Entertainment News Stella Damasus Fires Back after She was Slammed for Wishing her Step-son...

Stella Damasus Fires Back after She was Slammed for Wishing her Step-son Happy Birthday


Stella Damasus Fires Back after She was Slammed for Wishing her Step-son Happy BirthdayStella Damasus has slammed critics after she was criticized for wishing her husband,Daniel Ademinokan and his ex-wife Doris Simeon’s son a happy birthday.

Nigerians felt it was unfair since she conceals the identities of her children and also a big slap to Doris Simeon who is prevented from seeing her son by her ex-husband.

Stella deleted the negative comments and clapped back at trolls with a lengthy writeup.

She wrote, “With all the things that are happening in the world, with all the recession people are complaining about, with all the people who are dying everyday, with all the injustice in the world, this right here is what some people have decided to dwell on. Funny how the same issue has given some people high blood pressure for the past 4 years. Funny how the same people cannot realize that regardless of what they say behind their phones, nothing has changed. In fact it’s getting better and stronger. F

unny how wishing an amazing young man happy birthday just to celebrate him will cause people to bring out the ugliness in their hearts and their hatred for humanity. So sad that this wonderful young man will look at comments under his birthday picture and instead of the smiles that should appear on his face, he is extremely saddened at the fact that adults can be so terrible. So sad that the things he is taught never to do to others by adults are being done by adults. So sad that people cannot hold off their evil thoughts and words just for one day to celebrate the same person they claim to be looking out for. Everyone has their own life to live. Do you and let me do me and allow God who knows what man can never know, be the judge. Words from internet trolls and bullies can NEVER bring me or my family down. I have been through much worse and I am STILL STANDING. Ask about me. #nuffsaid.”


  1. Every woman can give birth,it takes a real woman to raise a child,who knows whether the so called mother cares.And Mind you haters adoption is allowed too

    • God bless u, people don’t even know what’s happening,all they know is insults..who knows if the mother isn’t ready to collect her son

    • Wat are u saying is dat hw u judge a woman dat has granted interview saying dey took her son to the U.S.A and deprived her d joy of motherhood,if she doesnt care wuld she hv wished her son happy birthday?pls dnt judge both parties we are not in dere life.

    • Plz is it not enough that she took her husband it’s okay he choose to be with her, y den should Dey deprive her d right to d child she gave birth to? We r women let’s put ourselves in her shoes,d man is gone fine but take d child away n stopping her from seeing him is bad on his side n if Stella is really a good good woman she should have spoken to her husband to let d mother have her son…its not fair no woman not even Stella will accept that her child b taken away from her n b quiet about it till now just like Doris has been.

    • U all should go and sit down, u should know there is a legal backing that allows them to take the child, if Doris is actually interested in taking her child, she should sue them. Ultimately since they have genuine reason for taking the child

    • Very stupid comment from someone who should just give her gadget a break. Only a bitch who doesn’t care about a child she carries in her womb, more so in Doris case I learnt she can’t even have access to her son.

    • Oluchi Esther my only Joy is that u are a woman too. Just wait till ur child will be taking away from u. What goes around comes around

    • Hmm God pls deal with any woman dt purposely snatches another woman’s husband knowing fully well dtt the woman and the kids needs the man the man and this wife only had a misunderstanding not break up. Then de evil lady will step in on the pretence of loving the step son. Let me warn any aspirant husband snatcher the fire of God is real he will consume you in Jesus name let every aspirant husband snatcher be careful. Wot worked for lady A might not work for lady B. if any aspirant husband snatcher can not hold her self, let her only friend de man but don’t marry him!!!! I repeat don’t marry him hmmmm flirting with him, some women might endure but definitely not marriage . He who has ear hear oooooo!!!! .

    • If she desperately wants her child,we have legal practioners,she knows exactly what to do

    • Why wouldn’t the mother want her son, why covet another woman’s husband. Why doesn’t she post her own kids, she keeps them private for security reasons but posts another person’s own

    • So when a man pretends he wants to take a son for shopping and runs away with the boy to the Us it has legal backing? I have always said, woman are the enemies of women smh

    • Bambe Mobolaji Olukemi exactly and dey are here supporting one sided without going to check up doris interview i do not support any of dem they shuld sort out deir family probs .

    • She must make a move,if she wants her kid back,and dont forget the other lady has kids too, from her previous marriage.So let’s slow down in throwing shades at these lady for wishing her step-son a Happy bday

    • Bambe Mobolaji Olukemi you are very right,i can see those that are supporting Stella are same set of Ppl. They don’t talk like real woman

    • Funmilola Daodu nobody is supporting anybody,A woman wishes her stepson a Happy Bday is that too much to cry for?

    • What if she didn’t let the world know is the boy bday hope Nigerians will not say;because is not her biological son too.We are Nigerians are logical don’t forget Funmilola Daodu

    • Oluchi Esther Diamond is d type that doesn’t care about her blood …so make una leave her…

    • Come to think of it…how sure are u dat Doris has not gone through legal practitioners n it didn’t end up well for her?….No matter what d mom is supposed to b allowed to see his son….I feel her pain but she spent worry so far as ders Life ders Hope.

    • We haven’t heard about that, let’s watch out too,I hope the whole drama will unfold soon

    • I think Doris should be commended for her patience, if she go to court as some people suggested it may affect the boy later in life . She is just waiting for the future when nobody can stop the son from seeing his mother .she is a great mother

    • @Oluchi i dnt tink u have a child yet, is only then u can understand, having anoda woman train ur child is d worst pain any mother can eva go tru, either u gave d child out willingly or not, does it occur to u dat just 4 Dan 2 cut all tide wit Doris, she can be behind d reason why d child was taken away 4rm d mum. But in all of dis wateva any man sow dat he shall reap

    • If it is so,I commend her patience too,but I think we still don’t have to lash Stella too,she does nothing wrong NY marrying a divorcee nor adopting his son too which I think every woman with a true heart of a mother wil do.I pray they fix the whole thingFunke Oyebade

    • Sally Suleiman,I said something too,She should use a legal means against them, if the child was forcefully was taken away from her, I believe she has a lawyer,when things are done on the right process,you wil see she wil still be on the winning side,because he wil have to pay for child support too

    • U guys think dt it is easy to get child’s custody let me tell you the one dt has connections or financial strength takes de child no be for Niger again. Dt lady tried but failed believe you me. Stella fucked up big time and I don’t like her for dt. She has a stone hrt gush!!!!! can’t deal Biko painting words for what kwanu?!!!!!!

    • Adaobi Ezeabikwa lolzzzz the tin no tire you? girls jst dey behave any how these days. The man dey dey collect the wife no need am? See gobe for here ooo so de woman go come dey starve with the kids For example and de stupid woman go come dey enjoy with ur hubby I no understand pples conscience these days. God punish devil !!!!!!!!

  2. Nawa o. The internet is really becoming a lawless jungle where everyone feels they have legal rights to say whatever their mind tells them without even first thinking.

