News Stella Damasus reveals why she’s not supporting 2face’s nationwide protest

Stella Damasus reveals why she’s not supporting 2face’s nationwide protest


Actress, Stella Damasus has explained why she is not lending her voice to 2face’s Enough is Enough protest.

During her Instagram live chat this evening, she said

That time I will use to protest and talk ,I will use it to do something good for the people I can help.

Before protesting anything, you have to have a clear focus.When we hear this and hear this, we will not hear the exact story or know the exact information before you start protesting.

People who know whats going on in Nigeria ,they are protesting, I am not inside Nigeria right now ,so I can not protest something that I don’t have the facts for.So,like I was saying, I’m praying for all of you”

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  1. Stella you are not suffering like the masses nah, so why will you support it. But pls even if you don’t support it, don’t discourage others

  2. why she go surpport,when she dey sleep under air condition 24/7,why she go surport when she nor trek go libya?

  3. Stella u no know wetin u dey do,bcos if you dey suffer like the masses,or you have people or relatives that is dying bcos of recession, u no go talk like that, if you support or not the protest go hold.

  4. Who cares if she support or not, after all she is not here in Nigeria. How can she feels what is going on here.

  5. It Makes no difference, if everyone support you in what you are doing You definitely need to check yourself.

  6. abeg she is no speaking as of she is not mature i she not old enough for other female actress to follow her foot steps now she dey ysn crappie story pack well joor

  7. Go sit down for potopoto not ur fault na bcos u eats 3 times daily that’s why u don’t show concern.either u join or not who is begging you u to.

    • 3_ Ahbi 5.. It takes d likes of Ghud hrt like tubaba.. Living fine n cares about d common man Hu she don EPP??

  8. See this one. You think this is nollywood shey? Omo, Nigerians are suffering severely under Buhari’s government and you are talking crap. Why would you support him when you are living large with your family? Hunger dey change people career for this country, you dey there dey yarn shit.

  9. All her life, she has not done anything productive na now she wan do am.. Na this night I know say common sense no dey common.. You are better wen u are deaf and dumb Stella

  10. A protest is nt a fight bt rather a means of telling the government the right tin to do. I support idibia 100%

  11. Pls who is Stella Damascus?the last time she was relevant to Nigeria citizen was about ten year ago not now that everyone know her as husband snatcher and desperado,Annie idibia u need to hold baba well o cos what happen to Doris Simeon can happen to anyone o that is when the shameless dog can support anyman

  12. Every one is entitled to their own opinion but the. I have always known u to be an ass-licker.

  13. Prayer without work is useless….. Just because you think life is fair to you,you choose to talk trash…. You would have kept your opinion to yourself ,,,,, Must you tell us you are praying….. hypocrite Just fold your hands since you know nothing about Nigeria until you are been deported from there I just hope the protest yields a positive result

    • For how long would we keep praying for d betterment of dis nation.. I fully support 2baba.. Prayer without work is tantamount to nothing.. N if we keep believing dis hype dat youths r d leaders of tomorrow, there would surely be no tommorow for we to lead..

  14. I bn like this woman bf oh but now I hold my peace, she is not worth it Biko. 2baba I stand with you on this.

  15. Lolz which community you don epp? So if them do the protest and things cum better for good you go benefite abi? Well don ma. Lazy woman..

  16. A AZ pls if u nt supporting jst go nd sit down smwre abeg… Its nt a movie SCRIPT dey tokin abt

  17. No be every matter person they comment put or i for just talk say make you go chop shit but if i talk let that now,maybe you go if carry my matter go tell b***ri

  18. we should just hope that things will change for better.she talk her mine.wetin come concern protes and husban snaching?

    • are u teling me that all ur gf have never had a bf b4? just because ur exgf is with someone else that make the person a snacher. that meas ur also a snarcher.because ur wife/gf is some one ex

  19. She is entitled to her own opinion sha and I really don’t see anything bad with that at all. At all!

  20. Stella Damascus ….nollywood cry cry baby…. We don’t need u to support him go dy for house my friend .

  21. Who requested ur support,we already know dat comfortable pple lik u will never remember d uncomfortable ones…wat ever ur name z,pls run far…

  22. Since u are not in support of the protest you would hav kept ur smelling mouth shut,we don’t even need u ther

  23. I think she jelouse of him, but it cant be possible bcos 2face is a legend already and she still have a long way to go, if she cant control her jelousy let her go and die in the bush

  24. Whò is this girl sef.and who even needb your support. Looking at your face you look so demented and frustrated. In the market of millions of people the absence of one person is not noticed so you are not needed

  25. Am a fan of her Bt am disappointed. Becos u eat 3 meal day. Abeg go and sit down we don’t know again.

  26. Who asked you to protest ni? Did Tubaba give you a special invitation for the match? I don’t understand some people, please go and sleep!!! Am even angry am not in Nigeria to join that match, am unhappy cos I have relatives too back home, Stella talking about helping people, do u think is everybody that likes depending on people for everything? If the country is good enough, things will be easier in their quest to make ends meet, just hide your face!

  27. The first time in my entire young life in this very country I see youths and adults wholeheartedly support a course without sentiment…… No ethnic nor religious diff……. I’m surprise if I’m in Nigeria or am Ghana. Please where am I?????? Signboard is showing ph city but I feel its scam Cox am just waking up. I ask again please is this 2baba protest in Nigeria or else way??????

  28. Stella! Must u talk, dem invite u,is it by force. If u re nt in support of it,jst sit down at home and shut ur mouth. I hate poke nosing

  29. Just small talk she talk una wan chop her na wa oh una no dey pity person? Free her joor.

  30. Who cares AL dis is jealousy hw many of una don stand up for Nigerians like 2baba rubbish

  31. Stella, is it because you have something in common with buhari dats y you are saying rubbish. Who knows if u are not suffering from dsame sickness. Because looking at ur picture. U look like someone dats sick. Go to hail and burn to Ashes. Tubaba carry go

  32. Nigerians are so funny and some are so so stupid, anyone who is against 2face protest, means that person as an enemy of Nigeria. Believe me say na the hungry and senseless individuals deh against this protest.

  33. I think it’s a bad idea from her not to be in support of the protest. Its just for the good of all of us. God help Nigeria,

  34. Because she needs to play her role as a housewife in the kitchen.

  35. That’s very bad of u if u’ve bin snatching husbands dats wats most of dem ae complain abt n i knw is true cuz is nt jez one person….dis is my advise dat u cum to my centre I mean rehabilitation center then we can talk abt tuface

  36. U no dey nigeria and u get mouth to talk say make we no protest,pls travel come ajegunle and come enjoy life

  37. Assumeing stella is a bit as wealthy nd healthy as 2baba,she would have sold herself nd family(if any) to buhari nd co.

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  39. Abeg pack well stella u ran Away wit anoda’s husbad n now u ar talkin in naija for a day so dat u can feel wat we ar goin tru

  40. Husband snatcher if u can’t beat dem just join dem and we all know u can’t beat dem so u either join or go look bush

  41. Abeg Stella…. No offense but ‘shut up’…. Must u talk…. U r not in Nigeria…. See ur bullshit statement, so u don’t care nahh… Den kep quiet… Rubbish

  42. Who need ur opinion on dis matter? Have u for once be relevant to this country, u are good in scattering homes making d children wanting, u are Nobody Stella so go to hell.


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