News Tanzanian Singer Allegedly Beaten To Death By Husband

Tanzanian Singer Allegedly Beaten To Death By Husband


A well known female Tanzanian artiste kicked the bucket last week after she was ruthlessly beaten by her husband. Kijakazi Pazi Shaban, who was once a member of Kidedea music group – and known by her stage name Zamzam, died at her home in Musoma.

Her husband, a police officer, Hamad Ally, took Shaban’s body to a morgue in Temeke, Dar es Salaam after she succumbed to her injuries.

“Sad news about Zamzam’s death reached us, and we were informed that she died as a result of stomach ulcers.” her family said. “Her husband then said he would bury her in Kilimanjaro area. But as family, we had to know why, and when.

“Zamzam had in the past sent gory photos of her deformed, wounded face to friends, saying she had been cruelly beaten by her husband – and that if anything would happen to her, then her her husband should be held accountable,” a source told the country’s newspaper Amani.

Zamzam’s family asked the husband to allow them see their relative’s body before he could bury her in Kilimanjaro, of which he agreed.

Postmortem performed at a Temeke hospital on Zamzam’s body revealed that the singer succumbed to her injuries following a beating. Zamzam’s husband, Hamad Ally, was arrested and is being held at Chang’ombe police station as investigations continue.

Hamad had, after allegedly beating his wife to death, requested his boss Ramadhan Ng’anzi for a van to “take his ailing wife to hospital.”

The police boss now says he was unaware that Hamad had killed his wife, and only thought he was doing him a favour by giving him the van to rush his sickly wife to hospital.




  1. Died by the hands of the person she calls her other half..What a distasteful way to die!!…That husband of hers need some mental re-evaluation!!

  2. Ladies before tieing the knot check if the man you intend to spend the rest of your life with is a humanbeing or an animal!! When I tell some women love is not enough to carry marriage they think am joking . Brothers’ and sisters’ there are other things that will make Marriage work not only love but by the way! Why do we women ignore warning signals at the early stage of any relationship? Is it desperation or what? Oh God help us!

    • No one can mount pressure on me to get married if the man meant for me has not come so I don’t believe its pressure my dear it BC they want to marry for people to see that they are married and for them to answer mrs even when they are dying in that marriage u still see them there. U don’t marry BC people are mucking u or BC people are getting married .

  3. That man is a coward. When it comes to fighting with his fellow man, such a man will run away, but he will like to show his strength on his wife. Rip Lady

  4. Why now? Why on earth will a man raise his hand on woman to talk of his wife n still beat her to death…. Mad mad do such… Though woman re frustrating but try to manager or calm yourself down with them. Many man that beat up a lady I called dem mad man

  5. Women! Women!! Women!!! How many times did I call your name.When you see signs of anything close to beat, leave the house. Is not by force neither is it a do or die affair.

  6. I forgot please any woman beater that has eyes on me, please remove them oo.Am telling you, it’s the devil that’s deceiving you.

  7. If that sister did something good she has gone to rest. if she have not “ho” sorryooo she has gone to suffer more in the hand of the devil the fathe of her husband who beat her to death.

  8. lols n u just posted abt ladies who got beaten by der bf n dey say d saw something in him, ladies i pray ur rematch wil nt lead to ur death

  9. Any man at all dat beats his wife is not up to a man or to call a man.what will u wife do to u dat makes u to beat her, you men if you wife provoke you and you cant bear d anger just leave d house for moment than to do what you will regrat pls if you know dat enough to marry n bear every pain in marriage pls pack well because if not matured enough both in mind n age there will be problem oo because na only mouth women get n dat is where their strenght men bf u marry pls equip uself both spiritually,physically,mindly,agely,characterly n otherwisely oh.then women dis una mouth make una dey shape am small nah,.so sorry for tragidy..

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