  3. The boy shd be with his mom too, I learnt she doesn’t even has access to her son for years, that’s so awful. Stella is a mother herself, she shd know what it means to keep a child from her mother. What a hypocrite

  4. U have been through the worst,I guess that why u choose doing it back to someone else,smh,his growing nd glory to God cus Doris still standing but how would you have feel if your two daughter was taking away by ur late husband family????? Just do it right bcus of d last day mam nd remember u have daughters tooo#at ur best interest of marrying Daniel,but if truly u a mother u wouldn’t have support him keeping d child away from d mum over 7years#deep down Doris she’s sad nd gat no choice than to allow God take control#a mother pain tout u should relate#

    • Yes Funmilola Daodu have seen this many times,I don’t know why woman choose to be their fellow woman enemy,I use to know dem den if one tell me Daniel will ever leave Doris I will never believe, as for Stella DAT her way but I pity her karma

    • Dnt mind her..let her stay there and be blabbing…i dnt even care about taking the husband but taking the kid from his mum….thats evil…

    • I totally agree with you. Separating a child from his mother when she is not mentàlly ill only God will judge her. My prayer for Doris is for God to grant her long life and sound health to enjoy her son later.

    • God bless your knowledge dear Bukky Olamide Ajoke. Maybe she has forgotten that she is a mother too

    • Please say things u know abeg!! U sounding as if Stella drove de woman from her husband’s house and took over de husband and de child.

    • Hannatu Maigah Issah Daniel took him in pretence and left with him to the US for 7yrs good years. Can you take it has a mother? I don’t care if he decides to settle down with Stella but separating mother from her son is not acceptable..

    • but how is it Stella’s fot dat d son is staying with his fada. was she d cause of dier divorce or is she d one dat collected d boy.finally where is it wrong in d two holy books dat a child shud stay with his or her fada?

    • fuck off can the mother boldly take care of the child let her open the case again if she feel she is mother enough. Nobody know what gose on behind close doors of their homes so stop being righteous than thou

    • all the ppl siding stella here ehn may u encounter such dis year IJN….oya type amen….rubbish!!!

    • @ Tosin olivia check yo write up very well,it was d son’s fada dat took d boy ryt nd not Stella?d gospel shuld b preach directly to d man in question nd live d poor woman alone,she is not d man of d house, she is jst a wife dat is trying to obey her husband.nd if it is were to be d oda way round,it is still dis ni9a pple dat will criticise her of chasing a son from his fada’s hoouse.wat pple shud rada b concerns about is how she is treating d boy.

    • Hannatu Maigah Issah Only God knows. Has a mother I expected Stella to have reached out to Doris one way or the other rather than keeping mute. Anyways by God’s grace in another 11yrs he is going to be an adult and he can chose to see his mother without hindrance .

    • My own is that karma is a bitch… since Stella feels good with what she did to Doris simeon…may Stella’s daughters experience all she did to Doris.each time I think about Doris I feel so sad…its so unfair

    • As a mother you carried a child in your womb for 9months and breast fed him for 2yrs , you won’t be talking like this. Like have said I don’t care if the heartless Daniel decides to take the boy from Doris to leave with another woman but Stella’s body language is not helping matters.

    • Ikuku Onosodere Eseoghene Victory so u feel stella will be a beta mom to dat boy dan doris?u must be selfishly wicked.

    • Stella is noting but a cheap home breaker yes and for those of you support ing her I pray you don’t withness such in ur marriage. To think there are still women who support evil act still exist makes me even wonder how they are raised shame! No matter how poor a mother is the joy of her child is worth it all moreover she went through labour to bring that fine dude as such shouldn’t be denied of being with her son. As for that man I laugh for his karma he is lucky doris is a Christian good woman otherwise na oloriburuku e for Don turn. Wicked heartless woman called Stella and foolish jazz work head man.

    • na wa na real wa some people here are something . Have you truely ask what really happened aside what the ur read about, are you guys in their homes to know what really happened there, who made u guys judge over them are there no much problem in this country than to dwell on people family matter when u are not a family member. People shouting bad wicked nd so on most of you guys are busy sleeping around with other people husband, acting like u are the best . Have you ever care to wonder how a mother will be for seven good years nd not keep fighting for custody of her only child nd let the matter dies ? The good thing is let her open the case and go for her child but una know it all nor go let the woman rest now una don open her wound for her in the name of supporting her . Watin world people. if she nd her husband kill there self una go say wicked man wicked woman now them separate u na de call Stella up nd down. Abeg make una manage una home problems first before una come put una problem for person body.

    • She llmreap wat she is sowing cos u cnt plant corn and expect cassava. Doris shld go on her kneels and pray to GOd

    • Stop judging the poor woman,if Doris is a good mother why didn’t she fight for the custody of her son

    • Do u guys knew if she have fight for d custody, stop judging I beg,those children will still love their mum no matter wat.

    • Don’t say that Awosika, & don’t pray to b in Doris shoe bcos u won’t lik it, custody of a mother that is stil alive.

    • U know im highly disappointed at the women hia saying shit abt Doris fighting for custody or not…. Stella marry her colleague husband, WRONG, the hubby snatch pikin away from him mana WRONG, ,stell wey get her own pikin, no do anything to talk her so called hubby into even lettting Doris c her child WRONG, so u ladies need to sink into ur maternal instincts before saying crap on hia, and as a woman sef, aint taking side of noone cos i was to chose wu i. Like pass, na Stell buh i no support or like wetin she do….. There are situations wia u can’t sleep wt a man, cos u happen to know his wife or ex wife… Not to talk of being colleagues, its a shameful act….what Stella did .

    • Awosika Oluwatosin Josephine highly disappointed so a woman can say dis , do u no a pain a mother can go tru wen she is denied of her motherhood while is still alive

    • What Doris is going through no one can knw cos we r not in her. How can u say u love a man n took away another woman’s child? Ur real intention is to block doris n her hubby from seeing each dat is y u took away d boy away but remember one ur own children b married. We have a God dat turns thing in orbit .

  5. I dnt tink it really hapen d way dy re sayin it cuz she’s a moda 2 n no gud hearted moda wud wnt 2 do dat.

  6. only the Family knws d reason y…buh seriously D boy’s Mum should be the one celebrating his Bday…It`s well !

  7. Happy brithday son, Pls big mouth People mind your business. What is wrong for her to wish her step son happy brithday, is it because she is not her son? Why did,t his mother wish him happy brithday and write Stella, s stepson .Even if she did, mouth Will still talk, Pls big mouth keep shout and mind your business Yeye

    • She’s not a mother! Do u think Doris will be happy seeing that husband snatcher call Stella. Even if she wants to remarry not in movie industry,who knows if she just doing that for Ppl to think she love the boy. Madam Amadi Shammah Mgbechi Pls respect ppl here don’t just come here cos u want to be feel among n u will now be abusing ppl just for u to be noticed.u just here talking as if u knw what is going on underneath.

