Entertainment News Stella Damasus blasted for reposting and wishing her stepson happy birthday

Stella Damasus blasted for reposting and wishing her stepson happy birthday


Stella Damasus blasted for reposting and wishing her stepson happy birthday

Stella Damascus shared a photo of her step son, David, as he celebrates his 9 years birthday.

David, a product of the relationship between, Daniel Ademinokan and ex-wife, Doris Simeon’s has not seen his mum in a long while according to report emanating from both camps.

Well, some of her followers weren’t having it, and so called her out. See below…



    • Hahahah tell them ooooh Ngoh Omolola pple are Gullible to the last. Step mother is step mother real mother is real mother I cry for the boy’s mother she suppose to be the one doing this not Stella jst forming a good step mum mk I hear say Na so she dey take care of the boy in the hidden .

  1. People sha.. Lol so she can’t wish the kid well again? Because according to them, his father has refused his real mum from seeing him. Abeg happy Birthday dear.

  2. human being learn to think twice before judging people……she isn’t the one that stop the child’s mum from seeing him but her husband…..what’s her offence in wishing him a happy birthday…..? abeg leme come an be going…..

    • True but she should have insisted that the boy be returned to his mother. Afrterall she has her own daughters happily living with her. If she has the power to take the husband she should also have the power to make him return the little boy to his mother after 7 straight years.

  3. Happy birthday dear, long life and prosperity, wishing you more years ahead. The boy will still prefer mum, let her continue carry another woman responsibility. Mteeew

  4. Stella Damascus…. nawa o! Na real wa!!! But remmba dat u’re also a mother… You snatch Papa… snatch pikin… isorait! Diarisgod

    • Do u leave with them? So why are using the word ” snatch” as if you know what really happened, apart from what you read on blogs…. Mtcheew…

    • Okay she did not snatch, sheee…………hypnotized. Yes… hypnotized!!! mtcheww…. #Attentionseeker

    • You Dont know what you are saying at all….Let that woman be! You are too mature to be involved in cheap gossip with zero proof except tales from hungry blogs! You were not there, so stop acting like u are related to Doris or Stella’s husband to know the whole truth.. Bye!

    • @Ezzy… if Stella Damascus is ur 6ta, better talk some senses into her cos she’s also a ‘Mother’! And from the look of things she’s going to be an’ over protective somebody’. You’re here telling me shits… when we heard all over the media that Stella Damascus first husband is dead, why didn’t u come out then and debunk the news , why did we believed and empathized with her? When FEMI ADEMINOKAN Doris Simeon’s hubby got wedded to Doris…. Why did we all believed? When he was interviewed and asked that what was the ‘Bold Step’ and answered… ‘My Marriage’ ‘My Marriage to Doris Simeon is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it’s the Bold Step have taken so far’ Where were you @Chukwuma? When Stella betrayed her colleague and started having an affair with Femi Ademinokan and the media let it out….. where were you to proof it was a lie….? it’s now u’re coming out to show ur ugly face just to tell us that the media is lying….? hell No! We all know her influence over Doris exhubby, let her use that influence on him to help return the boy to his Biological Mother! For God sake the real mother is alive, hale n hearty! Why should Stella consent to that at first meaning she is a wicked witch! #Ajiniloko #gbomogbomo.

  5. wht wrong did his real mum(doris) did to deserv dis wickness?nt allw a child to hv dat motherly care is wickedness…stella is nt responsibl.

    • Was it stella kept the child away from the mum, u people had better be careful with the way u judge people.

    • is stella a woman? A mother? did she carry pregnancy for 9mnths? is d boys mum(doris) nt well to takecare of her own son? u ll u be happy alive n healthy allow anotha stupid woman to care for ur child..? no matter d sin of d mother my sist dis is very wrong…chai deres God!

