with giggles underneath. Craig was dead sure it was Sophie D talking but he was curious to know who was the ‘him’ she was referring to. He peered through the windows and could see Maggie, Molly and Nancy including Sophie D all giggling while each drinking a can of soda.

“Do you have feelings for him ?” Maggie asked
“Hell no!” Sophie D replied
“Then why are you still thinking about what Peter told you then” Molly said in an exhausted voice
“True say yeah, but he does seem to have the hots for you!” Sophie D said aloud which made Molly and Maggie roar in laughter

Craig still had no idea who they were talking about because he had heard that a lot of seniors were after Sophie D, then he heard “Lets put Craig Curtis-Christy to test!” Molly had been thinking of it for a long time and all the girls agreed it was a great idea.

“Sophie D your gonna end up falling in the trap to, because the test is gonna involve you and true love or some feelings may appear” Nancy explained with a wicked grin across her face.

“Just leave it to us”

Craig was shocked and didn’t know what to do, so he played dumb and walked past the class the girls were in without even taking a glance at their direction. He was mad that Peter had told him he would be with Sophie D after school and ended up not being there and stunned that the girls thought or knew he had feelings for Sophie D, not just the girls but Sophie D herself. He needed to put on his thinking cap no girl was going to take him for a ride and drop him dead. He was gonna bounce their test for him back on them no matter how difficult it was gonna be.

He was determined that she was gonna fall for him in his own way and on his own terms.
The girls were dumbfounded when Craig walked pass the class because they didn’t know whether he had heard their conversation or not. Sophie D couldn’t stop looking in the direction he passed, she had this strange smile on her face not knowing that same smile were on the lips of Craig for they were both thinking of how to make the other one fall, forgetting that they had a debate in two days that they weren’t ready for.

She came to her senses when she heard the bell ring, it was time for study session. Her and the girls packed their stuff while she left a note inside Peter’s desk.

Craig knowing he needed a plan decided to get her just were he wanted her. He had gone to the various enrichment and entertainment room and had signed up for every activity he saw Sophie D’s name including fashion design, which meant he would be the only boy in the class of 19 girls who had signed up. He was quite pleased with himself but was dreading what was to come through that drastic decision of joining all her clubs. He knew he had to have her the first day he saw when he had come for his interview, she was flawless. Underneath his breath he swore, with a grin he walked into the class and placed a note in her locker taking a final look at the note he agreed with what he had written and hoped it will give her and a clan a lil scare. The note read “WALLS HAVE EARS, BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU SAY”

Study time was just not the same, instead of the girls reading they were scrutinizing their plan which Molly was the master minder of. It involved making sure that Craig had no chance of joining clubs, enrichment and entertainment activities she was involved with unless he asked for her help. Sophie D objected to that idea.

“Its crazy and most of all a stupid idea” she exclaimed.
“What is crazy” Nancy asked.
“Everything is, the who test idea” Sophie D managed to say as the bell went off which meant the end of study time and back to dorm.

Molly and Maggie giggled down the corridors as they made way to the dorm exchanging ideas and thoughts about Craig and their dear friend . Sophie D was deep in thought and wished her two closest friends were back from holiday, Nathan and Vicky Dale were the only twins who attended the high school, they were next door neighbors with Sophie D and were all born on the same day though her and Vicky were older than Nathan by 5 minutes Nathan still knew how to take charge and protect them. Sophie D had considered Nathan to be the brother she never had and Vicky was her twin. Nancy brushed her shoulders passed Sophie D and said “When you wake up from dreamland let me know “.

They walked in together and parted ways after saying their good nights . Sophie D looked out the window and made a wish “Lord grant Nathan & Vicky safe journey”.
She laid on her bed, with the breeze sweeping past through the open window she was in dreamland within a minute.

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  1. zuri

    Feb 26, 2014 at 22:06

    Pls what’s ds story about and does ds writer have a blog?

    • Christina_Sonde

      Feb 27, 2014 at 12:18

      Teenage Love Affair The Girl – She’s hot, intelligent, and she’s the girl all the guys wanna have as their trophy girlfriend. The Guy – He’s new, tall, dark and handsome and all the girls just have to give him a second glance. The Game – He wants her, she knows this and is ready to play the game of love with her girls to tease him, but will she own her game or be the submission. Now that is the question? “ have two options, be his or make him yours, see you have two choices!” By Christina Oluwatosin SONDE

  2. Amy

    Mar 1, 2014 at 13:59

    The sequel pls!

    • Christina_Sonde

      Mar 1, 2014 at 14:35

      Next chapter will be available soon.

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