    • Pls is not a personal issue í made my own opinion or comment but even if he married his next door neigh it does not count, what mathers is love.Why can, t WE sound it to the man to come back to his first Wife instead of arguing of Stella wishing her step son happy brithday. Let sound to both husband and Wife to respect the union called Marriage and come back together for the seek of their own Children or son but what í mean, in my comment is that nothing is bad for a step mother wishing her step son happy brithday, Thanks always pls take me as a friend pls

    • Amadi Shammah Mgbechi,u say love matters even if u snatched ur neighbors,friends or colleagues husband, that is betrayal, am not against anyone been a second wife but not to your love ones husband biko, may we never experience such, Doris and Stella were friends and colleague then

  8. Abeg mk una mind una business it’s irritating wen the so called adults give lectures on the topic dey neva wrote on. Minding my business

  9. Hmm.. Na waooo, even Stella too.. Maybe snatching people’s husband is now part of their movies.. Don’t they see single guys or re they not articled to them?? Breaking pples home is now dere hubby.. I wonder oooo

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    • Best comment sooo far,God bless you ooo,I don’t know people’s problem with other people’s head ache.Nigerians too like wahala,if Doris did nothing wrong she would have taken him to court to fight for her son’s custody.

    • And you call yourself a woman or mother… it’s a pity you’re not… You’re supporting Stella Abi…You have never experience the love between a mother and her child.. Yes it’s not Stella who’s keeping the boy but if she’s a good woman Cos l can’t refer to her as mother because l don’t see any traces of a mother in her….she should be in a better position to convince the guy to return the boy to her mother… Stella is with her children and adding another woman son to her making three in her care that’s pure weakness…

    • Yea I get u…if not give d woman full responsibilities of d boy at least a vac or holiday will do

  11. Stella don’t worry OK enjoy while it last, when his tired with you he will look for another sisi that’s how men are. Now e d sweet like sugar let me come n b going waiting for part 2 titled Dorise husband back to her after finishing Stella’s something

    • Lol so hilarious. Laughing in Japanese.. Kikikikiki louder.hahahahaha some thing you say? I beg no kill me wit laugh oo

    • all this second wives no dey gree at all, they will fight tooth and nail to remain even if heaven dey fall they will keep it inside themselves @those waiting for karma. If first wives should learn how to be strong no body go snatched their husbands. Stella don marry b4 so she don get experience on how to manage home so de guy leaving her no be today

    • Isorit @ Naxb she may not b d one to leave my dear, u sounds as if u don’t know men .till him comot for house she no go know, wishing her d best try your luck anyway

  12. Is Stella d father of d boy? Was it Stella dat collected d boy from d mum? Was d boy not in his father’s house b4 Stella came in? Between a wife nd a husband who strictly owns a child? After separation in Africa does d mother take her children along? Wat is stella’s business in dis mata? Was d marriage still on b4 Stella went in? Was it Stella dat separated d marriage? If d father av refused d woman access 2 dia son is dat stella’s fault? What right does Stella have 2 return d son 2 his mum? If Stella pursues d boy 2 his mum won’t u ppl call it wickedness,nd say dat she chased him out of his father’s house? D only tin Stella can do is show his step son a motherly love, how ever her husband chose 2 handle his ex wife nd son’s mata is not stella’s business. Pls let’s mind wat we say.

    • Plus yes she separated them,hope u know she claim to be Daniel biznezz partner even while he was in marriage wiv Doris, but @d end story change,I pray u don’t experience d pain of a child u gv birth to taking away from u

    • I can see and feel from your comments you’re worse than Stella…..if we’re call human being please let the human in us be humanly enough for others to feel it….

    • Being a woman, at least Stella should be able to convince her lover to let the boy visit his mum once in a while..

    • Talk like a human being not like an heartless one my sis,this is a child taking from d mum since two years, no one says Stella is d father but ofcus if she’s truly a woman of good heart she can mk Doris sees d child again,so madam u should put urslf to d shoe

    • D only sensible person hia is bukky omokoba and Sandra ar jus bunch of fools,next tim try drop an educating comment, u jus vomited nd still passed no message. Bukky we weren’t there nd d wife never said Stella snatched or chased her out. Stella isn’t d only one dat has a step son,2face’s sons ar all wit him not wit dia mum, so many others. Is a man supposed 2 giv u his child dat is mor dan 5years? Remeber in Africa a man is d owner of his children. So Stella has no business wit dis

    • @omokoba,Olorunfunmike n Bukky,pls don’t blame her she is still eating from her mother’s pot,I pray she won’t experience half of what Doris is passing tru, then she we understands better the pains of motherhood.

    • @Bukky Olamide Ajoke@No this is the 7 yrs without her son cos the guy left with the boy when he was 2 yrs old and he turned 9 yrs now…

    • Funmilyo pls only sensible talks ar needed here I a decision so since ur head is empty find another post, if u can’t say any tin convincing den get d hell out, weldon as u eat from ur mother calabash

    • Hahaha Sylvzenia Agbo am too mature to exchanged comments wth you, u will understand one day

    • Lynda u made d best coment, “she should b able 2 convice her love”. Dats if her lover is convincable . Convince not force right? Wat if she has tried nd d man refused?

    • who is this sylvezenia agbo or what, chai, am sure u are still single and raised by single parent( your dad), you dont know how a mother feels about her child nor do u knw the affection between mother and child, again, u said d father owns d child, i can see ur mentality, maybe pray for such if there’s no big deal in it, as for me o, no one, no man can take my child away frm me.

    • Bunmi I tink ur mother is d bigger fool here cus she shoul av thought u how not 2 insult any body.

    • @Sylvzenia Agbo@……l can see that you’re not brought up in a respectable Environment cos l just checked your profile status and discovered that you’re still single nothing like motherly feeling running in your blood cos those babies that supposed to call You Mummy you have trash them into the septic tank thru abortion at your age you’re still living under your parent roof…Cos you’re without feeling…. Assuming you have passed thru labour before you will know the motherly love and feeling of a mother to her child…you will not be vomiting rubbish on social media calling your mother’s age mate bunch of fools at your age… you’re product of baby factory l don’t even know maybe you suck breast from your mother sef…. Naught girl…

    • Bukky if u ar 2 mature 2 type then u stop typing I didn’t put dat post 4 any body or 2 fight so pls u can stop

    • I pray such should happen to you or any of your family maybe by then you will come to sense….I can see you are rude and adamant

    • Idiots who tinks am single pls check well nd b sure b4 u render bacterial homeless from dat pit u call a mouth if u av notin 2 say connectin 2 dis post pls mind ur business nd stop envyin Stella

    • I think the man is confused with his own life… He should go back to God and ask God for forgiveness cos this life itself is vanity. What are they really chasing sef? People have lost their conscience

    • If she tries nd d man refused,Stella has no say in dis issue,so pls let her be,I talk from experience, SylvzeniaAgbo,has said nofin wrong,nd if d child wants to be wit his mom, he wld do dat wen d time comes……

    • Bukky Olamide Ajoke don’t pray Sylvzenia Agbo….DAT wish befall Doris will surely befall her…..birds of same feathers

    • Very simple sandra now somone is talkin lik a mother, a time will com wen no body will d givin d boy instructions any more den d boy will do as he liks,stop breakin ppl’s hom wit u ppl myopic tinkin, Stella has no business wit marriage dat separated 7years ago or so, cus d man took his som wen d boy was 2 nd now his 9.