    • A good woman must kw how it feels to stay away from her child! Stella should’ve asked her husband to allow DORIS and son to be together even if its only on this special day of his life! Stella is not responsible

    • Chris Tine…u just hide behind ur phone and say ignorant things which u read on blogs….you talk as if you know the family so well and what transpired!!… See how stress you are over something u know nothing about…. Nawa o…Go and enjoy ur life and stop getting high on other people lives

    • Mr Chukwuma Ezzy plz keep quiet have been reading all ur post since this is women issue… U really don’t know Wat it means to carry a child for good nine month or even d pain of labour here u are talking

  6. Slammed?? Its her life o she got right to live it besides she was not forced 2 wed neither was d boys father its wat they both can handle they agreed on.keep on posting pics Stella

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  8. But this man dose not know what it feels like to carry pregnancy for 9months go through labour & delivere d baby if he don’t have d experience he don’t have d right to deprive d real mother 4rm having access to her child pure wickedness in high level

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  11. A good woman must know how it feels for a mother to live far away from her child!!! Stella should’ve at least ask her husband to allow “DORRIS” and her Son “DAVID ” to be together even if its only on this special day of his life. Stella is not responsible! Gaskia!!

    • She’s now marrying her friends husband! But Dorris once loved Stella so much Chieee what a wicked world

    • I’m telling u I’m feeling for Doris oo How many husbands has she married Stella ehhh,may God judge u

    • very looking innocent face…..wen dey play dis role in a movie,interview dem on dat,dey wl say “its just acting,a role i played…jeeez,i can’t be like dat!!!!!” . Plenty single babes dey dey find husbands o,only she don marry 3 – 4. She s sharp o!

    • Gossipers….where u there? Everything you are saying, was it not what you read on blogs? The Doris u are talking about, why haven’t she realized a public statement concerning getting her son back since as u women say her son was “snatched”? Ignorance is not always bliss…

    • Chukwuma Ezzy,if u don’t know what to write you better go and sleep, must we be there? When Stella’s husband died, were we there but we heard and when Doris married Ademinokan, were we there but we heard and we knew Doris and Stella use to be friends and colleagues then,so now that Stella snatched father and son, we are not there but we heard and that’s the truth. U can go and read the story via YouTube seven years ago cause have been following it since then

    • Akindona Olaitan….Yes, u must be there for you to be so sure about what u are saying…. Since your information comes from hearsay, u should treat it as such….If Doris claims her husband and child was snatched as u claim, the court is present for her to fight for the custody of her child at least!… If she failed to do, it means they all have reached a mutual agreement and have moved on while you are still carry the matter on ur head like egg rolls…. Stop assuming stuff when you aren’t there especially in people’s marriage cos when u hear the actual truth, u will be shocked cos both parties tell stories that paint them as victims… Good night!

  12. U are sweet and your beauty reflects your heart. To your son, I don’t like that word step. Happy Birthday dear

  13. She can only convince her hubby but but cannot on her own take the boy to his mother. Who knows the hubby might say I don’t want to talk about this issue again, and she might be saving her new marriage.

  14. Conscienceless woman,soon DAT ur juju will fail. Imagine converting another woman son and hubby ur frnd for DAT mata. God must judge u I tot ur responsible I Neva knew ur d devil herself. Beauty without brains Good riddance to bad nonsense

    • Who is one biko nu? Facebook has really give people a voice…u just hide behind ur phone and type whatever…. You are really a kid

    • @chukwuma ur a big fool, take a good look at ur self.. So local,jezzz I can’t even exchange words with u cos u aren’t my type And pls do not stop exposing ur ignorance. Facebook bla bia,it doesn’t even fit u atal so stupid.

    • Girl u are acting like u are nt a woman … Well is because used juju for ur boyfriend that y u feel she is like u …. U took her to d juju priest abi ….. Fool

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  18. Everyone is saying Stella is nt responsible ….. Do u pple know what been responsible means? Na wa oooo

  19. Stella Damascus the hypocrite……….. From her first late husband to Richard mofe Damijo ,to Arinze her second husband and now to Doris simion’s husband Daniel Ademinikon. Chai Stella I carry Yansh for you because you are heartless.

  20. Birthday = slammed Wedding shoot =slammed Bbnaija = slammed Marriage = slammed Slay Queens = slammed Baby = slammed Slamming = slammed. This recession is making people cranky, if you do anything, they will so slam you, your ancestors would close their Facebook page.

  21. Husband snatcher, u is a husband snatcher, next time I catch u, I will gbisi, gbosa, hiwai, i ur face, yeye girls like u, that’s jenifa for u Stella


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