    • Sylvzenia Agbo pls stop displaying your brainless skull here OK….we woman are d pillar of our home….so fuck off with your trashy words that is base less

    • Sylvzenia Agbo,i can see u dont ave repect for ur mother.yoruba pple usually says omoti o leko ile ita ni a ti ko.am sorry for ur mother training u is a waste o f time.

    • Esther I see u inherited ur stupidity from ur mother, Hyde ur generations foolishness foolishly made u a fool

    • Sylvzenia Agbo so you are a scammer….with your precious comment you arnt single but on your page you are….u b real nanamu….

    • If ur husband takes ur child to another woman will u b happy? Just put ur self in her place, and secondly this is nt the only home stella has destroyed since her husband died but she succeeded in this one mean while no one took hers from her, I don’t know if she’s a dog.

    • Sylvzenia Agbo I respect my mama….so I know go abuse your own….am sure she won’t b happy with what you turn out to b….. Block head

    • Gloria nice point, I can’t discuss homes she has destroyed cus I don’t say wat I don’t no any tin about, I only said somtin about dis cus I know about it,if she has been destroying homes pls ma dear I don’t know about dat. D day I see a post on dat I will read it nd say somtin about it. If ma husband takes his child from me we go 2 court or 2 our old parents who got us married so dat dey will say who rightfully owns d child, I won’t start blaming a woman who wasn’t even dia wen dey collected my child from me. Dat boy was collected wen he was 2years old dats 7years ago, so I will face ma husband not another woman.

    • This so called sylvzenia if she’s married I believe she will be the one controlling her husband because she lack manners and understanding

    • Dele I don’t take sides in marriage issues all am sayin is if u wanna insult anybody leav Stella alone she didnt tak d boy from his mum,neither was she married 2 d man wen it happened she has don notin wishin d boy a hapy bday.

    • Make una leave dis ant brain person…who call her self human…….person wey fit insult person mama…..na human…..dem husband and pikin snacther cacus

    • I get ur point but stella never agreed to give the child to the mother, if u follows story from where it started u will understand y people are angry with her, the actually took the child abroard and the mother tought the child was with her husband people, to be honest as a mother stella wouldn’t hv done that if she has a motherly feeling u can think of what that child’s mother is going through, I thinks thats her only child,

    • Stellas late husband people didn’t collect hers from her b4 she took them abroad, thats nt fair, she has girls o, and remember whatever u do to some one comes back to the person or children’s children,

    • Anyway thats Stella’s bis, no need for the fighting and insults we are just here to share opinions, God will vindicate

    • Nawah ooo, pls let take it easy kus dis people u are fighting for, doesnt knw what u people are saying to each other. Nobody is too be blame. U dnt knw wot actually happened BTW dem, Na social media just dey bring dis story on for us to c. Is nt as if dey are living with dem to knw d root of d matter gangan. Emabinu si ara yin Mo.

    • Victoria dey ar very stupid ppl dey can’t mind dia business, but am here 4 dem. Nija women ar scared of sayin d sins of men 2 dem, a man wil do somtin nd dey leav d man n look 4 a woman 2 blame nd fight.

    • Reading through all the comments, I can tell that everyone’s opinion are right so we don’t have to pass insult to one another to prove our points. One thing I will say is DT several things must have happened between these people which the public may not be aware of after all everyone knows how to narrate stories to gain sympathy from the public. Only God knows what we the public does not know and if we want to judge we should try and analyse well so that we will not offend God with our statement. Pls I have not made this comment for the bullies

    • Madam if u want to know more go back to the story from 7yrs ago, I tought u were following up.

    • Onosetale pple like dey cari other people mata for head like gala.u were following social media and their post up as if u were living with them pls comment on what u are very sure of.

    • Dats it , dey ar not in dia homes, dey don’t know all d story den dey jus start blastin Stella dats ma problem.

    • Mary Clems, what are you doing now? Are you nt following up as well? If u er nt y er u here? Keep quiet if udont hv anything to say.

    • That is the problem with we Nigerians, we like to take every issues personal. I do not need to start reading trough other people’s brake up stories since I wasn’t there when they broke up. It’s only what we heard from them through the media that we have based our judgement upon.

    • Who open gate for ndi oil and pepper soup? Heyyyy u guys can poison Stella see hatred heyyyy chim ooo abeg una dey dia house when d Doris n hubby separated?how are u guys sure this una Doris sister pure sef people can judge more than God .and someone just made a comment una just dey tackle nawa ooooo and majority are so called wives odi kwa egwu

    • Gloria Onosetale,were u dere?,or wad u read from d media as well abeg make we know weda u b Stella friend or family member or her husband friend or family member,den we can listen to you

    • Amede exactly my point, in Africa a child belong 2 d father, if dis man has denied Doris access 2 dia son it’s d man’s fault, how den did Stella com in2 d mata? Jus Bcus she wished him a hapy bday? If she didn’t accept d child ppl will still call her names nd say she chased d boy out from his father’s home.

    • I’m sharing this because it is thought-provoking. I wish you could forward it to every youth known to you, so they can have a piece of it. And let the sleeping giants rise. “My Dear Nigerian Youths”, by Prof. Isa. I am very angry and that is why I am addressing you. You are the source of my anger and I want to vent my spleen- maybe not at you directly- but at the arrogance of your ignorance. You sit in front of a computer and rant all day through social media but with every click, you make money – not for yourself – but for Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). With every megabyte of data you spend complaining and maligning, you make stupendous bucks for Etisalat, Glo and Airtel. Over the next two years, the number of Nigerian millionaires will jump by 47% but most likely you will not be among because you are too busy whining and complaining. And yet about 60% of Nigeria’s 170m population are below 35 years. Oh, what a waste! By the way, Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he started Facebook. Africa’s youngest billionaire, Ashish Thakkar, is 31. He escaped from the Rwandan genocide and relocated to Uganda where he started an IT business. Collin Thornton, who made his millions by fixing bad computers and setting up Dial-a-Nerd, is 35. Adam Horowitz, an 18-year-old entrepreneur, started 30 websites in 3 years before he became successful. The only thing you have ever started is an online petition. Have you heard of Jason Njoku? He’s 33 and the founder of Iroko TV. He received $8m investment into his company just a few years ago. What he does? Sharing the same Nollywood films that you spend hours to watch online. He didn’t just hang around waiting for Buhari to make something happen or blaming Jonathan for not making anything happen. Kamal Budhabhatti was deported from Kenya but while on the flight, he thought of the opportunities in Kenya. He found his way back after 6 months and today his company is valued at $30m. He’s 36. Have you heard of Chinedu Echeruo? Apple just paid $1b for his app. He’s a Nigerian like you and all he did was attempt to fix a problem. But for you, the only thing you attempt to fix are your nails- and your hairdo! Chinedu moved to New York in 1995 and found it difficult to navigate the city with ease so he developed HopStop to fix the problem. Stop listing all the problems – we know them already but what are you doing about them? Awolowo was 37, Akintola was 36, Ahmadu Bello was 36, Tafawa Balewa was 34, Okotie-Eboh was 27 and Enahoro was 27 at the time of independence of Nigeria. In 1966, the first coup was led by Kaduna Nzeogwu (29) and stopped by Murtala Mohammed (28), TY Danjuma (28), IBB (25), Sanni Abacha (23) and Shehu Yar’adua (23). It brought in Yakubu Gowon as Head of State at 32 and Olusegun Obasanjo at 29. You are in your 40s and you still sag your trousers. Of course, you know Linda Ikeji. You’ve spent hundreds of hours on her blog laughing and commenting while she smiles her way to the bank. She’s just built a house for her father in the village- just by you clicking on her gossip and sharing. Your day is not complete without a stop by at her blog. She was as broke as you are but she turned a hobby into a business. Are you that void of understanding? You think those politicians have any regard for you? That is why I referred to the arrogance of your ignorance at the beginning of this diatribe. You have a false estimation of yourself. You have an over bloated ego. You are only as good as an election ticket – pure and simple. You are only good to be used and discarded like a used ballot paper. Who keeps a used ballot paper anyway? That is why they only remember you every four years. The word CHANGE belongs to the masses not to selected few, my friend sent this to me & I couldn’t resist the urge not to share this Awake the entrepreneural spirit in you, and the time is NOW! Parents share this among our youth. Pls read this article patiently and carefully.����?

    • At Sylvzenia Agbo, and I ask, are you in their home to be supporting Stella? Hmmmm, what some women says sometimes are scary though

    • I never said I was there, please try to read what I said, this story has been online right from day 1 am just speaking from what I read just like we are giving opinions on this one, to start with she’s not related to me, and any of them are not related to me as well,

    • Personally I don’t care about Doris and her ex and what separated them if it’s Stella or not, my opinion is keeping a child from her mother. Oh yeah Stella can play a part in making the boy at least visit his mom. I hope someday this your comment won’t chock you coz trying to justify a horrible act is obnoxious

    • Am not on any1 sides, all am saying is if the mother is not allowed to see the child is not good, no matter what she s still the mother of the child,

    • Bia Gloria it seems u looking for cheap fame don’t ever tell me to keep quite am not ur errand girl do u understand .I advise u to stop passing out judgement on peoples marital issues especially when its on social media, you don’t judge siding one person cos u don’t live with them nor are they related to you get your facts right.solve the problems in ur own home first cos I believe you have thousands of them even me too gudnyt

    • Thank u madam Mary Clems, if u er going to get paid from getting fame on fb comments, u er welcome and congrats, how did fame enter this conversation now? I was nt talking to you, pls if u HV something to say, say directly instead of drinking panadol for someone else’s headache, rubbish. Your own problem is the one worse than this one that u need to solve, or are u marrying someone else’s husband too? See me o, I wasn’t talking to u, na fb comment na I wan get fame from? I just think u hv a low mentality so if anyone is giving an opinion it means its fame the person wants, this woman carry this matter for head o, and pls don’t mention my name on this comment again.

    • Amede Sunday Honesty u must be a home wrecker to be asking all dis uselesd qstns. May it be unto u as uv supprted it.

    • @gloria why must he end up with Stella who according to the story was consulted as a close friend by Doris to help talk to her husband when they had issues? You see it is bad women like Stella makes the good few women turn Evil. No matter how you seek to modernise this issue or glorify the act don’t forget someone is still crying, don’t forget Doris soul seek for vengeance yes vengeance from God and I trust The God of karma will deal with Stella and her so called acquired free man oh yes he will. Lastly separating Doris from seeing her son for 7years now is pure wickedness and God will punish them again and for ya all supporting Stella just because you feel ur civilized or you can measure pains and betrayal I wish God will introduce small of what Doris is going through let me see if no be suicide una go go commit. Pls stop glorifying wicked act.

    • Plus Offionguyai Henry or else what want to happen to you? Hv gone through ur pic and I see nothing but an heartless soul face der,if dis what u fink it right karma wil catch up one day

    • Esther S Aliyu, my sister is exactly the point am trying to make, that no matter wat its nt right to keep someone’s child away from the mom, and d next tin I get is madam FAME MARY CLEMS insulting me that she has plenty problem than theirs,

    • Alll of u guys insulting Stella are stupid idiots fools n busy body,are u in dia homes to knw wat is goin on dere,u mean to tell me dat if d man insists on hvin his son wit him Stella shuld disagreed n Chase d boi away?is it nt d same u. People dat will take to social media to insult her n call her all sorts of names d way u doin nw Y are people like dis y cnt u guys just. Mind ur biznes n let dat poor girl b?

    • At Askiboi no need to come down to ur level because ur not balance upstairs . Worst of it all is that Facebook has made it easy for people like you to publicly display your case. Anyways if Stella is ur sister then I will understand that it runs in the family but if she isn’t then u are probably wishing ur sisters, aunties and daughters Doris predicament. Pls receive small sense in Jesus Name Amen

    • Thank u my sister,They were just taking panadol for somebody headache ?,we should learn how to mind our businesses pls.

    • GOD BLESS YOU DEAR!!! i wonder when pple will mind their business was doris ready to stay married?just sick of dem complaints on wat u no know

    • wetin person go do for life ppl no go complain. buhari too wicked jonathan na woman rappa na wa ooooo. she poor d child acid ppl go talk she no pour ppl go say she d pretend. god saviour us ooooo

    • Madam it’s a woman who determines how her home will be if she’s a good woman she would have spoken to d husband just to allow Doris see her son for that day so watch Wat u say motherhood is incomparable even Stella can’t stay without her daughters am very sure about that

    • U r wicked female for saying this, is d boy an adult, do u pray to be in dorris shoe, wot if dorris is ur sister

    • I dnt blame u #Esther S Aliyu I blame ur so call boi frnd or sugar daddy dat got u dat fone u usin wit data on it else u won’t b here running ur mouth like parrots.its people like u dat u won’t turn ur eye off ur neighbor’d biznes busy body will kill u. And u #Oseni Damilola did u hv a one on one interview dat family to hv discovered dat Stella didn’t talk to d husband to return d child

    • Askiboi Oh who has done this to you? May it never be well with that person. Thank God my boyfriend can afford buying me a phone. And as for ur useless sisters that do it randomly for just a plate of rice nkor? Just incase u don’t we have finally locate the psychiatric home u escaped from. Shameless boy like u!

    • Hehehehe did u say I escaped from a psychiatric home? Wen dats were ur mum actually gave birth to u n u grew up dere dats y u act tink n talk like a mad girl dat u are, else u won’t intrude urself into somelses biznes witout sourcing from d inside to knw d truth. Y am I even wasting my tym wit u sef I won’t mind u again busy body silly ass like u.

    • my dear Esther ,i believe that you will have a very different point of view after getting married and bearing a child because I know that experience is the best teacher .let’s watch how these issues will end .

    • my dear Esther ,i believe that you will have a very different point of view after getting married and bearing a child because I know that experience is the best teacher .let’s watch how these issues will end .

    • please if you have or know anybody wuth speech loss after stroke, you can call a speech therapist on 08030747817/08098803373, with God, thier speech ability will be regained.

    • Doris abeg go mountain go fire them prayer,I no dey person back o I dey talk like mother (just passing by

    • Mr Askiboi side Gentility Gentle I don’t need to have one on one chat with d family moreso ur not a mother so I don’t need to reply u

    • At Askiboi next time you want to exhibit ur frustration don’t do it with someone like me because I will wipe ur ass OK, mumu boy like u. It seems the only thing ur village people will allow you do this year is to carry Esther matter for head. Again receive sense In Jesus Mighty Name Amen! Note I don’t mind my business oya go die na

    • Olorunfunmike Sandra Ajayi…. Please stop saying what you are not sure about!!! You said, sylzenia agbo, is Insulting the elderly ones here, right, Now tell me’ what are you doing to her? Please, Try and advice yourself plus the elderly ones here… They shouldn’t Insult Sylvzenia Agbo…. Too! Because when the matured ones are behaving like a baby, they will be Insulted! And there will be no cause for alarm…. Because they started it…

  13. Stella wishing him happy birthday is good but she should also remember DAT their is God, Stella can never take Doris place in the heart of the boy.

  14. You have your own daughters with you but chose to snatch another woman’s sin! The law of karma is waiting for you. The pain you caused another woman is waiting for you. Iyan ogun odun o n gbona felifeli. Wait for it!

  15. Beeni o wicked lady God will judge u!!! am a mother too i cant imagine someone takes my child away from me.

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  17. That lady has Marine problem… How many guys has she married… Just asking. Mk en no be like the one wey happen for Bible. Mk I come dey go abeg

  18. If it gladdens your heart to deny the son a birthday prayers from a mother’s heart so be it but remember that in the measure you give is the measure you receive. If you have taken the husband, you people should at least allow her the son. Is this too much to ask?

  19. It’s so funny how people sit in the comfort of their homes to criticize other people meanwhile they know nothing abt wat dey are saying. Lemme come and be going.

    • I wonder my sister as if Stella and Doris sat dem down to explain everything to dem especially Bukky Olamide Ajoke as if she’s a witness in dis issue.

    • Na so na, busy body DEM!!! All of DEM get dis own problems they have never solved na just to they burn my data here for anoda person Mata… Mtcheeew

  20. Stella, y Doris simeon’s husband? Is there no husband again except to snatch ur movie industry mate’s husband. I swear una no get shame atal.

  21. Husband snatcher..on d last day th u wllundstnd dat ure notin bt an adulterous woman..repent nw Stella repent.dats all i ve 2 sai..

  22. @ Esther amazu cos u too can do like Stella n no single feelings for a lady who was denied access to her son, I guess u never born that’s y u don know wat it means.

  23. Even if u escape the law of karma now,it most surely come upon ur children,thank God they are girls.

  24. I pray she wil work 4 Doris to eat,let her labour n train anoda person child just bcus u r keeping d man but remember dat same doris wil nature ur children 4u after u hv labour 4 dem wicked witch as if u did nt hv ur children is doris complaining she can nt takia of her son?i like u b4 but now i dislike u with passion.

  25. The thunder that will strike this stupid stella ehn is doing press up for her village u took hostage of someone elses son en still has the got of wishing him happy birthday publicly….that shows u arent even concerned of wah ppl would say oma ga o!!!!

  26. Keep your mouth shut madam.I have never seen this kind of guts in my life. I have no business with you being “married” to Ademinokan but the fact that you can’t convince your so called “hubby” to let Doris see her son since you elope with him 7years ago. You are a curse to motherhood

    • Imagine Doris Simeon has no recent pix of the child. She had to post a picture of the boy while he was 2years just to wish him happy birthday. I felt her pain yesterday

    • You don’t live with them so you don’t know how many times Stella tried convincing her husband to grant his ex wife access to her son but the husband refused. Media may not tell you that. Stella got married to the guy after he had problem with Doris. So why abuse her as if she is the cause of Doris misfortune? The fall of a kingdom is the beginning of another. Lesson for us women; before you get married, enquire from the Lord first, if he gives you a go ahead, fine. When you get married, take good care of your husband and value him. Place nothing above him, and with God’s support he will be yours forever. Even when trouble comes, it won’t break your marriage.

  27. world people world people na wa na real wa. Watin Concern Stella for inside, husband nd wife fight nd come separate, court give husband custody and for court to give husband custody that means them see something wen nor good for the woman hand, husband come marry Stella watin be Stella own . world people world people una nor go leave person matter for ham na wa ooooo. Make I come de go joor

    • Did you follow them to court? And who told you that Doris and Daniel were separated before stella came in?

    • madam Funmilola Aladesanmi leave people mata for them ooo na u be Doris or Stella. Make I face my work joor

    • Since its on social media it becomes a public matter and not a personal matter…everyone is allowed to contribute…..

  28. You are deceiving your self,you occupy the space if not probably Stella would have settled the issue between her and her husband. Don’t be a sadist, you are enjoying her husband and also keeping her son with you. Common baby what is strong in this kind of disgusting relationship of yours. broken home is a very bad experience ever, Even Bible doesn’t support it, Remember whatever you sow, you will reap. Ademilokun should realized his lust but not Love over this matter.

  29. Miss Stella I’m very disappointed in you. you should know better a mother without her child is like life without tomorrow please help her talk to your new husband to return the baby to his mom she needs her child how would you feel if your ex-husband family Take your daughters away from you…one love

  30. Stella do u have conscience at all? After snatching somebody’s husband, u still took her baby from her, if u don’t want God to be angry with u, u better release that baby to the mother.

  31. Nawa oooh if u love married man , u can b second wife BT not driven d first wife but most y ur friends husband

  32. Oh at a point I don’t understand Nigerians oooo,Why are you guys judging nah???? Abi una better pass Stella??? Some of you are dating and taking another woman’s husband, and maltreating the child of the other woman,who has judged you but when it’s some other person,una go turn Chife judge…Abeg make una leave the woman oooooo….focus on una matter Abeg …..if she doesn’t treat the child well una go talk,if she does una go talk…God help some people..

    • Bia onyi I didn’t mention ur name or insult u ooooo….. Pls respect your matured age Biko…. You want to talk u talk ooooo… Don’t you ever insult me…. Thank you and God bless

  33. For those of you supporting what Stella has done, I have a question for you, are u married 2) have ever carried a pregnancy for 9/10 months 3, have you ever go through a labor pain for a first baby if yes , do you no what is like to take care of your baby for good 2 years and ur so called husband will just tell you that he wants to visit his mom and go away with the child.. it’s absurd,Stella purposely do that so that the guy will not get in touch with Doris again..if the man want to go he should have left the baby with his mom, I swear with that she won’t think much about that pig calling Daniel..or does Stella think the boy will no hear the whole story of how he separated his dad from his mom, wake up Stella blood is thicker than water no matter how good you take care of him, you can never be his mother watch out for part 2 of this drama in the next 5 years

  34. Doris don’t worry just keep praying for your son when the time comes no matter what your son will know his real mother buh if u have any possible means of reaching out to him please do not hesitate. #God bless you# Your pain will end over time be rest assured.

  35. Stella please do it right. I dont blame u completely .it is d man that gave himself to whatever but encourage him to take d child back to his mother. If u dont u are going to loose his love and trust and that of your daughters at your old age .

  36. no man can ever deny me access to my children,they are my world without them am useless.

  37. Wats wit our female artist n ppls husband, Stella u don follow kwa,a whole u,oh chim oooo

  38. My own is that you guys should free Stella jooor, was she the one who seized the child??? Why should all the blame be on her??? This is how Nigerians would get dressed,and go to the hospital just to purchase drugs meant for another person. #mtcheeeew Stella looks too fine for this dude self, u wonder what she saw in him#

  39. This is so so sad Stella Why did you descend so low for this kind of behaviour? Why did you choose to chase a legitimate wife from her marriage? Now you seized her baby. Are you not a Mother? Why cohabit with someone’s husband? Don’t you want to make Heaven? Why did you give room to the devil to use and dump you? My sister quietly return that baby and quit that relationship this week. Please know that Jesus is coming very soon and be warned before it is too late If you really want to get married Jehovah Over-do will make a way for you if only you can surrender to Him. A word is enough for the Wise.

  40. Nigerians! what are we saying? none of us are leaving with this family. we don’t knw their conversations. why Nigerian’s sabi judge like this na? may God help us o

  41. If you are aware of any liscensed private university around the south west that wants to sell the university..please contact victor:08180431219..

  42. One day u wil stil expire b4 d man, i never expected dis from u but this is d real u no longer movie.

  43. Buh I wonder watin Stella day fined for her fellow actress husband , she shuld ave looked for her own na or stay nd takecare of her children nd avoid all Di’s insults

  44. I think Doris is an adult and should know how to address matters which are of serious importance to her. However, just in case she’s doesn’t, Dear concern Nigerians, could you please kind fish her out and give her properly on how to get her son back? Honest, Stella could use some primary with her man. And don’t forget, its seriously not Stella’s business who gets custody of the boy. Or are you people sad that she it doesn’t bother her that she won’t be giving her man his first son? naija we are berra than this shit men.

  45. It’s only dis country u wish someone a Happy birthday and dey reply u back by saying same to u Na me and u dey born dat day?

  46. Read all the comments hia, and all i wanna say is?, first to all the ladies who said there is nothing wrong in Stella wishing the boy a HBD, well truly yes nothing dey, buh she is also a mum, she knows how it feels if a woman is denied access to a child she carried for 9mnths, maybe Daniel chose her over Doris, she should be able to talk him into letting Doris c her son, and as for Stella marrying Daniel…. I dont like that, there is a code we women believe in which Stella broke , u dont date or sleep or marry a man who is your colleague, or friends hubby, mere knowing Doris even if em no be close pals, she no suppose give her guy 2 looks not to talk of allowing him get btwn her legs, im sure karma’s awaiting her on that… And as for those saying shit abt nothing wrong abt what Stella did, im sure ure una neva born pikin, cos if u did, u wld drag Daniel to hell if u could for Doris, cos when u have a child,that is d only thing that completes you, a part of you that , the bond and love is unexplainable, so I cant imagine me being denied of seeing my child… Eheh, fire go rain on both the judge and d husband head,and if i was Stella wu knows what that kinda love is btwn a mom and her child if i did end up snatching anoda womans hubby, i swear wt all i hold holy, i would talk that man into letting her c her child.and to the aunty wu made a comment abt stella or Doris being Yoruba, cos she sees torubaism comments, it think its just immature of you to bring tribalism into this, and to those who said a man owns a child in Africa, yes thats true , im sure GOD is not and never happy wt a chikd being taken from its mother, and if ure a mom, and u made ir support ed that comment, im truly disappointed in you, as for the babes wey neva born, i no blame una, wait till u become one b4 u support that kinda ridiculous comment

    • abeg short up. na she bi d father way take d boy frm her mother. what rubbish are you saying. if you want to help her take his face d father not stella ok. idiot

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  48. If Nigerians hate Stella this way for being a husband snatcher, why is that they do not hate Mercy Johnson in the same vein as well. All i read about Mercy are glorifying comments from Nigerians.

    • Akindona Olaitan but is still the same SNATCHTATION syndrome and breaking of homes. Women be each others strength, do not be the reason why another woman is crying and do not be the reason why an innocent child home is scattered. Leave married men alone and your days will be long.

    • She should have snatch d hubby n leave d child with his mother. Hw wll u feel while u r alive n someone is raising ur child for u. Aba

    • mercy has children for the man and she is a single lady. But Stella has stopped having kids looking for a home to stay, she divorced a man before Ademilokun is no 3 or 4.

    • She snatched a friend and a colleague husband, the man that sang God i thank you welu welu was dating Kate Henshaw then, Stella snatched the man from Kate. She is used to it. Her to to no dey pain am.

  49. Amebo pple mk una liv stella alone oo hw many if una pure basket mouth pple anybody wey dey vex mk dem go hug transformer or even commit suicide bcos dats the latest ooo nigerians

  50. Abeg i wan ask question stella and doris na frnds so bcos dem dey nollywood together nw abi dem don turn frnds

  51. Whatever u sow is what u will reap Stella remember that u have daughters they will one day get married I won’t say more than that

  52. That means Bellay 2yrs DTS was when the hubby tooth the son away………… Oh I no what Doris must have be passing thru …… ….The man I’d wicked.

  53. Make una no mind Stella ooo .You know she thinks she is on stage acting, this their acting stuff has entered their head. But I don’t think that wishing a child who is yours or not birthday is bad ooo. Let me come and be going.

  54. Seriously? Nigerian should stop taking paracetamol for these people’s headache. I’m not saying what stella did is right but still yet no one knows what really happened except for what we heard from the both sides. I think the best thing to do is to just leave everything to God and let Him be the judge, who are we to even judge them in the first place? Nobody is perfect you know……

  55. If una like make una dey here dey wish Stella karma all this second wives no dey gree at all, they will fight tooth and nail to remain even if heaven dey fall they will keep it inside themselves @those waiting for karma. If first wives should learn how to be strong no body go snatched their husbands. Stella don marry b4 so she don get experience on how to manage home so de guy leaving her no be today. Doris my dear take heart, next time learn how to be strong fight for ur marriage no just dey cry cry, dey dia, waiting if de man no gree bring money go and work eat better food dress well takia of ur baby, if na women we en dey pursue leavam no go dey fight him give him space wen he is don he will come back, God dey but he will help you wen u don help your self

    • The issue is about husband my dear sis. The is gone for good. I am concerned about the boy. Can you imagine d pain of Doris. Husband and son at the same time. At least let her have the boy as consolation and moreover the boy is a minor that needs mother’s love. Hmmm may God have mercy. Enough said. Good day

  56. May d devil punish u Karma will be ur second name Beauty without brains How many husbands have u married? I used to like u before but now ur my worst enemy Idiot

  57. This stella sef na all the time she de marry haba.her children go soon reach husband house now n she no wan rest mtceeeew.

  58. This celebrities ll finish actions films an say snatching another woman husband is bad but still the ll do same by snatching women husbands everyday what is wrong with them

  59. so sad to see that stella is this comfortable knowing she is depriving this boy of his own mother..yyyiii stellah..what happened to the nice person that you were.. your actually that same adult you just described in your slam back..sad to think you havent even realised that while pening down your thoughts.

  60. You people can pass judgment ehnn, the angel that will judge all of you, with your own private sins of commission and omission is close to your door steps. Read well before you comment.

  61. Really don’t wanna judge and I don’t wanna know who’s right or wrong but d truth is no matter what happened between Doris and her husband it’s not enough for the man to totally keep her son away from her am a mother and I know d pain of labour it is incomparable, and for stella ur really wicked if ur a good woman u will talk to ur husband to at least allow the woman see her son even if it’s just for that day so for those of u pointing accusing finger on Doris hmmmmm guess ur not a mother bcoz if u are u will know how it feels

  62. Okay Stella dear, next time, don’t wish him a happy birthday just emm, i don’t even know what you should do~~ some people are just crazy with words.

  63. Ain’t concerned bou u Stella being bitchy to snatch Daniel from his legit wife within that circle of nollyhood…fuck!! Ur shameless, buh am more concerned abt u seizing the son from.the mother when u have ur kids with u…see,saying or innocent abt Doris not able to see her son issa big fat lie…buh am jes grateful that u have children daughters for that matter…cos karma dey sit down for u…u go suffer so teee,ur daughters go share….husband snatcher!!! Child highjacker!!!! Disgrace to womanhood….indeed women are the enemies of themselves… Anofia!!!!

  64. Hmmm!!! The way some of you are so interested in other people’s affairs, if that interest and zeal is channel into the recession problem at hand, by now recession will have been a thing of the past. Sometimes we should all observe that saying; of MIND YOUR BUSINESS

  65. D last time I checked, how can she snatch a married man? D man no get eyes? Please women of Nigeria! Stop citizing her,it’s very easy to say things abt people’s marriage but ure not wearing d shoes, Stella is….abeg enjoy ur marriage, stop replying people’s comments, probably she begged her hubby but d guy doesn’t want to, u want Stella to use knife on his throat? Una no know men n ure critizing someone,MIND UR BUSINESS WOMEN!!!

  66. Naija please let grow up. If she doesn’t treat her step son right you all will talk…now she does is a problem.

  67. This is the game na. The son was collected to shut down everything between the man and Doris. If the son were to be with the mother the father would have gone to see him and from there anything can happen between him and Doris so Stella ur game is fake and very tight.

  68. Women are the greatest problems of themselves,a jinx they got from Eve their greatest grandmother.

  69. Wishing happy birthday is not a bad idea after all it was the boy’s day. Hmmn but denying the woman access to her son is a grave idea. Good enough you now have the man as your husband by hook or crook. The boy is a minor, he needs mother’s love after all his mother is still alive. Hmmm Stella and Daniel be reminded that karma is a bitch. The golden rule is do unto others what you wish yourself. May God give you understanding on this issue

  70. I really don’t like this woman for what she did…that’s y I dont watch Naija movies almost all are home breakers and really immoral ppl….FOLLOW KAMCICE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  71. Stella am 1of ur fan but so disappointed in you, please 4God sake go & Restitute ur way &ask 4givenness 4rm God

  72. But God will punish this guy whatever his name is for making Doris cry for years I am cursing this guy as a mother and a woman that he will never see happiness in his life.

  73. Stella welcome ooo you are using your so called beauty to Cham men abi rem. you have girls too.that boy will later call you names one mothers love is sill the best enjoy it while it last. It would

  74. Nigerian ppl sha evrythin we must talk is d baby suffering… No. Is the mother complaining No.so why er y’all drinking panadol fr anoda pesin headache

  75. Why should we hate Stella Abeg,None of us holy pass am ooooo…. If we dig deep so many of us calling her names have done worst things and if given an opportunity will do more…the bible said we shouldn’t judge…make una no go hell fire for wetin no concern una.”…by the way where is Doris mbok….

  76. I don’t blame her at least you didn’t all believe when they said he killed his first husband. ….now you can understand

  77. For goodness sake why is sum fools blaming Stella on dis matter?? is Stella d father of d child?? Was Stella der wen d father n mother separated?? I’m also a victim of dis too mi husband already has a kid with other woman b4 we got married d boy is staying with me under my roof are u still going to blame me too???? Did I no d reason why dey didn’t got married? Maybe dey are not met 4each other. Is not me dat brought d boy in buh it was mi husband decisions he brought d child in will d mother still blame me???

  78. Most of you stupid and foolish women are abusing Stella Damascus she did this and that, check your self if you are more better than her. The man you called your husband was someone’s else girlfriend before you snatched him from her. She has every right to wish her step son happy birthday, If the boy mom really want her child she should file for a case course no one can deprive her from seeing her son. There is something behind that she don’t want to speak out, So you haters fuck off and let the poor lady enjoy her relationship with her man…

  79. hmm, people and headache sha oo. is stalla d father of the boy? What are you saying that you dont think before you talk, is she the one that take d boy frm her mum? people saying rubbish abt stalle you just envy her. if you were in her shoes too you do more than that. so people saying rubbish just short up and mind your bisssss. hatters. carry another person matter for heard.

  80. people saying rubbish. if you want to help dories in taken her son back frm d father, face the father not stella ok. am sure he will be ready to answer and let you kwn d reason why. stupid people way no dey mind there bisss na to carry another person matter for head, na headache go kill unaaa.


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